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Silent Joy in Cold Air

They're walking beside each other, so close that their shoulders brush together each time one shifts forward and the other shifts back, their steps falling in sync together as they trudge onward through the thick snow covering the frozen ground. Their hands, long and slender and pale, and almost frozen since neither had the sense to wear gloves, swing at their sides, their cold, thin fingers brushing against each other every now and again in a gentle caress no one but they notice. Saner men would shove their hands deep into the pockets of their coats for warmth, but, should they do that, they would no longer get to feel the thrill of touching each other, no matter how lightly.

Sirius turns his head slightly, a small smiling curving at the corner of his mouth as he takes in Remus' profile, his grey eyes scanning over pale cheeks that are flushed from the cold and thin, pink lips that are pursed slightly in thought. He nudges his friend, wanting, perhaps even needing, the werewolf's attention on him, and his grin widens when pale brown eyes glance over to connect with his own grey ones.

He opens his mouth, ready to make some joke or ridiculous comment, anything to get an answering smiling from his friend, one that will light up Remus' entire face and take Sirius' breath away, but before he can, Remus reaches out, and takes Sirius' cold hand in his own, entwining their fingers together intimately, heat automatically forming between their palms at the contact.

It makes a quiet gasp escape from between Sirius' parted lips, the exhaled breath fogging in the cold air in front of him. He stares at Remus, eyes wide, brows creased in a type of confused shock that looks a lot like hope, before he relaxes, his fingers flexing and then tightening over the back of Remus' hand, tracing over a scar there.

James looks back at them, ready to crack some joke or make some insulting comment, before he stops, his mouth going slack with surprise, whatever he was going to say dissolving in the air around them. Finally, after a long moment, one in which he nearly stumbles into a bush since he has stopped paying attention to where he is walking, he grins at his friends, his hazel eyes sparkling with good humor. "It's about time, you twats. Now come on. We need to get to Zonko's before all the good stuff is gone. There are people to see and Slytherinns to torment." He flings an arm around Peter, grin still plastered on his face, and begins to sing a merry Christmas song that has nothing to do with what he has just witnessed.

Sirius snorts, reaching out a leg to kick his best friend in the shin playfully, all the while clutching at Remus' hand.

It was kind of obvious, to all involved, that this was the beginning of a love story.

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