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Chapter 19: Hatch Day

4 days have passed since Jollo was exiled from the area by the family. Blu has healed up from the fight, the marks are completely gone now as he kept applying leaves to them every few hours and has returned to his normal life with Jewel. The family have all made up and are happy with eachother again due to the incident and Jewel forgave Jonas for attacking Blu. Today the family were just all separate doing all of their daily business and then meeting up however Blu and Jewel had one thing on their minds. The eggs: They were close to hatching but Blu and Jewel wished they knew when they will hatch.

In Blu and Jewels hollow...

Jewel was eating a mango next to the entrance enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the day while Blu was sitting next to the eggs keeping his gaze on them, not taking his eyes off for a second, as he knew they were about to hatch, he was talking to the eggs "Come on, Come on, Please hatch". Jewel giggled at him as he was being silly "Blu will you calm down already, they will hatch soon just be patient" Blu narrowed his eyes at her "That is easy for you to say, I just can't keep calm."

Jewel was grinning at him but she understood why he was so restless and focused on the eggs. They were nearing there hatch and Jewel is almost tempted to do that but she managed to resist and be patient unlike Blu. She was starting to think she has more brain power as she can resist and Blu can't. She giggled by the thought "Blu I have any idea, why don't you go get some Blackberries form our hidden spot because if the children are born today then we will need to feed them later as they will be hungry."

Blu nodded and actually smiled as it was distracting him from the eggs "Okay but why not a mango, that will fill them" Jewel then grinned at him "They are too big for newborn chicks and they won't know how to eat properly straight away so we need to feed them, specifically me". Blu then thought about the mango thing and knew she was right "But why not me too"

Jewel smiled before speaking "For one, living with Linda I am sure you don't know how to" Blu thought about it and she was right again "Okay you got me there, but surely you can show me how to". Jewel giggled as Blu had no idea "Okay wait till you see what you are supposed to do and then ask me again okay." Blu nodded but was nervous as he didn't know what was in store for him. Blu exited the hollow and went to collect some blackberries from the secret spot. When he got there he checked to see if anyone besides Jewel was watching.

Once he was sure it was safe he entered the bush and started picking Blackberries off the load, he got 2 claws full of Blackberries and returned to place them in the food corner. Realising they might need more he went to collect the second amount of blackberries while keeping a low profile, unfortunately for him and Jewel Blue doesn't mix with green so they can't blend in with the environment.

Luckily no one was around so the secret is safe with them unless the kids find out eventually. Blu gathered up the second load of Blackberries and took them to the hollow and dropped them off in the pile and then sat next to Jewel who was finishing her mango but offered the last piece to Blu, here have the last piece get your energy back from the blackberry round up.

Blu grinned at her "Jewel I only had to go right there to collect the Blackberries, I wouldn't have lost more than a tiny bit of energy, and I will be fine" Jewel moaned teasingly "Oh please Blu It would break my heart if you don't eat, have it anyway". Blu sighed in defeat and ate the last piece of Mango for Jewel. Jewel grinned "Why did you argue with me about it." Blu looked to her as she leaned against him and he put a wing around her "It was just a little piece Jewel" Jewel smiled " I know it is but it was a reward for getting the blackberries" Blu smiled at her "Oh" Jewel giggled at him "I find it funny you understand complicated things but not simple things."

Blu grinned "Don't insult my intelligence" Blu sat there thinking of something else "So how do you think our future will play out." Jewel never thought about it before "Well I think we will be happy, enjoying raising our children, and having lots of fun with friends, and plenty of alone time". Blu blushed madly by that as Jewel spoke on "Speaking of which we haven't even played hide and seek in one of the bushes yet." Blu felt red all over his face "You can't even not that mention the topic for one week"

Jewel giggled at him "Hey it is not my fault you are so cute, Passionate, and handsome" She then seductively whispered to him "And very good at performing it" Blu blushed outrageously when she said that for which Jewel just giggled at his reaction "I mean it, you are" Blu made an answer "T...T...T... Thanks J...Jewel" Jewel grinned "We should play hide and seek sometime in one of the bushes" Blu decided to end the conversation "Okay in the future after our kids are grown up a bit, maybe 5 or something we will sneak off and do that while someone looks after them or go to an unused Hollow.".

Jewel smiled at him "And make a love nest for us to go to whenever we are in the mood, I like it". Blu blushed again "That is not what I meant but okay I Guess." Jewel grinned in victory "Glad you see it my way" Blu then stopped the conversation "Can we talk about something else now please" Jewel nodded at him and begun something new "Okay how many kids do you want in total" Blu narrowed his eyes at her "I mean it Jewel, New conversation". Jewel groaned "Okay fine, but I like talking to you about it because it lets me express how much I love you" Blu replied "Well maybe we can talk about it when my confidence is up and not in front of the kids".

Jewel nodded "Okay sounds good to me" Jewel now actually changed the subject "honestly though how many kids do you want after this batch I mean" Blu thought about it as it was a big question "I would like to have 6-8 in Total including these 3". Jewel smiled "That was what I was thinking as well, sort of around that, which feels like the limit a Blue macaw couple would have in their life span." Blu nodded "Yeah I agree with you on that one my Jewel of the forest".

Jewel smiled at him "That is a new one, but I like it, turns me on to you my handsome Blu bird". Jewel pressed their beaks together for a passionate kiss before separating again. Jewel now wondered on something else "What do you think the others are doing right now" Blu thought about it "Well knowing them two Nico and Pedro will be at the club singing away and being a little off, Rafael and Eva will be looking after their kids as for the rest of the family "Azura and Jonas will probably be at the Hollow. But as for Cortez and Pearl I have no idea about them".

Jewel nodded in agreement "To be honest I don't know what they are doing half the time." She then thought about it "Do you think there is a connection to it being both of them" Blu looked at her confused "What do you mean". Jewel smiled "Correct me if I am wrong but over the last week I have been detecting a little romance going on with them two." Blu looked at her surprised "But isn't that incest". Jewel looked at him "Have you forgotten the circumstances of our race, as there aren't any unrelated males and Females to them two, so I understand and I approve if they do end up like that, they don't have anyone else to turn to."

Blu thought about it and nodded "I guess but it does seem a little weird" Jewel grinned at him "That is exactly what Pearl said to me". Blu then spoke "So what else is there we should talk about". Jewel thought about but had an idea "Oh well I feel that you need some comfort" Blu was confused "What do you mean" Jewel seductively smiled at him "I mean your marks are gone now and you look very cute and handsome again now". Blu smiled "Thank you my love" Jewel then whispered to him "How about we have share a little love" Blu felt nervous as he thought she was suggesting the very intimate part of love "Erm not now I mean the eggs could be born today and well it would seem weird."

Jewel grinned "I don't mean that Blu, I mean this" She immediately pressed her beak against his. Blu now understood what she meant and wrapped his wings around Jewel as they indulged in a passionate make out session to pass the time. Blu got on his back which Jewel got on top of him and continued to indulge in the passionate and lovingly make out. The continued with the endless kissing which was once again transmitting to the other how much their partner loved eachother, cared for them and also loved spending most of their time with which was pretty obvious.

This lasted for several minutes until they heard a random crack, both of them stopped kissing and looked around wondering what it was; they looked to eachother "What was that". Blu responded "I have no idea, it was probably nothing but our imagination" They were about to return to their make out until they heard another crack, Jewel jumped off of Blu as she was worried, but when she heard a third crack, She looked at the eggs to see one of them having cracks in them.

She immediately smiled deeply and looked to Blu quickly "Blu the eggs, it is time". Blu looked at the eggs with wide-eyes to see the eggs starting to move. Blu smiled as well and the couple rushed over to the eggs and stood next to them "come on little ones, work your way out of those shells" Blu said as both Blu and Jewel held one of their wings together with eachother. The cracks on the first egg where becoming bigger as tiny chunks of the top of the shell came off. The other two were slower.

The top of the first egg finally shattered and it revealed a little tiny head of a baby macaw, Blu laughed as he removed the egg pieces to fully reveal the head Blu smiled "Hello little one", the baby macaw then kicked at the part of the egg in front of him, and shattered the shell in front of him for when he slowly fell out and was now lying in the nest with what remains of his shell next to him. Jewel smiled deeply and carefully picked up the naked baby macaw and held it in her wings. She then said in a soothing voice "Hello you, well done little one, now we need to wait for your siblings now." Blu smiled deeply and gently stroked the head of the baby macaw that had sealed eyes; it couldn't use them yet until the eyes fully developed. He then moved all of his egg pieces to the side of the hollow and returned to the other eggs that were slowly shattering as well.

The second egg then shattered open to reveal the second chick of the offspring, Blu then unwrapped this one from the remains of the eggs very gently and brought her out, he then placed this chick next to Jewel who then put the first one down next to the second one, Blu then saw the third one come out of its shell and Blu helped this one out of the pieces of the egg and set them down next to the others which he the gathered all of the egg pieces and used his wing to swipe them out of the hollow. He then returned and sat next to Jewel and the chicks that were making little quiet noises. Jewel just smiled deeply and made an awww sort of noise but a little different.

Jewel then looked to Blu and spoke "They are finally here Blu; at long last, our children have arrived." Blu nodded in agreement "I know Jewel; it feels amazing knowing they are right here". Blu then remembered about names "Oh yeah jewel we need to name them" Jewel smiled as she was lying next to them "And know what gender they are." Blu nodded "Okay I'll check them" Blu then proceeded to check the genders of the three baby macaws. When he had finished he reported to Jewel and pointed at them "Okay the first one that hatched is a boy, the second that hatched is a girl and the third is a boy also." Jewel then smiled greatly "Thank god, we get to experience raising both male and female."

Blu smiled in reply "Names" Jewel then replied to him "We already have some but you can name the first one "Blu smiled and thought for a moment as he had a number of names to choose from "How about Azul" Jewel smiled "I like it, good name choice" Jewel the proceeded on the female "I believe this one should be called Selvey" Blu smiled "Perfect for our little girl" Jewel then spoke again "You can name our third one". Blu then looked at the third chick that was slowly moving himself and opening his beak slightly and closing it slowly "I say Roxo" Jewel then grinned at him "Interesting choice but it sounds good."

Blu then smiled "That settles it then" Blu turned and faced the baby macaws "Azul, Selvey, Roxo, Welcome to the family and welcome to the world of the jungle." Jewel then got into the nest and lied down in the middle. Blu then carefully and gently picked up both Selvey and Roxo and placed them with their mother, both nuzzled into Jewel's top chest. Blu then picked up Azul and Wrapped and within his wings and held him and sat next to Jewel. Who they were admiring their little miracles. Jewel nuzzled both Selvey and Roxo as lied her head down with them as the two seemed like they were asleep as they couldn't open their eyes yet.

Blu saw Azul attempt to shift himself very slowly but he held on of his naked wings out for which Blu got his free wing and took a gentle hold of the tip of his wing, Blu couldn't believe how small his wing was, He knew feathers would develop on the chicks fully after a week or so but It didn't make a quarter of the tip of his wing he then gave little Azul a nuzzle of his own. Blu first thought when he found out Jewel was pregnant he doubted he would be a good father but seeing it now, he was enjoying it so much and he didn't have a look of doubt or fear on him, just Happiness.

Blu then looked to Jewel who was examining her new offspring "Hey Jewel, I still never thought for a moment I would ever become a Father but I am just speechless right now, seeing my own sons and daughter right in front of me". Jewel giggled and replied to him "I completely understand Blu, it feels so amazing, sometimes I never thought I would become a mother either but I guess it is a good thing we were both wrong about not being parents."

Blu nodded before carefully placing Azul with his siblings and then lying down next to Jewel in the nest with the chicks all wrapped around both Blu and Jewel's necks as Blu and Jewel's head were next to eachother but Blu was facing the kids and continuing to watch as they were trying to shift themselves very slowly and made sort of moaning noise barely noticeable even when your heads are right next to them.

A few minutes later, Jewel then heard a stomach growl; she lifted her head and thought it was her but then she realised the chicks were hungry, she smiled as she would finally show Blu how to feed a chick "Okay Blu pass me 3 blackberries and I will show you how to feed your newborn chicks" Blu nodded as he got out of the nest to retrieve the amount of blackberries Jewel requested and set them next to her. Jewel grabbed one before speaking "Okay watch me, this is how mom told me to do it." Jewel then begun munching on the blackberry and it looked like a sort of thick liquid but it was just crushed blackberry. Jewel then shifted Selvey in front of her face and used her wing to open Selvey's beak slightly enough and then she opened her beak and let gravity do its work.

When Blu saw that his eyes widened in a sort of shock as he never expected it to look like that and a little odd. Once Jewel dropped a bit into Selvey's Beak, she started munching on it very slowly and swallowed it; Jewel then gave Selvey a second bit of the blackberry which was a mouth full for the little one. Once Jewel saw Selvey was finished she then placed her back where she originally was and then repeated the same thing with Azul and Roxo until she finished with all three of them.

Once she placed them all back between her and Blu's upper chest and neck's she looked to Blu "Well" Blu then nodded in defeat "Okay you win, I will leave the feeding to you" Jewel grinned at him "I actually enjoyed that, it felt like bonding with our little ones to me." Blu smiled "Well that's a good thing then, this here feels like bonding with our newborns, just caring for them". Jewel nodded in agreement before they heard a voice "Hey Blu, Jewel we come to visit". Once it ended they saw Azura and Jonas enter the hollow "How are you two doing".

Jewel smiled greatly as she and Blu could reveal the chicks to them "You picked a perfect day to come visit, Mom and Dad" They both looked at her confused "And why is that Jewel" Jewel smiled deeply at them "The eggs, they have hatched" Once she spoke both Blu and Jewel moved their necks to reveal the 3 sleeping Baby macaws cuddled up between their parents upper chests"

Upon seeing them Both Jonas and Azura smiled deeply "Oh Jewel, Blu, they look beautiful." Azura said as both she and Jonas sat on the side of the nest. And now Azura and Jonas were the one's admiring the chicks. "How long have they been hatched" Jewel replied to her question "They hatched a few moments ago. And I fed them a few moments ago but someone thought it looked a little weird of how you do it." Blu then grinned "Hey excuse me Jewel but it looked a little awkward to me so I will leave the feeding department to you" Jewel grinned at him. Azura then smiled at him "Hey don't worry Blu, Jonas was exactly the same when had Jewel and the others"

Jonas blushed at her "But it seemed appropriate that you do it". Azura then said teasingly "Excuses, Excuses" Jonas argued "No I am serious, I seemed better to me that you do it as you are the mother." Azura then argued as well "Okay then how come you said "Okay that is a little odd" Explain that one Jonas" Jonas tried to argue back but he couldn't figure out what today "Okay you win" He said a bit loud and then Azura put a feather from her wing on his beak "Shhhh, The little ones are sleeping Jonas" They both looked to see the three little chicks asleep with their mother and father providing warmth, Azura then gently stroked Azul's head and adored doing that.

Azura moved onto to another question "Have you named them yet Jewel" Jewel smiled "Yes, we did" She then pointed out Azul "we named this one Azul", then pointed out the other two "This one is Selvey and this one is Roxo" Azura can easily understand the names "They are nice names, don't you think Jonas" Jonas answered after she got his attention from looking at a random leaf "Well yeah, they are pretty nice names."

Azura then glared at him "Were you even paying attention" Jonas tried to get out of this one but failed " No" Azura shuck her head "Focus Jonas these are your grandchildren here" Jonas then apologized "Sorry Azura for some reason I am a bit hyper today." Azura then responded to him "Okay from what I can tell from the names you have two boys and one girl" Jewel smiled and looked to Jonas "Told you I am good, anyway the names are Azul, Selvey and Roxo." Jonas smiled "Those are nice names."

Azura smirked at Jewel "He has a long way to go before he is going to make a good grandfather" Jewel nodded in agreement before Jonas comment back "Hey I made a good father, so I can be a good grandfather". Azura then made a comment "not at this rate you will be". Jonas then felt like teasing and twisted her words "Your right Azura you have a long way to go before you will a good Grandmother."

Azura then glared at Jonas in a teasing way "Do you want to get punished when we get back". Jonas then smiled "Oh you know it" Azura then giggled slightly before turning to Jewel and Blu who were laughing "Hey Blu definitely are like an old married couple aren't they". Blu nodded in response "Oh Yeah" Azura then smirked at the pair "See what I have to put up with" Jewel then smiled at her "Yeah but this Dad" Azura then made smiled "Yes and I wouldn't want him any other way". Everyone smiled as they all turned their attention to the chicks as Roxo shifted himself a little and made a sort of moaning noise".

Blu and Jewel smiled deeply and nuzzled eachother calmly and passionately "Reminds me of Jewel and the others doesn't it Jonas" Jonas nodded in response before Jewel made a comment "Sometimes I still can't believe I used to be this small and look how big I am now" Azura nodded in agreement "I know, I can still remember when I used to hold you in my wing" Jewel then glared at her mom "Okay mom let's not go that far" Everyone laughed a little before Azura stood up "Well I think me and Jonas should get and give you two some space to look after your little one's"

Both Blu and Jewel nodded as Azura whispered to her "I also need to go and get this one punished" pointing out Jonas. Jewel giggled as Jonas questioned her "What did you tell her". Azura kept quiet "Oh nothing" They went to the entrance "See you later you two and remember if you ever need help you know me and Jonas are always willing to help if you need it okay". Blu and Jewel nodded and said their goodbyes for which Azura and Jonas left then to find Pearl and Cortez and tell them about the chicks.

Jewel then returned to admiring the little babies as they were sleeping, despite being naked they still looked very cute and adorable in Jewel's eyes, but Blu questioned "How long until their Feathers grow." Jewel thought about it "A few weeks and they will have fully grown feathers." Blu nodded as Jewel made a comment "I am speechless that we have been blessed with such beautiful chicks" Blu nodded in agreement.

Jewel looked to Blu "So do you think any of them will turn out a little clumsy" Blu glared at her "Just because I am clumsy sometimes doesn't mean they will be" Jewel grinned at him "Well it is a possibility, and I wonder if any of them will end up smart like you". Blu smiled "I hope so then I can teach them smart stuff and that" Jewel grinned at him before she lied her head down nuzzling the chicks "It is getting late now Blu we should get some sleep; we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

Blu nodded as he lied down and followed suit with Jewel, both of their necks around the chicks around the chicks as they were wrapped up together against their upper chests both Blu and Jewel shared a passionate kiss with eachother before lying their heads down completely "Good night my Blu bird" Blu smiled "Good night my precious Jewel" Jewel fell asleep with the chicks while Blu thought to himself. He felt like the world has changed around him in just a few months. He used to be a flightless, useless to any other bird and so domesticated but now, He could fly, gained his confidence, has a home, has a beautiful mate, good friends and Family and has beautiful children. Blu now felt his life was complete and whole, wishing it will never change.

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