Quick notice, when Voldemort is talking Snake the words will have 3 'S' when he speaks as Voldemort to others there will be only 2 'S' but when he is Tom it will only be names that have extra 'S' as if he's hissing it in a purring way – please tell me if it's too confusing and I'll drop it in the future and correct it in this chapter, thank you. Hope you enjoy !

Lord Voldemort sat in his Throne Room with all of his followers; they were waiting for Severus to return from a meeting with Albus. Tonight was Harry Potter's seventeen's birthday so finally he could bring the boy to the Manor where he belonged and he only had to wait a few hours, by then the Shield around his house would shatter - if only Severus could convince Albus that the Dark Lord was away and wouldn't be back before early morning, then they would have hours to explain everything to Harry.

/Massster … I bring good newsss …/ Voldemort looked down to his right as Nargini came sliding from a hatch in the corner where she had her nest.

/What isss it, my friend?/ Voldemort reached down and stroked her on the head while she coiled the rest of her body under herself. /Hasss it happened?/ Nargini gave a short nod at where Voldemort stood up and she uncoiled and slide back to the corner.

/Yesss Massster … my egg hatched a moment ago … ssshe'sss beautiful and will sssuit Young Massster perfectly… / Voldemort beamed as he went down on his knees, opening the hatch he saw Nargini's baby girl; she had her mother's patterns along her body but instead of the normal coloring of a Anaconda this girl was pitch black and the patterns were silver like, giving her a glittering look whenever she moved.

/Ssshe isss perfect, my friend … you've done very well./ Voldemort gave Nargini one of his rare kisses on the head and she hissed in pleasure to the praise.

/Thank you Massster … will you let Young Massster name her?/ Voldemort nodded as he studied the tiny snake … or tiny compared to her mother, just then the baby snake woke from its power nap and uncoiled. Nargini moved closer and you could see her daughter was following every movement, Voldemort stayed silent as he waited for Nargini to introduce him. /My Baby … I have brought sssome who wantsss to meet you …/ the tiny snake turned its head towards Voldemort and studied him with her unnatural white eyes there had black streaks in them. /Thisss isss Tom … he isss my Massster … you will sssoon get your own Massster who will alssso name you …/

/Hallo my Beauty …/ Voldemort held out a hand for her to sniff and also to slide up of if she wanted to.

/Hallo Tom … Massster of my Mother./ she moved up into his hand before coiled around his wrist twice with her head resting on the back of his hand and half of her body hanging down. /When will my Massster arrive to name me?/

/Sssoon my Beauty and I know he will love you but for now you mussst ssstay in here where it's sssafe./ She glanced at her mother, who was keeping a close watch over her. /I'll bring him the day after tomorrow at the leasst…/

/Can I tassste you Tom?/ Voldemort chuckled, remembering Nargini asking the same thing when she hatched.

/I'm afraid not, my Beauty … you're going to have to wait, you're Bonding with your Massster that way ssso you can't bide me but have patience./ She flicked her tongue at his hand before moving back to her small nest.

/Bring him sssoon./ With that she closed her eyes and ignored them, Voldemort chuckled again while Nargini glared at her very rude daughter. He gave Nargini one more kiss before closing the hatch, as he walked back to his throne he saw Lucius on his knees - waiting for permission to speak.

"Yess Luciuss?"

"My Lord, Severus is back. Shall I call him in?" Voldemort nodded and Lucius stood gracefully before walking over to open one of the double doors. "Severus, come on in. he is ready now." Severus stepped inside and with much speed - still with grace - feel to his knees in front of his Lord; head bowed.

"Sseveruss, were you ssucessfull?"" Severus lifted his head and when given a nod from Voldemort, he stood up.

"Yes My Lord, Albus will wait four hours as he is rather busy himself with a surprise party for Potter at Hogwarts.

"That's good newss Sseveruss, my friend. We'll leave in one hour so get yoursselvess ready - only the inner circle will be going." Severus and the rest bowed deeply to the orders. "The resst of you can go home, I won't need you for a while - now get out of my ssight!" Noises followed his last order as they all ran out; fearing his wand and the scary smile on his face. "Sseveruss, did you make the potion?"

"Yes My Lord. Is there anything you want done before take-off?"

"No, you and Luciuss sstayss while the resst of you goess to the Hall and wait there - now!" Lucius shared a telling glance with a smirking Severus while the rest of the Inner Circle left in a heap of ropes. Ones they were alone, Voldemort closed his eyes and slowly he started to change; Hair started to grow down past his shoulders and was dark brown but almost seemed black, eyes turned to the clearest sky blue and his snake-like features gave away to that of a slightly older Tom Riddle than the one Harry saw in the Chamber in Second Year. "Now, Luciuss My Pet … come to me." Lucius shivered with a glare at a now chuckling Severus before going up the three steps to sit by the man's feet; head resting in the man's lap. "Sseveruss, come and undress our Pet. I want to see his lovely body and then you can undress me before you do yourself."

"With pleasure My Lord …" Severus walked up behind a shivering Lucius, the biggest smirk gracing his features. "Does my Lord wish it slow or quick?"

"Slow …" Severus pulled his Lover up to stand, pressing himself close to the still shivering Lucius; he circled his arms around Lucius's torso, gliding his hands down the sides which made Lucius moan low. Severus pulled Lucius's long hair over one shoulder before attacking the neck with his lips and teeth's while slowly unbuttoning the tunic-like rope Lucius loved, long skilled fingers ran over exposed skin and Lucius's eyes closed while legs nearly gave out. "Alright, hurry up. Sseveruss, our Pet is ready to pass out." Severus bid down on the shoulder to ground Lucius as he pushed the robe off with one hand while holding the man standing with his other, once the robe was out of the way he hurried to spell the rest of Lucius's clothes off and when naked Severus grasped Lucius's hard member.

Lucius nearly screamed in pleasure and Tom hurried to silence the door - it wouldn't do for the others to know of their activities. "Pet, come here while Sseveruss undresses me." Lucius walked closer and was pulled by his long hair into a hard and all through sexy kiss while Severus made quick work of Tom's silk robe which was the only thing he ever wore, once naked Tom made a telling roll of his hips and Severus hurried to run his slick tongue along the hard shaft before talking it into his mouth with a wanting moan which were answered by both of his Lovers but he remembered to mind his teeth's. Tom placed a hand on top of Severus's head before grabbing the silky soft hair and pressed down as he lifted his hips, Severus swallowed around him while spelling his own clothes off. "Fuck!" Tom groaned when Severus bobbed his head before making a very deep deep-throating. "Enough! Switch now!"

"Yes my lord." Severus left the even harder shaft which was now slick and he guided Lucius into the throne with his legs spread over the arm rests on both sides and with his back to Tom, who quickly hugged him closer while licking, biding and touching Lucius's body within reach. Severus showed two fingers into Lucius's eager mouth, who licked them, when they were coated in saliva he removed them only to shove them into Lucius's ass. Lucius began trashing in pleasure as well as keening and moaning, when Severus was about to stretch the entrance he heard Tom hiss in warning so Severus looked up from his work.

"Don't! Sseveruss, help him down! My patience is running out!" Severus removed his fingers from the barely prepared entrance while placing the head of Tom's cock at the entrance, Lucius groaned at the slight burning of his walls. "Now Sseveruss!" That made Lucius groan even higher as he knew pain was ahead but Severus made him moan in ecstasy when feeling a mouth around his leaking cock - distracting Lucius for a moment as Severus held him in place while indicating to Tom that he should lift his hips while Severus pressed down, with a hard jerk of the hips Tom was buried all the way into a now screaming Lucius - not even Severus's mouth could distract him now and he kept screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure, Tom lifted him up and by doing so pushing him deep into Severus's mouth and throat before pulling him down hard. Tom shifted angles and now Lucius's screams were of only pleasure as Tom now hammered into Lucius's prostate. "Come on Pet! Scream! I can never tire of those lovely sounds, let Sseveruss swallow you!" Tom held Lucius's hips raised and steady while he himself rammed almost uncontrollably into the cramping ass and Severus was bobbing his head in almost inhumanly speed leaving Lucius to scream in nearly pain when Tom rammed in all the while keening in pleasure from Severus's action. "Luciuss now!" That did it and Lucius grabbed Severus's hair tightly and pressed down, burying himself to the hilt down Severus's throat and shot off his load with the biggest scream yet - he was ever so thankful of Severus's lack of gag reflexes - Severus barely had to swallow as Lucius was half way down his throat and he moaned as he felt the hot semen slide down further but it made the dying scream from Lucius heighten again as a load more came from the vibrations, when he was sure his Lover was spent he helped the man down from his spread out position and Lucius fell boneless to the floor - resting - while Severus was pulled into a crushing kiss but he would have it no other way and moaned high. Still having his wand in hand he spelled a mild numbing relief on Lucius before pulling the man up standing, Lucius leaned against the throne's side while Severus took his place and was entered without any preparations but he merely screamed in joy and pleasure. When Tom was buried to the root in the very tight ass of Severus he groaned but when Severus rotated his hips it made him hiss off nonsense in pleasure, Severus continued for a moment - loving those sounds more than anything - before he pulled Lucius closer and without much warning buried himself into Lucius's cramping and slightly abused channel. All three stayed motionless to enjoy the feeling of being connected in such a primal way and their Bond flared to life; a black aura surrounded them and they all moaned but then it suddenly was too much for Tom for he began to pounce into Severus who in turn screamed and got pushed further into a higher screaming Lucius, who's ass was now hurting though the numbing spell and he tried to move away but Severus only held him tighter at the hips but he did lift Lucius a little off himself so he didn't get buried to the root but just half which seemed to ease Lucius's discomfort as he stopped trying to get away though he still struggled.

"My Lord, please!" Tom smirked with a hiss as he knew what Severus was begging for; he pulled Severus down to the root and held him tightly while closing his eyes and a moment after Severus started to scream in pain for the first time as Tom's cock enlarged inside of him. "Enough!" Severus stopped screaming though he felt the cock get bigger by an inch before stopping, just the size he loved.

"Fuck yeah!" Tom cursed when his wand heated up to tell them it was almost time to go. "Sseveruss, time to go - make our Pet come!" Severus hummed as he rotated his hips making Tom scream low while taking Lucius's still stiff cock into his hand and with inhuman speed jerked him off, Lucius almost matched Tom who was now screaming high but Lucius was spent and his energies was used.

"Come on Pet, come for our Lord - scream his birth name!" Tom moaned but still gave Severus a hard jerk of his hips which made his now larger cock go deeper into Severus's cold but slick entrance, Severus responded by tightening his ass around it making Tom scream and his eyes roll to the back of his skull. "Let us hear you Pet, come for us….!" Lucius screamed as he felt the wave once more roll through his body down to his swollen cock, the wave turned to a tsunami and Lucius broke out in sweat and almost convulsed so Severus had to hold him tightly with one arm while the other kept going. "Now Pet!" Severus smirked as he grounded his ass onto Tom's cock while Lucius tensed up completely.

"Oh my god! I'm …I'm….com-coming!" Lucius trashed before pressing down onto a groaning Severus who was pressing down at Tom, who was moaning high. "Toom! Fuck yes! Seev!" Just as Lucius came Severus bid into his shoulder and Tom did the same to Severus as the both of them came hard. Once everyone was down from their orgasm induced heights, Tom spelled them clean and clothed before pulling both men into his lap where they nuzzled his neck in contentment and pleasure. "Tom, My Love…how long must we continue this charade?"

"It should be over in a few days Luc, Mon Amour … we're not whole, we need Harry to take our rightful place as the four Beings - first then can we stand forward and take our place over our kinds which will make us above all Laws and we can rule but first we must take over each of our kinds; you, Lucius, to Veela's, Severus to the Vampires, myself to Humans but we have to wait and see which Harry will - he'll be the highest of us."

"How do you feel about that; to have one younger above yourself?" Lucius, who had asked, nibbled on Tom's neck. "Does it bother you?"

"Actually no, Harry always was higher than any of us besides who am I to deny a Seer's foretold prophecy? Does it bother either of you?" both shook their heads, Tom was about to say something more when a sharp pain flew through his head; centered in his forehead. "Something is wrong! Harry is in great pain!" As soon as it had come it disappeared again and only left a tingling. "We need to hurry!" All three flew up and while Severus pulled both of them with him to the door in vampire speed, Tom morphed back to Voldemort. "My followerss, we're leaving!" With that they all popped out while Severus took his lovers with him through the shadows.

They all arrived to a quiet and calm street, all seeming perfectly fine but Voldemort felt the tingling getting stronger. "Ssseverusss and Luciusss followss me, the resst of you sstayss here and look out for Albusss." Voldemort walked towards the house, drawing his wand while the other hand held his forehead as the tingling turned to sharp jabs of pain in a rhythmic pace. The door opened to reveal a short and slightly overweight boy running towards them, arms flying up and down in clear panic.

"Help! Hurry, my dad is beating Harry! Please help!" Voldemort sneered as he pushed past the boy and ran. "Up the stairs then follow the sounds!" they took the stairs in two at a time, Severus recognized Petunia by a door where she was crying her eyes out while banging wildly on a door.

"Vernon! Leave him alone! Vernon, open the door! Harry, hold on!" A scream followed her encouragement, making her throw her petite body into the door to get it to open but it didn't budge an inch. "Oh my god! Dudley hurry!" First then did she notice them and they saw her smile relieved. "Severus! Help Harry!" They pushed her away and Voldemort made the door blow off completely but what he saw made them all stop in shock. "NOO!" There on the bed; Harry was getting raped by a very fat man whose hand was around Harry's throat and Voldemort found out that when the man pushed inside the screaming Harry, his forehead gave a sharp jab of pain. Voldemort felt how his rage was growing and behind him he heard Severus and Lucius transform, he finally shook himself and made a big swing with his wand which made Vernon fly off the bed and into the wall across. Severus hurried to spell a robe onto the crying Harry before he and Lucius picked him up and cocooned him between them as they growled at the standing Vernon.

"Who are you freaks? Get your hands off him and get the hell out of my house! He got what he deserved for being such a freak!" Voldemort screamed in rage and sat the man on fire both on the inside and outside; he noticed that the crying woman was running around the room packing while the boy was looking at his burning and screaming father with malice in his eyes.

"Tom! He has wings!" Voldemort turned shocked to them and saw that Severus had ripped the back off the robe and the most beautiful red, black and silver wings was folded along Harry's back. "Why does he have wings?"

"He got them half an hour ago, that's why Father freaked out." Dudley said slowly. "His eyes changed too and his hair grew out in seconds. Harry? Would you like come water?" Severus nodded on behalf of Harry who was still crying and shaking like a leaf, Dudley walked out to get a glass from the bathroom.

"Are you taking him with you?" Voldemort nodded as he studied Petunia's aura which confused him; he knew she was Muggle but her aura said otherwise, it seemed blocked in its flow as if someone had locked her magic away inside her.

"You two are coming with uss too, go and pack." He glared when she was about to protest, he indicated for Severus to go and help her.

"Tom, he's a Destined Dark Fairy!" At Voldemort's still confused expression, Lucius continued. "They have air-born able wing, eyes and wings with take the color or colors of Its destined mates, that means; you, Severus and me!" at this the young man gave a groan as he went limp in Lucius's arms – out cold.

"I think he heard you …" They both turned and studied Dudley, who sounded slightly amused. "My Cousin always do black out at life changing news… may I ask why my mom is packing our stuff?"

"People will assk too many quesstionss and Albusss will properly take you to Hogwartss, I think my desstined mate would appreciate your ssurvival."

"Good reason." Dudley glanced at Harry in Lucius's arms, a considering look on his face. "Harry have talked about something he have discovered before he came, about Albus but he won't say what, he says he's not sure yet." Dudley glanced at his Father who was nearly burned clean to the bones; Hate and shame crossed his face and Lucius, who saw the boy look sick, thought it was from the corpse so he sat Harry on his feet upheld by one arm as he used the other to banish the body, marks and evidence of it. "Oh by the way, there is something you should properly know about Harry … ever since summer after his fourth year he's been different, well I don't know if I should tell you …" Something seemed to register in Dudley's mind as he turned shocked to Voldemort. "Hang on, just who are you?"

"At the moment I'm Lord Voldemort but I'm al…."

"Then it's your entire fault! How could you treat Harry like that if he's your soul mate?" Voldemort glanced worried at Lucius, who was also looking ashamed. "Do you know what it did to him? It made him develop Multi Personality Disorder – you big jerk! Harry's other half calls itself Tommy, he is totally opposite from Harry, he only comes forward when Harry gets stressed …!"

"There is no need to reveal all of Harry's secrets at once, Dear Cousin. Who says they are trustworthy yet?" Lucius looked down shocked into the eyes of Harry's three colored eyes, who wasn't out cold anymore but neither did he remove himself from Lucius's arms – more like snuggled closer actually. "I believe enough has been said for now, how about you see if your mother needs any help?" Dudley smirked and walked out with a salute. "I swear he does that to mock us …" Lucius looked down at the beauty in his arms and came face to face with the most breathtaking eyes ever – which he hadn't thought possible after Tom made his eyes red with tinged of black – Harry's eyes were shaped like a cats, ground color red with three very noticeable black stripes at each side of the pupil which had small silver flecks between them. "Thanks for catching us, you must excuse Harry but I'm sure you understand. My name is Tommy, if you ask my Aunt …" What they now understood was Tommy, removed himself from Lucius while glaring at the bed; a hand swept over it and in second flames grew and suddenly the bed was consumed in flames there didn't moved beyond the bed. "I think Aunt is done, shall we?" Both men stared dump folded at the show of wandless magic before following the calm young man out, leaving the bed burning. "Aunty! Where are you?"

"Is that you, Tommy dear? I'm in here …" They entered the room next door where Petunia was stuffing the last suitcase. "Tommy, how are you? Come here love…" She pulled a reluctant Tom into a bear hug.


"Mom, you better release him... he's getting a bit blue…" Dudley smirked at his blushing mother as she let go of a slightly blue Tommy. "Tom, are we leaving?" Tommy nodded to Dudley before turning to Severus, who was looking beyond confused.

"Thank you, Professor, for helping my Aunt with packing. Aunty, do you have everything?" the three family members went over everything while Severus walked over to Lucius and Voldemort.

"Alright, what is going on here?"

"It appearss Harry have developed MPD after fourth year, that over there is Tommy – Harry's counterpart. Ssseverusss, tell me about thiss dissorder." Voldemort leaned into the arms of Lucius, getting dizzy with the spinning tingling from his forehead.

"Not much is known in our world, Muggle experts have different beliefs. Some says it's a fraud while the rest says a person develop it in a moment of great trauma as a form of coping, a record tells of a person with up to fifteen different personalities." Severus studied the three others, their interaction and postures. "If what you're saying is true then I think we can expect more personalities, with the life and deceiving Harry has been through from Albus – memory altering is not to be taken lightly."

"More than Tommy? Just how many are we talking about and different how?" Lucius asked shocked as he looked over at Tommy.

"There is no saying; we'll have to wait and see." Severus stared as Tommy looked over at him, eyes turning knowing as if he had heard him; whatever personality he was now gave him a coy smirk and blinked one eye as he pressed a finger in a silence motion to his lips. Severus nodded slowly and the person disappeared inside again and Tommy looked back at him with a secret knowing smirk before turning back to Dudley, making Severus look at the boy and his mother – remembering something. "Why is Petunia's aura confusing me ... the boy's too?"

"That's a good quesstion which iss part of why they are coming with uss. We should get going but I don't want to go outsside, they'll try to cursse them and I really don't wanna have to explain or cursse them right now …" He just wanted to go home and down the nearest painkiller potion, his head was killing his concentration ability. "We'll just leave them; they will follow at the ssound of Albusss coming." Lucius and Severus merely nodded while Lucius rested a hand on his forehead and mumbled a cooling charm, making Voldemort moan in pleasure.

"I believe we are ready now." Tommy came over with a suitcase more that Severus shrank before placing it in his pocket to the rest. "How do we do this?"

"Severus will transport us by Shadow Drift." All three men noticed an eager glint enter Tommy's eyes – making them all believe it was another person than Tommy or Harry – but it quickly disappeared again, leaving the calm and smirking Tommy.

"You need to hold each other's hands and close your eyes and breathe slowly – you won't feel a thing." Severus said while preparing; a black fog appeared at their feet's and was raising upwards to their knees and further. "Don't be frightened …" Petunia, who had been on the edge of panic, nodded as she took a calming breathes. The fog reached their chest, it finally surrounded them completely and though it was slightly dark they could still see each other but not beyond the fog, noises from outside it filled their ears and those who knew them could hear Albus shout for others to get Harry away to safety. Noises and screaming begun to dimmer as they moved through the shadows but they heard one last scream; Remus's broken scream as his cub was gone.

"Severus, we have to go back! Albus will kill Remus now that Harry is gone; he was the only thing holding Albus back from removing him! Go back and get him in here! Now!" Severus was shocked to see the otherwise calm Tommy on the brick of panic…unless it wasn't him…he turned the fog and slowly the noises came back. They could hear Albus fighting outside while Remus was crying in Harry's bedroom, having smelt the virgin blood, tears, sweat and burning flesh and he cried in despair as he figured most of what had happened – 'Harry' having told him about his uncle's looks last summer and that he had woken up at night one time with Vernon groping him. "Can I move out or pull him in?" they were behind the crying man but because of the fog the man could not see or smell them.

"No but I can extend the fog around him, give me a moment…" Tommy waited impatiently as the fog slowly reached out, when it first touched Remus he looked up shocked at the feeling of calmness which wasn't his own; turning as he slowly stood he sensed some kind of magic and though he didn't knew it, he was looking directly at Tommy. "Be ready, it will take him in now …" Remus seemed to realize something as he reached out his hand.

"Severus..?" just then the fog surrounded him and he fell shocked to his knees at seeing them. "Harry…but..?" Tommy smiled gently and went to hug his godfather while Severus moved them again.

"Remy…everything will get explained to you, just know that I'm alright." Remus nodded and hugged Tommy closer in relief but then he tensed with a snarl. "Harry..!" Remus stood faster than human eyes could follow and pulled Tommy behind him as he glared at Voldemort and Lucius. "Severus, what are they doing here with Harry?" Severus didn't answer as he was busy setting them down in the room they had prepared for Harry. "God dammit! Sev, answer me!"

"Remy…he can't right now! Come on, relax… they saved me, you smelt the room!" Remus turned shocked to Tommy, first then smelling the scent of Lucius on his cub which overpowered the repulsive smell of Vernon – like a cocoon of protection. Tommy held completely still while Remus stepped closer, walking around him as he took in the scents on his cub – never noticing the fog disappear nor how Tommy had changed. "Remy… what is it?" Remus came to stand in front of him again and Tommy saw his eyes get more golden. "Remy?"

"Remus what are you doing? They didn't hurt him nor do they want to." Severus walked over besides him, not seeing Tommy shake his head wildly, he tried to back when Remus reached out a hand and closed it around Severus's throat, holding him steady but not hard; Severus had to hold up his hand to stop his lovers from attacking, when sure they stayed he held out his arms in clear surrender and Remus let go before circling him like he had Tom. "Remus, they are no threat…"

"You smell of sex …" Remus glanced at Voldemort and Lucius. "What's going on?" Lucius had edged closer to Severus and when Remus turned to Tommy, he hurried to pull Severus into his arms; hissing in a protective way when Remus turned around to them.

"Touch my mate like that again and you'll find yourself sorry!" hissing one more time for good measure he dragged Severus over to Voldemort, who hugged both of them; purring at Lucius to calm him.

"Could everyone just calm down! For Christ sake!" Tommy made a string of low curses but Remus and Severus heard due to their enhanced hearing; both paled and Remus backed away from his angered cub. "Lucius, cut it off! He didn't even leave a hand print, it's his way of telling people to stand still – Severus knows that!" Lucius stopped glaring as he stared shocked at Tommy.

"Cub, ease down … I overstepped my lines, I just needed to know they wouldn't hurt you….." Tommy turned to his godfather, still angry.

"You! Stop that line of thoughts at once or I swear, you'll be real sorry!"

"Tommy, you need to calm down … come here Love." Petunia walked over and pulled him into a motherly hug which he returned fully, breathing in her soothing scent and focused on her calming heartbeat. "That's it Love, focus only on me..." Dudley came over and laid a hand on Tommy's shoulder.

"Really Tom, that temper will bid you in the ass one day …" Tommy glared but Dudley just smirked. "Karma and all that." For a moment Tommy's posture changed slightly and he stuck out his tongue at his cousin but as soon as it came it disappeared and Tommy smirked at him. "You're such a child sometimes, Cousin." Dudley laughed when Tommy merely struggled, neither denying nor acknowledged the statement.

"Why are you calling him Tommy and Tom? His name is Harry!" Remus glared with anger and something like worry, Tommy shared a look with Petunia and Dudley while the three mates glanced at Remus who was beginning to growl in the back of his throat. "Answer me!"

"Remy … don't freak out, okey? It's me, Harry – in some sense …" Tommy looked around and found couches, he pulled Remus over there by the hand and sat down with Remus by the wall then Tommy himself, Dudley and last Petunia while the three mates took the one across. "Remy … do you know what MPD are? Multi personality disorder?" Remus nodded slowly and you could see the wheels turning as he came to a conclusion.

"You're not really Harry, are you?"

"No." Sadness entered Tommy's eyes when Remus put some distance between them. "Remy … I'm Tommy, I share Harry's memories but he doesn't share mine. I'm the oldest of us, the result of having a piece of Voldemort's soul in us. I'm the part of Harry there is Slytherin and I'm the one speaking Snake, when the day comes and we all merges; I will still be here but Harry will know about me and have my memories, the others will become one with Harry but I can't … wait a sec, you suspected this?" Remus looked shocked at Tommy, having just thought that it was as he feared.

"How did you know…?" Tommy indicated to his wings which he unfolded slightly. "You're a Destined Dark Fairy …." Everyone heard the heart broke sadness in his voice and Tommy, who knew why, hurried to embrace the now crying man. "But I thought … I thought …" Tommy hushed while glancing at his three mates who wasn't looking too happy.

"I know Remy … I know." Tommy glanced again before he stood and nearly lifted Remus as he dragged him to the far end of the room, he heard a hiss of warning from Voldemort but paid it no mind; focusing on Remus and his aura of despair. "Remy, listen to me … I can't be your mate, you see that right? I know you love me but Moony haven't indicated anything and you know this but have ignored him … you need to follow his senses, trust them." Both jumped in surprise when Severus appeared in a blur of movement, pulling Tommy into his arms and shielding him from Remus's sight while displaying his sharp fangs in feral hissing – telling another creature to back off from its mate. Remus answered with a low submitting whine as he backed into the corner, Severus turned Tommy in his arms so he was facing Remus before lowering his head to Tommy's right side of his throat.

"No, don't!" But Severus gave the protesting wolf a warning hiss before sinking his fangs halfway into the soft flesh of Tommy, who moaned due to the toxin from said fangs which made it pleasurable. "No…!" Remus fell to his knees as he watched the man he loved getting marked clearly as mate of a vampire, now Tommy was totally off limit unless Remus wanted to die slowly and very painfully. Lucius came over and was handed a drained Tom over, who was weak as the toxin worked its way through his body – giving him two very visible black fang scars but also a tattoo on his right wrist; looking like vines around it with the runes of Strength, Stamina and Speed; he also got a tattoo of three runes at his right temple forming a triangle, at the top was the rune Man, at the left of it was the rune of Veela and the last was Severus's own rune of Vampire.

"Remus, don't make me regret bringing you here." Severus calmed a bit more before joining his friend on the floor, reaching out he held Remus's jaw and lifted it to make him look up. "Your real mate will find you but like Tommy says, you have to trust Moony – you have to open your senses." Remus nodded in defeat with one last longing glance at Tommy which Severus allowed without hissing at him; knowing Remus needed to see the truth. Looking at Tommy himself he saw him smiling gently at Remus, who answered it slowly. "Remus, have you ever felt Moony indicate the presence of your mate when around someone? It would help to narrow down possibilities; even close family members could have made him sense something."

"I will have to think about it." Severus nodded as he lifted Remus to his feet's as if he was a feather. "Ha-Tommy, I'm sorry …" Remus didn't look at Tommy in Lucius's arms instead he looked at Severus, studying at first but a moment after a small smile crept into his face. "You look happy .. It suits you." Severus answered the smile as he drew Remus into a brotherly hug.

"I am …"

"Will you show me to a room? I have a lot to work through …" Severus nodded into his shoulder before letting go. "Sleep well everyone …" Gentle 'goodnights' followed them as they existed the room, Severus led Remus to the right and a few doors ahead he made him stop.

"You have to let go of Harry … open your senses." Severus opened the door after brief seconds of him touching the door.

"I know, Sev …" Remus froze in the doorway at the sight greeting him, Severus took his arm and led him to the couch and helped him down. "Sev …? Did you…?"

"Yes, I made the room change …" Remus gave him a bright smile, total opposite to the sour and sad look he had a moment ago. "I take it you approve?" Remus nodded as he glanced around at the grand room there now was his own.


So what do you think? Good, awesome or readable?

I would like some pointers as to who should be Remus's Mate… any special person you would like to see? I'm leaning towards either of these;

Luna Lovegood

Draco Malfoy

Weasley Twins

Or Fenrir Grayback