Plot summary: It has been a week since the plane event and Blu and jewel are living in the breeding chamber until Jewel is able to fly again. Since Blu and jewel returned Linda is having trouble deciding to stay in Rio or return to Minnesota. Even more troubled about if Blu will go back with her since his is mates with Jewel. Nigel has survived but is having a troubling time on the other side of Rio. Tulio is planning to remake the sanctuary by making it more open to the jungle. Fernando has been adopted by Tulio as he doesn't have a home.

Warning: Some things in this story will not unfold the same as when Jewel and Blu were released into the jungle at the end of the film. It may be different when I get to that part.

Chapter 1: Home

In the monitor room...

Tulio is observing the breeding chamber to see Blu and jewel asleep in their nest in the tree for them to stay. Tulio smiles to see their asleep in each other's wings. Next thing he knows Linda enters the room.

"Hey Linda how are you" Says Tulio turning away from the screen." Alright just wanted to see how Blu is doing" Tulio smiled and showed her the monitor. Immediately she smiled at what she saw on the monitor. She then thought to herself" Maybe this is our goodbye, or is it, either way I'm happy for you Blu." Linda turned to Tulio" So How is Jewel."

Tulio immediately turned to the screen and looked depressed" she is recovering slowly, A lot more slowly than a Female usually would, I don't know if it is right. I going to give her a check-up in a few days to see if there is something actually something wrong or it is just me."

Linda smiled and turned away from the screen and left thinking" Jewel I hope you get better, Blu needs you." She left the room and went to her things.

Meanwhile in the breeding room...

All is quite in the chamber as Blu and Jewel are asleep. But that doesn't last for long as Blu is slowly starting to stir. He opens his eyes to see jewel asleep in his wings. Blu smiles and nuzzles her without waking her.

He then gets up and walks over to the hole in the tree and looks around. Blu then takes flight and lands at the door where Tulio obviously watching unlocks it and lets Blu into the medical room to see Linda packing a book in her bag.

Blu lands on her shoulder. Linda smiles and says" Hey Blu how are you doing today". All Blu did was smile at her" Well I hope you are having a great time with jewel." Blu nodded at her.

Linda then looked depressed" Look Blu I do not know what I should do" Blu immediately got a confuse look on his face" I don't know if I want to stay here or return to Minnesota. I mean I like it here but I miss home and family but I don't want to leave you either. But if it is what you want I will." She smiled at Blu.

Blu jumped off Linda's shoulder and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote on it. He then passed it back to Linda and she read it" Just do what you think is right." Blu smiled at her and then flew off back to the breeding chamber. Linda stared back at the paper Blu wrote on and was thinking" I don't know".

In the breeding chamber...

As soon as Blu re-entered the room the door locked behind him as he landed back on in the nest. Blu saw a few cameras are facing him which irritated him a bit. He now knows what Jewel feels like when she kept being watched. As he enters the tree Jewel was awake eating some seeds.

Blu entered and said" Good morning my Angel." Jewel looked up and Smiled as Blu hugged her" Morning to you as well. And where have you been." Blu released her and sat next to her.

"Well I went in the medical room to see Linda but the thing is she doesn't know what to do she wants to go back to Minnesota but doesn't want to leave me as we have spent 15 years in Minnesota together." Jewel had a concerned face and brought her wing to meet Blu's." Well what do you want to do?"

Blu thought for a moment "Yea it would be good to see my Old home again but I love Jewel, I won't leave her as she's got that broken wing, I would be selfish and uncaring. I guess that's my answer."

Blu smiled and then looked to Jewel" I want to stay and live my life with you." Jewel smiled lovingly at Blu and brought her beak to meet his as they shared a passionate kiss. Blu was taken in by the pleasure that hit him. When they parted Jewel said" You don't know what it means to hear that. I am happy your here."

Jewel then looked and saw a camera in their tree, she got annoyed and out a leaf over it to block it off." Are we ever going to have privacy?" Blu smiled and said" I know it is starting to get on my nerves."

Blu then stood up and took out a paper he had brought with him to Rio. Jewel looked over to see it was a drawing of a bird and a lot of words about flying. Blu added a bit to it saying feel the Rhythm of your heart and then put the pencil down.

" Wow Blu are you always going to hold onto that". Blu laughed nervously" ermmm... Yes because I have only just started flying and at any moment I could erm... Forget.

Jewel giggled and then said to him" oh you won't forget or you will be sorry. After what happened on the day we escaped from the plane I don't want to have to go through all that again."

Blu laughed nervously and faced the hole in the tree." Mind if I go practise". Jewel smiled" Of course you can but I will be watching. "Blu smiled and immediately took flight flying around the chamber while jewel sat down watching him. She looked at her injured wing and smiled while looking back at Blu. "It is like we have swapped places since we met, I hope my wing heals soon.

Meanwhile in the monitor room...

Tulio was watching as Blu was flying around while he couldn't see Jewel (Thanks to her blocking the camera in the nest). Tulio changed camera and then saw Jewel watching Blu fly about. Blu then landed next to Jewel and starting Squawking to each other. Tulio was smiling.

Linda entered" I brought you some Hot chocolate." Tulio turned around "thanks Linda" Tulio accepted the cup off of Linda and started drinking. Linda looked at the Monitor to see Blu and Jewel kissing and holding each other in an embrace.

Linda then though" That's My Blu" she then knew that Blu didn't want to leave Jewel." Tulio then saw Linda upset" What's wrong Linda" Linda then wiped a tear from her eye and said" I now know my choice, I'm returning to Minnesota" Tulio was shocked" Why do you want to go". Linda hugged Tulio" My place isn't here, it's at Minnesota but Blu's is here with Jewel. Besides My business is there so I leave tomorrow for the airport."

Tulio was shocked but understood" nothing can last forever so you think it is time to move on." Linda nodded" Yep I need to be in my hometown so I'm going to get ready. Now this means I leaving Blu in your care. It's not like I don't trust you but I want Blu to be cared for." Tulio nodded.

Back at the breeding chamber...

It was midday and the sun was shining bright in the chamber. Blu was flying through the rays and saw Linda exit the monitor room he flew over to the window and wondered what happened as he saw Tulio a bit upset.

He went and landed next to Jewel and relaxed next to her while she learned up against him. "Jewel are you happy" Jewel looked at him with a confused face" Of course I am we will soon be let into the wild when my wing heals and I have you what more can I ask for"

She said as she smiled at him. Blu smiled back and looked at the ceiling windows" Not long until we are out there now huh". Jewel smiled

"Yep and then we will be making our new home". She leaned on Blu as they stared outside.

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