So I've read similar challenges, and I figured it would be fun to do my own. My main reason for doing this is that I would like to get a better feeling of writing with the characters before I start on larger projects. My problem is that I have a lot of ideas, but I usually get distracted and disorganised, so I'm all over the place and end up confusing myself and the readers. But Sekai is TOO GOOD to allow that, so I have entered writing boot camp. Also, I apologize for nonsensical long-winded sentences. I like those, though not everyone agrees with that style. I have not written in a while. I am a science student, so I am doing my best here. Please let me know what you think. I do have biased couples, but I will try to spread the characters evenly over the sentences.

I will be uploading in 10 sentence fragments (so expect a total of 10 chapters). Updates will be slow, so I apologize in advance, as I am working to the completion of my degree, as well as preparing to apply for med school.



Every month when he would come to collect Yoshino's storyboard, Hatori would collect with it a kiss and a shower; his obscure hours prevented him from bathing for days, he would explain.


Takano was a man of simplicity, which is why for Onodera's birthday he communicated his love in the simplest form of animalistic intimacy: asserted sexual dominance.


It had come without warning one day: a muffled click had caused Yokozawa to turn his attention away from the oven, only to discover to his horror that Kirishima now owned a candid photograph of him in Hiyo's oh-too-small, heart-embroidered, lacy-edged apron.


Kisa felt the rough impact of his body careening into the bed; Yukina beside him felt the bitter-sweet fall of risen hope as his boyfriend passed out in mere seconds into a state of sleep after two weeks of solitary, non-sexual sacrifice before the painstaking inevitability of the cycle's end.


Sometimes Onodera felt that he should invest in a licence and a car, or at least a car-pool buddy, as his current – and only – system of transport seemed to leave him with flustered distractions more times than he was willing to admit.


"What I want", said Kisa, "is for you to stop bothering me; but what I need is for you to never misunderstand my pushing you away" he mumbled into Yukina's shoulder as his grip on Yukina's hair tightened from the sheer pleasure of having him breach his ecstasy again and again.


What a creep, thought Onodera, as Takano passed by him in his chair, accidentally spilling the coffee he had picked up for Ritsu in Ritsu's lap, making it his obligation to wipe down Ritsu's pants while everyone in the office watched; and Takano took his sweet time cleaning the fabric in slow, orderly, concentric circles.


Yokozawa slapped Kirishima's hand out of his pants: "your daughter is two feet away from us in the other room!" he hissed.


The first night Kirishima had come to mount Yokozawa, he received a punch in the head, and an exclamation of "you have not been approved for that position!"


Sometimes Yoshino would think that he would like to try writing fantasy . . . but the only fantasies that would plague his mind would be ones involving Hatori and his chocolate sauce desserts.