The Jinchuriki Hanyou

Author Notes: this is a Naruto based story that I came up with in my free time. I claim no rights or don't claim to own any of the characters featured. The story however is completely my own idea!

Special Keys Used: "regular human speech", 'thinking to one's self ', *mental/telepathic speech*, (author notes), bold - demonic speech, italic - animalist speech, CAP LOCKS - ATTACKS/SPECIAL POWERS

Honorifics/Translation Notes: sama: higher social hierarcy, dono: lord, kun: familiarity or endearment for boys, chun: endearment towards girls, sempai/senpai: upper classman/senior, kohai: under classman/newcommer, sensei: teacher/doctor/master of a profession, kit/cub: child, kitsune: fox, mate: wife/bride, hanyou: crossbreed, onii-san: big brother, hai: yes/alright/ok, tou-san: father

One - the meeting

Just beyond the village of Konohagakure also known as the village hidden within the leaf is a forest that many believe that a race of demons known as the Jinchuriki exist. Nobody within Konohagakure have ever seen these creatures as they believe that these beasts are nothing more than a myth and legend. Unknown to the villagers is that this demon race truly exist as they often keep to themselves and hide from the humans. But it doesn't stop some of them hunting down these Jinchuriki for their valuable pelts and tails. It was near the end of fall and the start of winter as Naruto wondered around his forest home gathering food for the winter. Naruto was far different from his Jinchuriki breathern because he was hanyou, half human and half demon. Naruto beared the traits of both as it was clearly visible that he was a cross between the two. Naruto's father, the lord of the forest, the nine tails kitsune, Kyuubi forebidded that his kit would be treated any different from that of his own kind. Even though the Jinchuriki feared humans, they tended to treat Naruto with the same honor and respect they showed to his father. Naruto looked in someways to what a centaur looks like except instead of his lower half being one of a horse, it was that of a fox. Naruto's fur was mostly a dark fiery red color with the tips of his tail, ears, and paws of his feet where a snow white color. Orange and golden yellow hairs hanged in between the two layers. Naruto's hair was a medium length as he wore it longer in the back than the front as the golden blond spikes hung loose around his face. His blood red slitted eyes glowed softly as he had three whisker marks scratched across his cheeks as he looked to be about ten years old in age. Naruto padded around the wood as his fox ears twitched on top of his head listening to the various sounds. In his clawed Caucasian hands he held a blanket like a bag as he stuffed the food that he found inside. It was turning to be far colder as he shivered slightly.

'This winter is going to be far harshier than the other years. I hope that I have found enough food for everyone.' Naruto thought to himself. As Naruto reached a clearing he saw a small blanket with a buch of various fruit and vegtables on it. Every year around the same time the people of Konohagakure village leave a small tribute to the Jinchuriki thanking them for the safe passage throught the woods and for keeping their boarder safe. Naruto gently put down the blanket that he was carrying as he carefully sniffed the area. The clearing was large and open as it would offer no protection to the Jinchuriki. Naruto knew that the people of Konohagakure wouldn't lay a trap for those of his kind but the same thing couldn't be said for trappers and/or hunters. Once Naruto had determined that the coast was clear, he slowly headed out of the clearing as his fox ears remained perked up listening carefully. Naruto's four fox tails twitched nervously as the Jinchuriki hanyou felt like he wasn't alone. Naruto was within arms reach of the blanket as he began to visibly relax. 'Why am I so afraid? None of us have ever came across a human before. I swear Uncle Killer B's stories are getting to me.' Naruto thought to himself. His uncle was the eight tail boar named Killer B. Even though each Jinchuriki had a different number of tails as they were different type of demons, they felt close like a family even though they were not related by blood except for Naruto and his father Kyuubi. Naruto was still young as he had yet to grow all nine tails like his father. Naruto only had four of his tails. As Naruto's claws touched the blanket a large silver metal cage dropped on him which sprand two traps at his feet as they clamped around his paws. One on his left rear and the other on his front right. Naruto let out a loud howl of pain as he could see three humans shake off their camoflague when they saw that they had caught a Jinchuriki.

"Finally...we have caught one!"shouted out a dark skinned heavy set male. Their eyes widened considerably when they saw Naruto in the cage. Special runes laid engraved in the metal bars that prevented Naruto from using his powers. His paws bleed heavily with how tight the traps laid clawed on them. Naruto growled angerily at the three humans as they approached the cage.

"Look again...this one is different. Its part human." replied a more slender male. Naruto could clearly understand every word that the humans spoke but he didn't possess the ability to speak it.

"A hanyou. That is incredibly rare. Hurry and lets get its pelt and tails before any of the others show up." stateds the third male. The three humans crowded around Naruto's cage as Naruto cage as Naruto could see long sharp objects in their hands. Naruto could feel the sharp blades cutting into his thick fur causing Naruto to howl out in pain. They were skinning him alive. Naruto's screams echoed through out the forest.

* me!* Naruto called out mentally using the mental link that he and his father both possessed.

At that same moment Team Seven lead by Kakashi Hatake were on their way home after their latest ninja mission. Team Seven consisted of three young ninja's approximately ten years old Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sai (whom will be replacing Naruto for the time being seeing how Naruto ain't completely human). Almost half of the village of Konohagakure were ninja as their village was commanded by the Hokage, the higest rank ninja. As Team Seven lept through the trees heading towards Konohagakure village, Sakura stopped suddenly. The rest of her team stopped as well as Kakashi turned towards the pink haired young girl.

"Sakura...what's wrong?" asked Kakashi, a silver hair man with one visible black eye.

"Do you hear that?" she asked. Team Seven stood quietly as they all heard the strange animalistic cries echoing through the woods.

"What in the world is that?" asked Sasuke, a raven haired teen with jet black eyes.

"I don't know. Whatever it is, it sounds like to be in trouble. What should we do Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sai, a pale teen with black hair and black eyes. Kakaski scratched his chin thinking it over. Even though it wasn't their mission but, it couldn't help to check it out.

"Lets see what it is as I don't like the sounds that I am hearing. Whatever it is, it sounds like it is in terrible pain." replied Kakashi. The three young ninja nodded their heads as the four of them set out towards the direction of the sounds.

Team Seven reached the clearing as they kept to the trees hidden from view. Their eyes widened considerably as they saw what appeared to be a cross between a fox and a human. Blood pooled around the creatures body as it laid trapped within a metal cage as traps clamped around its paws. Some of the creatures pelt and tails had been cut off. Team Seven saw three humans with blood covering their hands from removing the creatures fur and tails. If Team Seven didn't know any better, they could have swore that this creature they were seeing was a Jinchuriki. Team Seven moved into possiton awaiting Kakashi's orders.

"Sakura...I want you to see if you can take care of the creature's wounds and free him from his cage. Saskue and Sai, your with me. We have to deal with those hunters before they kill him. If that is what I think it is, we may end up having their leader coming to answer his cries." Kakashi whispered itno the wireless walkies that they wore for special missions. The three young ninja nodded their heads that they understood. Sasuke, Sai, and Kakashi took out their kunai knives as Kakashi signaled to head out. The four ninja moved swiftly as the three males attacked the hunters. Sakura crept closer to Naruto's cage as she preformed some hand signs causing the cage to collapse. Naruto looked at Sakura through tear striken eyes whimpering a bit as he tried to move. Sakura touched him gently as she took out a kunai knife springing open the traps that were clamped around Naruto's paws. After Naruto was freed from the traps, she made several hand signs to begin to work on healing Naruto's wounds. Naruto could sense and tell that Sakura was there to help hin as he allowed her to heal him. A light blush crept across Sakura's face as her aqua green eyes meet Naruto's blood red ones. Even though he didn't fully look human, Sakura couldn't help but to think that he looked attractive.

As Sakura worked on Naruto...Sasuke, Sai, and Kakashi fought against the hunters trying to keep them from going after Sakura and the injured Jinchuriki. Kakashi made several hand signs quickly causing sparks of energy to form in the palm of his hand.

"LIGHTNING BLADE!" he snapped as a ball of lightning appeared in his hand.

"Damn it...its the ninja from the leaf village. They are trying to rescue the Jinchuriki Hanyou!" stated one of the hunters. Saskue lept before Sakura as he made several hand signs.

"FIRE RELEASE: GREAT FIREBALL TECHNIQUE!" snapped Sasuke as he blew into his hand unleashing a large fireball at the hunters. "Leave now or we will be forced to hurt you!" snarled Sasuke. This caused the hunters to laugh.

"We would like to see you try kid!" replied the hunter. Suddenly a loud menising howl echoed through the woods. Naruot recognized the howl as it belonged to his father. Naruto began to worry for the four hunans that were risking their lives to help him. Weakened and injured he knew that he had to protect the four humans. Naruto's clawed hands quickly grabbed a hold of Sakura's hand.

*You must act quickly and call your friends over and gather close to me. He is coming. I don't want you for to be hurt during his rage.* Naruto told Sakura mentally since he couldn't speak the human language, Naruto had to rely on his ability to project his thoughts directly into somebody through touch. The mensencing howl grew louder as the forest shaked. A large dark maroom red fox that looked more like a wolf entered the clearing. The creature was the size of a house as its red slitted eyes glowed a bright viberant red. Sakura could feel Naruto pleading with her to hurry as he was slowly blacking out.

"Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke-kun, and Sai-kun...retreat back to me! Hurry!" yelled out Sakura. The three of them retreated back as the large kitsune entered the clearing. Kyuubi snarled loudly as he stared at all of the humans. He saw four of them wearing metal head plates close to his cub. He watched as a beat up and bloody Naruto moved his body to protect the four causing him to cough up blood. "Stop moving. You were hurt pretty badly." stated the girl with the pink hair and aqua green eyes. She began to work on Naruto's wounds joined by two black haired and black eyed boys close to her own age as a silver haired black eyed older male directed them to help bandage the Jinchuriki's wounds.

'So those four are trying to help my kit. It was these three that hurt and attacked him.' Kyuubi thought to himself as he moved towards the three hunters. The hunters actually looked pleased to see Kyuubi as the kitsune's nine tails had dark red flames dancing around them. His three whisker marks that were on his cheeks grew darker and more harsh as his red slitted eyes glowed fiercly.

"Its the dono of the forest. He is the one that we have been searching for. Attack!" yelled out the dark skinned heavy set male hunter. This caused Kyuubi to almost laugh as he knew that no human alive can harm him. Kyuubi took a long deep breath before he unleashed his SONIC ROAR which threw the three hunters back away from him before he moved in for the kill. Kyuubi showed no mercy as he killed the three hunters. The three young ninja tried not to cringe when they heard the blood curdeling screams of the hunters. Soon all of the screams stopped as Kyuubi slowly made his way over to the four ninja as his body slowly shrinked down to that of a size of a horse. Kakashi stepped before his team as Kyuubi looked at the young hanyou Jinchuriki in concern.

*Please tell me that he will be all right.* Kyuubi stated mentally out loud allowing all four ninja to hear him clearly.