The Jinchuriki Hanyou

AUTHOR NOTES: this is a Naruto based story that I came up with in my free time. I claim no rights or don't claim to own any of the characters featured. As the character Yuki-Hikari belongs to Shadow Realm Triforce (formally yyh-ygo-fma) as both Ryokoto and Kazuki belongs to me. The story however is completely my own idea! Some of the characters that I will be using will be OCC so please don't hate me for it as I will be using some of my own attacks and techniques (not featured on the Naruto series)...thank you!

SPECIAL KEY GUIDE: "regular human speech", 'thinking to one's self ', *mental/telepathic speech*, (author notes), {Yami no Tamashii (dark souls) language}, bold - demonic speech, italic - animalist speech, CAP LOCKS - ATTACKS/SPECIAL POWERS

HONORIFICS/TRANSLATION NOTES: sama: higher social hierarchy, sensei: teacher; doctor; masters of any profession, san: Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Miss, dono: lord, kitsune: fox, mate: wife/bride, hanyou: crossbreed, onii-san: big brother, hai: yes/alright/ok, tou-san: father, okaa-san: mother, arigato: thank you, ototo: little brother, chishio kikan: blood mirror, yami no tamashii: dark souls, koi: love

Thirty - destroying the Akatsuki

All of the Jinchuriki and demons had heard both Naruto's and Sasuke's roar as finally at long last Orochimaru had been killed. Evil and wicked smirks crossed their faces as they weren't about to be out done by a half demon and a Jinchuriki hanyou. Now was the time to finally destroy what remained of the Akatsuki. Sasori was busy with the younger three Jinchuriki, Kobuto was busy with the three full demons that remained within the leaf, Kimimaro was dealing with the two adult Jinchuriki, while Guren was dealing with Kyuubi. The Jinchuriki and the demons knew that they had to bring out their A game in order to finally kill what remained of Orochimaru's Akatsuki.

Haku, Gaara, and Yuki-Hikari faced against Sasori as the puppet demon had called forth his HUMAN PUPPETS. The three young Jinchuriki laid in very bad shape but Naruto's and Sasuke's roar had risen their spirits. Yuki was covered in her shadow armor. Haku had risen an ice dome to protect them all from Sasori's poison needles. Gaara was also incased in an ARMOR OF SAND.

"Do you hear that Sasori. Orochimaru has been killed. Soon you too will die!" snarled Yuki. Sasori simply laughed at the three young Jinchuriki.

"Try your best. None of your attacks can even hurt me." stated Sasori. Gaara's sand had slithered behind the puppets and Sasori. Both Yuki and Haku noticed it as they slightly nodded their heads.

"SAND BINDING COFFIN!"snarled out Gaara as the sand moved binding all of the puppets.\

"What!?" cried out Sasori as he was unable to move.

"Sorry Sasori as this is finally the end for you!" snarled Gaara. Both Yuki and Haku moved in unison both unleashing their attacks.


"SHADOW DARK ENGERY BLASTS!" shouted Yuki. Both attacks his Sasori as Gaara added his own attack in.

"ULTIMATELY HARD ABSOLUTE ATTACK: SPEAR OF SHUKAKU!" he snarled. All three attacks hit Sasori and his puppets dead on destroying them all instantly. The armor that surrounded both Gaara and Yuki fell to the ground as Yuki collapsed to the ground. Yuki's two YAMI NO TAMASHII Ryokoto and Kazuki appeared to help their mistress. Both Haku and Gaara allowed their roars to erupt alerting everyone that they had finally killed off one of the Akatsuki.

The three full demons Meracumo, Suzaku, and Sesshomaru faced off against Kobuto as they had heard not only Naruto's and Sasuke's roar but also the younger Jinchurki's roar. All three demons were currently in their full true forms.

"From the sounds of it, I say that both Orochimaru-dono and Sasori have been killed off." stated Kobuto as he pushed his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose.

*Soon you will join them Kobuto!* snarled Meracumo. Kobuto simply waved one hand telling the demons to bring it. Suzaku was the first one whom moved.

*FIRE RELEASE: PHOENIX SAGA FIRE TECHNIQUE!* (a Uchiha attack but it works well for Suzaku considering what she is) Suzaku flew surrounding all of the clones of Kobuto and Kobuto himself in intense fire.

*POISON CLAW!* snarled out Sesshomaru as he lept in the air twirling fast as acid lept from his claws hitting all of the clones as well as Kobuto. All of the clones vanished leaving only Kobuto. Before Kobuto could move to attack, Meracumo made the final strike.

*EIGHT HEADED DRAGON STRIKE!* (a variation of Sesshomaru's attack which works well for Meracumo) Meracumo's attack hit Kobuto as he screamed out loud before t attack killed him. The three great demons let out their own roar joining the others whom have succeeded in killing off their opponents.

Both Yugito and Killer B had heard the roars echoing through the leaf village as they knew that now only two Akatsuki members remained. It was time for them to once and for all to end this battle. Yugito shifted into her thunder cat form while Killer B still remained in his human form. Killer B held two swords one in each hand.

"TEN FINGER DRILLING BULLETS!" snarled Kimimaro as he threw bone fragments from his fingertips trying to keep Yugito and Killer B back. Both Jinchuriki swiftly avoided the attack.

*TWO TAIL THUNDER WHIP!* snarled out Yugito as her tails struck Kimimaro (a variation of the TWO TAIL FIREBALL). Yugito's twin tails wrapped around Kimimaro preventing him from escaping. Killer B moved making his attack while Kimimaro was immobilized.

"TAILED BEAST: EIGHT TWIST SWORD DANCE!" snarled Killer B (a combination of two of Killer B's attacks). Yugito also unleashed another attack at the same time.

*THUNDER LIGHTING CAT CLAW!* she hissed (a variation of the CAT CLAW attack). Both attacks hit Kimimaro killing him instantly. Both Yugito and Killer B roared in triumph at their victory.

Kyuubi heard everyone's roars as all that remained left was Guren. Kyuubi grinned as he avoided Guren's crystal attack. Kyuubi's SONIC ROAR'S weren't doing a thing to Guren's crystal body.

*Sounds like the Akatsuki are finished. Once I destroy you, peace shall finally exist.* stated Kyuubi.

"That is if you can destroy me Kyuubi!" snarled Guren. Kyuubi activated his CHISHIO KIKAN calling upon every power and technique he had seen. "CRYSTAL RELEASE: SHURIKEN WIND DANCE!" snapped Guren attacking Kyuubi. Kyuubi managed to dodge most of the crystal shurikens.

*It is time that I end this once and for all! BLAZE RELEASE: FOX FIRE STREAM OF BLACK FLAMES!* roared out Kyuubi (a combination of one of Kyuubi's attacks and two of Sasuke's attacks). The attack hit Guren's crystal body as the intense flames began to crack her crystal form.Kyuubi's nine tails moved breaking Guren's crystal body as his own roar joined in with everyone else. Finally the battle was over with. Orochimaru and his Akatsuki were finally destroyed. Now preparations could be made to ensure peace among the humans, demons, and the Jinchuriki. At long last things were beginning to look brighter for everyone.


Mating Season

(a lemon featuring several of the Jinchuriki and their human mates