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"Not funny," wheezed Yokozawa; just before Kirishima jumped out to yell 'April fools!', Yokozawa seriously thought the letter informing him that he was bankrupt was legit.


For a while now, Yukina had been wanting to dye his hair, just for the experience of it; Kisa had made his opinion expressly known that anything pink or neon was intolerable, and he had the rights to ambush Yukina's hair in the middle of the night if need be.


Yukina came home right after his hair appointment so that Kisa would be the first to see his new hair; bad didn't even begin to describe the dark orange colour, in Kisa's opinion.


When asked by Yukina what Kisa thought of his new hair, Kisa didn't even bat an eye as he said "you look like a walking fruit that's beginning to rot – go wash it out now."


Takano and Yokozawa were in another heated argument, which went somewhat along the lines of Yokozawa saying "unless you're soon to be ascending a throne, you're going to be kissing my ass, not the other way around," and Takano spitting back "give me a fucking break, you just wish you could be kissing my ass!"


The night that they lay in the grass and watched the fireworks, when Hatori made his love confession, was a night that he replayed often whenever he got into a fight with Yoshino, reminding himself just how fortunate he was that Yoshino had said 'yes' and made possible those precious moments that have turned into unforgettable memories.


"You pick up the tab," said Takano nonchalantly, and as Onodera began to protest as to who had the larger salary, Takano declared, rather loudly in the crowded restaurant, that they were having sex that night, and that alone was more than enough to make up for the tab.


"Kirishima," sputtered Yokozawa, eyes twitching, "I said I needed organic ingredients, not orgasmic ingredients – for god's sake, I was planning on making dinner, not engaging you in erotic fantasies!"


It was nights like these, walking through empty streets, the sky clear and the moon full, and Onodera brave and careless enough to reach for Takano's hand while staring up at the stars, that Takano treasured the most.


Hatori didn't know whether to see it as a blessing or a curse, but he definitely knew that when Yoshino woke up, he had better have a damn good reason for why he was crashing, unannounced, in Hatori's bed.

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