Written for the "Leather" challenge on gs100.

"Severus, wait! Is this really necessary?" Hermione batted at the pale hands which were even now refusing to listen to her, insistently working at the fastenings on her robe.

"I have already explained to you what the instructions say for this particular potion," Severus ground out, his lips compressed and his eyes focused on her clothing.

The robe fell. As he reached for her jumper, Hermione panicked and took a step back. "No! I don't understand-"

Growling, he reached for his wand, and in one swift movement, they were both naked. Hermione squeezed her eyes shut and moaned in embarrassment.

Taking advantage of her temporary silence, Severus grabbed the bottle of Mrs. Humdinger's Ultra-Bubbling Foaming Foam, pouring a large quantity into his hands. The effect was immediate: bubbles began to form quickly and it was all he could do to slap his hands on Hermione's body and apply the lather.

Why is she moaning again?, he wondered irritably as he finished coating her from neck to feet and beginning to apply the foam to his own body. He refused to acknowledge the way she was now watching him from barely-cracked eyes.

He also refused to acknowledge how good she'd felt.

Done with the lather, he handed her the book and moved to the cauldron. Wearing nothing but foam was extremely odd but he had not become a revered Potions Master by shying away from unconventional recipes. He prided himself on his willingness to test any method.

His internal congratulating was interrupted by a loud groan from Hermione, and then—laughter?

"For Merlin's sake, woman!" he exploded.

Clutching her sides, Hermione managed to choke out, "You need glasses!"

"I beg your pardon?" Had the witch gone funny in the head?

"Leather, Severus! We are to protect ourselves with leather, not lather!"

A/N: Oh, how will the revered Potions Master ever live THAT one down? I'm not JK Rowling, because I love to make Snape and Hermione do delicious, delicious things.