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Tommy and the rest had spent the rest of the night and early morning with recording a message from the rest of them to put into the Pensive, furthermore Tommy had included several memories of certain things Harry needed to know as well as scenes of each of them together with Harry from when he was sleeping in their room. They had all talked to Harry or sat by him for some time that Tommy felt Harry needed to see; to see their care and love for him – their host.

When Tommy finally was done, he was sure there had to be hours of viewing for Harry. He wished he could be with Harry in person when he entered the Pensive but at least he was there in mind and soul, he had spent a lot of time with Ace to figure out how they was to merge them with Harry – was it even possible? If not then they simply had to let Harry be in the mental room but awake … could that work?

Tommy had even thought that maybe Harry didn't wanted to merge; didn't wanted the memories himself but simply wanted to be able to talk with them all about it but not experience both the memories and the feelings connected to them? Tommy would have to talk with Harry about it later when he knew about them all.

Tommy placed the Pensive on the coffee table and just then there was a knock on the door, Tommy walked over and opened the door and saw Alisa together with a girl behind her.

"My Prince, is it possible to talk to Prince Garvin?" The Woman bowed deeply.

"Take a seat, girls." They hurried in while Tommy called a house elf. "Tea for three, thanks."

"Yes my Master!" Tommy walked over and sat across for them, they were studying him – aware that it wasn't their Prince Garvin.

"Garvin will come in a moment; he's talking with Ace at the moment about how to help you all."

"Well, that's why I'm here … this is my younger sister Aischa and she wants to help me. Do you think Ace could give her a check-up?" Tommy nodded and called Garvin and Ace into the Mental Room.

"Let me give them a heads-up, one second." Alisa and Aischa nodded and waited while Tommy got a faraway look in his eyes, suddenly Tommy's posture changed and Alisa recognized Ace.

"Alisa, I hear you've found a willing bearer?" She nodded together with her sister. "Well then, Aischa why don't you go and lay down on the diva over there?" Aischa nodded, stood and walked over while removing her robe leaving her in a loose skirt and t-shirt. "Good, have your sister told you what to expect?" Ace walked closer while putting on rubber gloves, conjuring leg supporters Aischa was quick to place her legs in them – showing she wasn't wearing panties which made Ace smile gently.

"It won't hurt, right?" Ace shook his head. "Then go right ahead." She gave a smile of trust, Ace started with scanning her body with his wand and the file appeared.

"Have you ever been pregnant, Aischa?"

"No, I have been trying but nothing ever happened…" Ace gave a brilliant smile. "What is it, Doc?" That made him smile even more.

"Well you see, Alisa have no womb but have the eggs. You on the other hand have a womb but no eggs … if your sister and brother-in-law agree, I can place several impregnated eggs up – making sure you have at least twins if not more. That way you can both have children but I must warn you; this method usually give multiple children, the normal amount of eggs we 'Doc's' place is five to ensure at least one stick but sometimes all five stays .. If you all agree to let you have some of the children then I would suggest that we place at least teen impregnated eggs into your womb but that could mean all of them stick, properly less but still." The sisters looked at each other with a smile.

"We want teen eggs, we have both waited so long for kids and Aischa can always Blood Adopt those she gets and I've always wanted a lot of kids and I can't keep asking her to be pregnant more than once … right sis?" Aischa nodded eagerly.

"Then it's settled. I will get Voldemort to transfer you to Garvin too, tomorrow I will extract Alisa's eggs and I need a sperm sample from your husband. I will get the things I need from a muggleborn friend, he can owl it to me. Aischa, you have a clean bill of health, you only need to take some potions that a house elf will give you from Severus as well as plenty rest once I've placed the eggs up – they need time to get stuck so I would suggest bed rest as much as possible." Both sisters glowed with happiness and smiled at him.


Tommy, Petunia, Dudley, Severus, Lucius and Tom all sat in the couches – Dobby on a beanbag as he refused to sit at the couch like a man and Remus had opted to stay in his room – they were talking about how to calm Harry down when Tommy woke him up.

"Maybe he won't freak so much, he did see Severus and Lucius in the bedroom – recurring him. Tom doesn't look like Voldemort right now and I and Dudley are here as well as Dobby who he all trusts." Dudley nodded to what his mother said.

"I see what you mean Aunt but still, maybe we should get a calming draught? Just to be sure?" Tommy smiled when Severus pulled a bottle from his robe and handed it over as if it was an everyday thing. "Thanks, I think Aunt and maybe Severus should enter together with him …?" they all nodded. "Remember, Harry will be disorientated and such at first but he usually recover quickly, just let Aunt comfort him." Again nods from all. "Alright …" Tommy laid his head down in Petunia's lap and she at once began to run her fingers through his hair after having undone the braid. "Everyone but Aunt will stay quiet, Aunt maybe you should do the humming?" Petunia smiled as she started to hum the melody of Baby Mine from a Walt Disney movie, Tommy began to relax and draw himself into his room while slowly waking Harry and pushing him out.

Harry started to trash slightly while mumbling but after a few seconds he relaxed to the feel of secureness, warmth, caring, love and the well-known melody his Aunt always did when he was upset.

"Harry … come on Love, open your eyes. You're safe and nothing will hurt you … come on …" Harry's eyes fluttered a few times but seemed to be too heavy to open fully. "Come on, Love. You can do it. I'm right here …" Again they fluttered a few times but stayed open longer this time.

"Aunt…? Where am I?"

"You are safe, Love. Nothing will harm you here … come on, open your eyes love…" Whenever Petunia wasn't talking she was humming again in a low tone, projecting all her love and caring into her words and hum.

"They feel like lead… why can I barely move my body…? What happened…..?"

"We'll get to that, my love. Right now focus on me and try to open your eyes and move your fingers…" She hummed again while Harry struggled with opening his eyes, slowly they was open for longer periods of times but was unfocused to their surroundings. His fingers slowly twisted which grew to cleansing and uncleansing until finally he could move his arms, from there he worked on his legs and it went the same way. "Very good Love, you're doing great … now don't be frightened but you won't recognize the room we're in and here are some people you may not trust fully but trust in me … they won't harm you and you're safe; do you understand?" Harry nodded slowly with a small smile, his eyes was closed at the moment.

"I trust you Aunt … I can feel it all around me … I feel safe and loved, more than I've ever had in my life … can I stay here..?" Petunia smiled gently while indicating for Dudley to answer. "Can I? Please?"

"Sure you can, Cousin. We live here now; we're in our living room right now. You'll love it; we each have a room, the most beautiful marble bathroom, marble fireplace and we even have a balcony." Harry smiled contently. "There are even a stable and a large garden …"

"Sounds lovely, Dud. Whose house is it?" Harry still had a content smile and his eyes closed as he cuddled closer to a still humming Petunia.

"That would be mine, Harry." Lucius glanced worried at the others as his voice had made Harry frown. "This part of the Manor is now yours together with your Aunt and Cousin." Harry slowly opened one eye and looked towards the sound of the familiar voice that he couldn't place.

"Malfoy?!" He didn't sound frightened or angry – simply surprised. "I must have hit my head … hard." Lucius smiled gently which made Harry open both eyes and really look at his surroundings. "Snape..?" that seemed to upset him slightly but Petunia merely hummed higher and hugged him closer.

"You're safe Love …"

"I know Aunt … I'm merely confused."

"We have a Pensive there will explain everything, you just need to wake up fully before we enter it. I and Severus will go with you, is that alright with you love?" Harry nodded as he sat up and first then did he notice Tom, his eyes got wide with surprise.

"So it's true ….." It came as a whisper just high enough for them to hear. "Tom Riddle …" At Tom's surprised look Harry smirked coyly. "Did you think I would not recognize you?"

"I'm a little surprised that you did, though I should have expected it. How are you feeling?" Harry crooked his head to the side in thought.

"I feel fine, would like an explanation soon though." Tom nodded and indicated with his hand to the Pensive between them on the table.

"Severus will enter first, then Petunia." Harry raised an eyebrow at this and Tom hurried to pull up his mental barriers but too late.

"Why are you worried?" Harry looked at all of them and got a suspicion look in his eyes. "Why are you all worried?"

"Don't wreck your brain, Cousin. You'll get your answers soon enough, we just worry how you will take it." Harry glared at Dudley, who merely smiled. "We know you're prone to tantrums…"

"I am not!" At the looks he got from Dudley, Petunia and Severus he crossed his arms with a glare. "Maybe once or twice….."

"Per day." Harry glared at Severus, who merely raised his eyebrow in a changeling way. "Now, I believe you are awake enough. Do you want some food first?" Harry shook his head and pointed at the Pensive.

"Get in, I want my answers now." Severus gave a nod and gave each of his two mates a gentle kiss before standing. Harry had looked at them with a funny look but choose to wait, maybe the answer to those kissed was with the rest in the Pensive?

Petunia landed gently on her feet's in a comfy looking room; bed in the corner with blue beddings and white curtains, a double bookcase with see through images of a various of genres and there was a comfy plush chair by it, a desk was up against a wall the same kind of chair as the one by the bookcase, a coffee corner with couches in teak wood just like the rest of the furniture's and the fabric was a mix of the blue and white like the bed, in the last corner a chess board were with the same chair and on a free space of one of the walls a fire place was built into the wall with blue tiles around it and above it a sign was hanging; written on white silk with dark blue letter was the words: An rud nach maraíonn muid, neartaíonn sé muid.

"Harry …" That made them all turn to the middle of the room where Tommy now stood, he resembled Harry a lot but a few things were different so that he seemed more like an older brother; his hair was short and spiky with dark blue tips, the face was the same yet older looking and his eyes was the green Harry's used tobe but without the glasses. "My name is Tommy and this is my room. As this a memory I can't answer your questions but I have tried to cover all those I could think of but later it will change from memory to be real. I would like for you and your companions to sit down over in the couch facing me as there will be a few things you need to see there happens by the bed. Please, write any questions down and I will answer them later." Surprisingly Harry did just that without arguments; he sat between Severus and Petunia who had her arms around him. "To start at the beginning, Harry, I have to go back to the day your parents died. I don't know the full nor the true story behind the attack but I do know this; a piece of Voldemort's soul separated from him when he cast the AK on you and that soul part attached itself onto you, it is the reason you talk Parslemouth though you can't recall doing it. I am that soul piece; it is I who talks to snakes. "Harry, you have something called MPD – Multi Personal Disorder. I'm sure you know what that is, I don't know if the soul transfer is the reason you developed it or if is a mixture of the life you've had. I was the first and only one for almost four years, then Adrian came as the result of you never being allowed to be a happy child – you had to take that part of yourself and hide away which created Adrian." Tommy took a breath as he moved to stand by the bed; Harry took this chance to turn to Petunia.

"It's true Harry, Vernon never let you play or goof around and after a time with yelling at you when you did – you simply stopped. You became quiet, never smiled or laughed. You would from time to time but Vernon yelled every time and by the age of five you never did it again." Petunia had tears in her eyes while Harry seemed unresponsive. "I tried to shield you as much as I could and I got my fair share of smacking for it, sometimes when he was out of the house I would take you and Dudley to a playground nearby and only there would you let go and play. As soon as we was back home you was back to being quiet. Tommy have told me that he let Adrian out but pulled him back when we got home, that is also why you don't remember any of this, Tommy says Adrian kept those memories himself so that you wouldn't get confused or something like that. Have you never wondered about why sometimes you're in a place or situation and can't remember how you got there?" Harry nodded slowly.

"I just thought I had blocked out the beatings … "

"Harry, I'm sure Aunty

+has told you about your first five years and about what I've told her surrounding Adrian. It was around the time when you turned six that Vernon stopped yelling and started to hit you instead, that created Rafael. He's the one who took over when ever Vernon started to hit you, that's why you only remember the first blow as Rafael keep those memories from you to spare you the mental pain and that is his sole purpose. It's a way of surviving and what have kept you sane – Rafael is not sane, he can't talk as you created him mute subconsciously so Vernon wouldn't get the satisfaction of hearing him scream. He hates everyone, even you but don't take that personal as it is his way of surviving." Harry turned to a crying Petunia who simply nodded in confirmation. "We three were the only ones up till your fourth year; Rayan came then during the graveyard encounter … maybe a little before. A presence grew in here from the time your name came out of the Goble, he is angry at everyone except you and the rest of us. He swears a lot and talk back, he's arrogant and unwilling to cooperate. He is the one who fights with Draco since he came and also whom who pisses Severus off." That seemed to surprise Severus a lot as he thought that had been Garvin, Harry was writing things down and had been ever since Tommy started talking.

"I've never seen Rayan but I think Vernon saw a glimpse of him once or twice, when he was yelling you would look at him and swear the worst words ever but that only got you another beating."

"Rayan is closer connected to you than the rest of us, meaning you have some ghost image and sense of memories from when he is out, that's why you know you fight with Draco and anyone else." Tommy took a deep breath and Harry sensed that he was preparing to tell something really bad. "Harry, the summer before your sixth year … Beau came, she was created one night when Vernon came to your room … he touched you and made you do things to him. Beau took over each night when you had fallen asleep and every night Vernon came, she is a sexual person and whenever you got aroused she would take over before you even knew you were. Aunty don't know this, Dudley thinks your MPD began after your fourth year but Aunty knows the truth and I think you should tell Dudley as he also only thinks I'm the only one. Maybe you should let him see this together with Tom Riddle and Lucius Malfoy – you can trust them and at the end of this you will know why."

"Why did you never tell Dudley?" Petunia smiled gently at the young man she believed to be her second son.

"He had enough in his life; he had to live with his father beating either you or me every day." Harry nodded in understanding but his eyes showed anger. "Harry, don't let anger and hate rule your life. It is in the past and we both survived."

"The newest of us is Ace; he came when you felt the pressure of the UGL's and Hermione harassing you. He is the one who did the homework and reading from then on, that's why you do poorly in class but in tests you pass – Ace do the tests and I told him to only exceed in DADA. You properly think that the reason you can't remember doing the tests is because of stress. Ace is a walking librarian, there are very few books at Hogwarts he hasn't read and you created him with photographic memory. He speaks several languages, had a degree in medical, history, language, psychology, divisions, math and science. Aunt loves to hear him sing in Japanese." Harry turned shocked to his aunt who was smiling; she nodded to his unspoken question.

"How come he sings? I never had the urge to do so…"

"So that was all of us, now I would like you to meet them. You see, whenever one of us has taken over I have put you to sleep here on the bed. I made everyone some in here and talk to you while you were sleeping … I have not asked Rafael to do more than show himself for more than a second." The room shimmered for a few seconds before showing Harry on the bed, sleeping peacefully in the middle of the big bed, by the side a boy around five years was bouncing on his feet's while clapping his hands.

"Harry! I can't wait for you to be awake! Then we're going to play games! Tommy says you will wake soon so I can talk to you, can I call you my big brother?!" Harry smiled at the happy child who crawled up into the bed to give the sleeping Harry a gentle hug and a big wet kiss on the forehead. "Please wake soon, big brother. I love you!" Harry, Petunia and Severus smiled though Severus wondered why Tommy hadn't told about Garvin. Next came a young man there looked like Harry had before starting school, he was glaring at Tommy who glared right back and that kept Rafael from doing more than giving the finger.

Rayan came then, making all three of them gasps. He was covered in bruises and cuts of variously stages of healing; he whispered something into Harry's ear before kissing his cheek.

Harry gasped together with thee two others when a girl version of Harry appeared by the bed, she sat with her side to them as she ran her fingers through the long hair of the sleeping Harry, she was smiling though you could see bruises all over her body.

"Harry, don't be afraid of Severus, Tom and Lucius. They love you just as I do and therefor I won't take over anymore, you need to learn what it means to have love-making – what being aroused do to you. No one can hurt you here like Vernon did." She leaned down to give him a sisterly kiss and Petunia and Severus gasped when her hair fell over the shoulder facing away from them, her neck and upper arms as well as the rest of the pale skin they could see was covered in fingerprints of various degree of healing and she had bide marks everywhere. Harry was staring at her with a thoughtful expression on his face, thinking about how it would be to be aroused – a rather frightening thought. "Harry, sweetheart, if we do merge I will get Tommy and Ace to remove either me or my memories – you don't need them to soil your future life of love-making. What Vernon did was that of a sick man and had nothing to do with either sex or love-making and everything to do with pain and using the trust of promises o not hurt anymore. Please remember that, no matter what! Real love-making is supposed to be about love, being gentle and devoted. Remember my words sweetheart but forget me and my body … forget." Beau shimmered away after one more kiss – this time on the mouth and a young man looking a lot like Harry had right before he transformed shimmered into view in her place; this boy had glasses like a true bookworm, unruly hair framing his face and a white lab coat on, the coat had several drawings of runes on and was in all colors, his feet's was bare for shoes and socks and you could see muggle jeans and t-shirt under the coat.

"Hey Harry, I'm Ace. I don't really know what to talk about, just know I'm trying everything to help you and I love you like my brother. Instead of talking I thought I would give you a song, it's one of Aunt's favorites." Ace made a small cough before he started humming an intro there slowly went into singing.

"Saa yukuo mou furikaeranai

Kono mama ate nado nakute ii

Yume miru you na yume wa hoshikunai

Nagareyuku hoshi ni kaketa negai we hitotsu

Karoru koto no rai tsayosa o kudasai

Doko made mo tsuzuite yuku kono michi o

Arukitsuzuhete yuku skika nai

Koufuku ni riyuu nanka iranai

Kanashimi wa souzou kara hajimaru

Mata sagaseba ii doko ka ni aru wa

Karamiau kimochi no ito o hodoitara

Omou yori Kokoro wa kodoku datta

Mizu o motomeru sakara mitai ni hakanaku

Aorarete ashita ni wa ikanai

Nagareyuku hoshi n kaketa negai wa hitotsu

Kareru koto no nai tsuyosa o kudasai

Doko made mo tsuzuite yuku kono michi o

Arukitsuzukete yuku shika nai." Ace ended the song softly and before standing he leaned down and gave a kiss on the cheek. "I love you Harry, please forgive us for holding this from you for so long." Ace shimmered away and Harry thought they were done but his two companions knew better.

"Harry, there is one more that I left for last though for good reasons that I think you will understand later." Tommy took a deep breath. "At the end of your fifth year and a little before maybe, a presence grew again slowly and the moment Sirius fell through the veil – Garvin was born. Instead of telling you about him, I will just let you meet him and he'll fill you in." The whole room shimmered and somehow the three of them knew it was real now – though not how. Harry – and Petunia as though she had talked with Garvin, to see him as how he would look in his own body; that was way different – gasped in shock and a little fright from Harry.

Where Harry was the very essence of innocence, Garvin was the essence of war and the opposite of innocence's clothes were combat all through – well used with rips in the fabric here and there – his hair was that of a Greek god; midnight black smooth hair braided tight with some bangs hanging free to frame his head and it reached his knees and the braid was pulled over his shoulder to rest on his chest, his eyes was the darkest green you could get without it turning black. Two slim 'ninja' swords was strapped to his back, dagger at his thigh, knife stars at his biceps and a bracelet at each arm with what looked like a lot of needles in it. On what bare skin you could see various sized scars and in various ages.

"Hello Harry, it's good to finally be able to talk to you." Garvin came closer slowly and Petunia who recovered first hurried to pull him into a motherly hug. "Auuunty…! You're choking me … hay, watch the swords!" Petunia merely laughed and held him closer. "Toom! Help me…! Seriously, I can't breathe!"

"Moron, we don't need to breathe in here." Tommy came over anyway and helped remove a happy aunt from his 'brother'. "Harry, are you alright there?" All turned to Harry, who was frozen in his spot. "Harry…?" He seemed to shake himself out of his trance but he still seemed off.

"Uumm…so what is your purpose?" Garvin smirked at Harry's unease tone which made Tommy cuff him over the head, that made Harry stare open mouthed at them and Petunia snickered. "Huh! Did I say something wrong?"

"He He … you are so naïve, Harry." Garvin moved closer to Harry who was now glaring, Garvin placed a finger on his mouth as Harry was about to shout out. "To answer your question, I'm the one who protects our body from any danger – however small. You have a small recall of these situations – sometimes. I'm connected to you like Rayan is but not as much. Harry … please forgive us all, we were only trying to protect you from any harm just like you created us to do."

"I'm … I'm not … angry at you …" Harry hung his head as his heart and body filled with love from knowing someone always had his back, even if he didn't knew about it at the time. "I'm happy … you've been there for me and I didn't even know ... I've always wondered if there was something wrong with me; it's not normal to have that many black-outs and not for that many years … I'm glad to finally know why. I really am!" Harry gave them all a brave smile but they could see something lurking under it – sadness, panic, anger and hate.

"Harry, what's wrong? What are your concerns?" Tommy asked as he laid a gentle hand on Harry's shoulder, Harry merely shook his head before taking a step back and by that making Tommy's hand fall. "Harry … now that you know about us I will never put you to sleep inside here ever again, when one of us takes over from now on you will be in my Room awake and any of us can keep you company … you will be awake and can hear and see what's going on outside."

"Is that what you fear, Harry? That we will take over completely?" Harry glanced at Garvin before slowly nodding. "Harry, now that you know about us we can't just take over. You actually have to give us permission in some way, you have to trust us now that you know or you can shut us off. You'll see in time bit I ask you one thing …" Harry looked up at that with a quesstion expression. "You will know who of us who wants to come out and I ask you of this – just this for the time being – when you feel me you have to let me out at once, I only comes out when you subconciently feels threaten of any kind and that have always been my cue to take over and protect us. Can you trust me enough to do that?" Harry glanced at his aunt, who nodded with a loving smile to him.

"Alright … as you have protected me and my friends this long, I trust you to continue to do so." Harry jumped with an exclamation when Garvin pulled him into a tight hug, mumbling nonsense into his hair like; our baby brother is all grown up!

"Garvin…? I think you should let go of him…" Garvin forcefully shook his head and held Harry tighter, making Tommy sigh but when Garvin began crying in joy Tommy had a sweat drop on his face. "Garvin, let go of him. You still have one more thing to explain." That made Garvin nearly drop Harry from the spinning hug he was in the middle of giving, he managed to catch a laughing Harry before he landed on his butt.

"Oh yeah!" Garvin placed the chuckling Harry on the bed. "Harry, take a look at this …" Garvin pulled up the sleeve of Harry's shirt to show him his new marks and tattoo's. "These vines and the three signs is your bonding mark, as is the three marks at your right temple, from Severus – he had to mark you party as Remus thought you was his mate. Those on your wrist are strength, stamina and speed and those at your temple is Man at the top, the left is Veela and then Severus's vampire. Lastly, this…. Are the signs of Hop, Love and Faith. Harry, this mark is connected to the wives and one man who be3fore had the mark of Voldemort. They were transferred to us for protection during their pregnancy as they have continued to miscarry, if one of them shows up here I will handle them but if they need a healer it will be Ace as he is the one helping them to become with child – do you understand and agree to this? Remember, you will be able to see and hear what happens." Harry stared at the hand Garvin was holding and without noticing his other hand pressing itself to his belly, the three others did notice and silently agreed to obliviate Beau of all memories of Vernon but leaving the positive memories of when he had been aroused – how ever few there might be. "Harry? Are you alright with this?"

"Of course, everyone should have the chance of kids – but I will not let them be marked by either Voldemort or myself unless they agree to it under truth potion."

"Tom has already said no more will be marked, something about an Era of…. Whatever."

"Tom? You do know he will be pissed if you call him that…" Garvin shook his head with a laugh.

"Not anymore, he's a changed man!" Garvin beamed proudly as if he himself was the reason that Voldemort changed back to Tom – the four others got a sweat drop before Tommy cuffed him over the head, hard. "AUUV!"

"Grow up!" That made them go into another round of bickering about who was oldest and such, Harry was staring at them as if they were crazy and he was the only normal person here as Severus and Petunia was looking at them as if everything was perfectly normal! Just who was it there had MPD here, Harry or the rest?! "…if you would only stop messing around and grow up then I wouldn't have to hit you all the time!"

"You just be happy I'm not hitting back!" Tommy raised his eyebrow unimpressed at Garvin, who looked like a kid playing that shouting game of; my dad is bigger than yours, my dad can beat your dad!

"Garvin, control yourself at once or do I need to resort to a stinging hex?" Severus glared at them which made Tommy smile and Garvin huff annoyed as he crossed his arms. "Thank you. Now, you two still have things to tell Harry so I and Petunia would like to leave so that we can plan breakfast for when you are done – how long?"

"The time works different when inside a mind like we are now, time actually stopped when you entered our mind while time works slower when inside a Pensive – that's why it only feels like an hour when actually it's been two." Tommy smiled while Garvin glared at his feet's. "If you close your eyes and relax, I will push you out …." They did and within a blink of the eyes; they were gone.

Severus and Petunia opened their eyes and found themselves in the living room; Harry was there too but looked to be sleeping at the couch. Severus was soon hugged by both of his mates and he sensed they were uncomfortable; he glanced at Petunia who too sensed something was off with her son.

"What's wrong, Dud?" Dudley glanced at Severus's mates for help, making Petunia turn to them with a raised eyebrow.

"I have just had words from Hogwarts; it seems Albus is questioning Harry's friends except Granger and Weasley. That would mean these two work with Albus and his other friends might be in trouble…"

"Oh no! Harry will be devastated if that's true!" Petunia held a hand to her lips as if keeping back her sobs. "When was this Tom?"

"Half an hour ago. I have already contacted my spy to get the person to bring all Harry's close friends including Granger and Weasley. They should be here soon actually, Lucius could you make some rooms ready? I believe Miss Weasley and Miss LoveGood will share as will the twins and Mr. Longbottom. Maybe you should have Draco lay a permanent visit?" Lucius nodded, gave his two mates a kiss before he glanced at his sleeping one. "Lucius, please. The quicker you get it done the quicker you can return, hurry. Granger and Weasley goes into a cell, find the darkest and most cold one." Lucius nodded with a dark look before walking out, leaving the rest to wait but just as the door closed; magic began to pulse around Harry in an angry rhythm. Dudley was quick to pull his mother with him off the couch.

"What is happening?" Petunia made to step closer again, worried.

"Don't! We don't know what will happen, that is his magic going wild because he is very angry. He'll properly wake up soon…" Barely had Tom said it before Harry began screaming in rage, after five seconds his magic exploded and hit them all with different color mixed together; throwing them backwards and laying there on the floor they felt something change as the wild magic kept hitting them softly. Finally, five minutes after the magic and Harry's scream allowed down before it stopped completely, Petunia ran over but before she could take the limp body into her arms he sat up and glared at them.

"Don't you dare touch me." Petunia studied the body of her adopted son, a death glare meet her eyes. "What the fuck are you staring at?!"

"You, Rayan." He growled at her when out of nowhere a hand smacked Rayan over the head and hard. "Dudley!"

"Don't you dare growl like that at her, you punk! It's not her fault you are like you are so don't take it out on her!" Dudley glared at the shocked Rayan, who was about to faint with shock but before he could to either that or shout back – Garvin took over.

"Sorry about that, Harry was a little angry and it took some time to get Rayan to get out."

"How's Harry?" Garvin turned to Dudley. "Why did he get angry?" Garvin glanced at Tom, who seemed to understand.

"Because he heard what I said about Albus and his friends, right?" Garvin nodded sadly. "Will Harry come out soon or…?"

"Tommy is telling him about a few things but they should be done soon … Harry will properly want to see his friends at once so…" Tom nodded in understanding; Tommy was distracting Harry for the moment.


"Master Tom, Master Lucius is having trouble with Master Harry's friends in the foyer."

"Thank you, we'll be there in a moment." The elf popped out just as Harry returned, he seemed to shake himself before running for the door. "Harry! Wait!" But he didn't, he ran out and followed Tommy's directions and was soon at the stairs. What he saw made him freeze in shock and amusement, Tommy and Garvin was laughing and it didn't take long for Harry to join them.

The feared Malfoy Senior and his son were pressed into a corner with a bunch of wands pointing at them, the owners shouting at them and therefor didn't noticed Harry but Lucius did, mouthing ; help!

"….I swear, if anything have happened to our baby brother you're dead Malfoy!" Both Malfoys seemed to believe the notorious Twins s Lucius slowly lifted his hand and pointed up at the laughing teen there was coming down the stairs. "Harry! There you are, you alright?" Harry nodded as he tried to control his laugher and when he was within reach, Lucius pulled him in front of him as a shield.

"You have quite the scary friends; you won't believe what they threatened with!" That made Harry, Tommy and Garvin double over in giggles which was how Tom and Severus found them with Petunia and Dudley in their heels. "Toom! He's laughing at me!" Tom rolled his eyes while Severus raised his eyebrow.

"Could it have something to do with you using him as a shield against a bunch of underage students?"

"Heey! Those two threatened with turning my hair black forever!" Lucius pointed at the Twins, who was staring with their jaws on the floor as where the rest of Harry's friends. Hearing the threat, Harry lost it and ended up on the floor in cramps.

"Yes I can see how that would make you scared." Tom stepped closer but hearing a low squeak, he stopped and looked at the red haired girl. "Yes my dear?"

"You should…you're dead….ho-how…" Her friends turned to her and Harry stopped giggling as he looked up. "How are you alive?! Harry killed you years ago!"

"Ginny, who is he? How do you know him?" Ginny gave the coldest glare to Tom, who merely stood there.

"That is Tom Riddle!" That made them all turn and really look at him, just when Harry was about to stop them from doing something stupid – Luna walked over with her present dreamy smile.

"A pleasure, Mr. Riddle." She held out her hand and Tom bend at the waist as he kissed her hand softly. "Hello Professor, I see you've marked your mates – I'm so happy for you." That made everyone froze up. "Did I say something wrong…?"

"How do you know about that, Miss LoveGood?" Luna smiled to Severus before walking over to Harry, she took his arm and pulled back the sleeve to show the tattoo like marks, she then did the same to Lucius and lastly Tom.

"Let's just say I have my moments of insight to that around me …" Just then she finally noticed Petunia and Dudley. "…Uhh you must be Dudley!"

"Looney…?" She turned her head at the singing voice of Harry wanting her attention. "Are you telling me you knew about all this?" Luna merely nodded at where Harry growled lowly before mumbling as he stood. "Well… isn't that just great… the one person who could have prepared me just a little, choose to keep her vision a secret!" Harry walked over to Luna, who turned around to face him. "Was there any reason as to why you didn't tell me?!"

"The Great Mother asked me to do it, you know I have to obey her… this is something there will happen as it was meant to without my interfering. Don't be mad, be happy."

"The Great Mother? As in the Wood elves' goddess?" Luna turned to Lucius and nodded. "You are an Elf?"

"Yes… actually, I'm High Priestess to the Queen. My gift came very early…" Luna laughed at their shocked faces, only Petunia and Dudley seemed slightly less shocked as they only understood 'Priestess' and 'Queen'. "Yo-you sh-should se-see yo-you!" She continued to giggle into her hand.

"Why did you never tell us, Looney?" Luna turned to Harry, who sounded hurt. She walked over to him and with a small smile; gently she began to stroke his wings.

"I couldn't before you received your true nature, now that you have I no longer have to hide …" With that she dropped every concealment charms and everyone took a step back at her beauty.

Five feet and two inches, her hair nearly reached her knees in wavy blond silk. Pointed ears there had the most elegant curve to them, her clouded blue eyes were now such a pale blue they seemed almost white and they held such wisdom and power. Her face hadn't changed much merely becoming more angel-like in its perfection, the school robes looked wrong on her as she stood there observing them calmly as they came over the shock. "Now, I think we should all sit down as I know Harry has a lot to tell us." They all nodded to her and Tom led them to the living room a few doors down, Harry noticed how his friend's eyes seemed glued to his cousin who seemed to blush more with each step. "Harry, have you found a way to unblock the flow of magic in Petunia and Dudley?" She sat down only to get three shocked stares. "What..? Did you really think Lily and Harry were the only ones with Magic? You, Petunia, have the same blood in your veins as your sister so why would only she have magic? You, Dudley, have a very special job once your magic finds you again."

"Have you seen this, Miss LoveGood?" Luna nodded to Tom while everyone unfroze and found a seat. "I sensed something wrong when we rescued Harry but I wasn't sure, do you know how to unblock it? I must admit I've come up empty.

"It's quite simply; we merely need to remove the block. It takes a few seconds but I would wait till you are lying down as the magic may overwhelm you. I can do it later but first I think Harry should tell us something. I would love to meet Ace … I'm sure we could talk all night." She smiled lovingly at the thought which made Harry glare slightly. "Oh stop that Harry, I still love you but as he is the bookworm I can't very well talk with you about magically theories, now can I?" Lune smiled gently and it seemed to help with Harry's mood.

"I guess you have a point … how about I get Tommy and the rest to come out and tell about themselves?" Luna, Petunia and Severus nodded in agreement as it would be easier. "One moment…" Harry went inside to Tommy's room while the rest of Harry's friends seemed confused.

"What is going on here? Who is Tommy?" Neville received no answer for a moment as Harry seemed far gone but everyone noticed when his posture changed and they gasped when he looked at them – this was not Harry!

"Hello, my name is Tommy and I've been with Harry his whole life so I know you though you've only met me a few times without knowing it. To answer your questions of 'what is going on?' I need to tell you something you've properly never heard of in the magical world; Harry has a condition called MPD, Multiple Personal Disorder which is self-explaining. There is seven of us in all and you may have uncounted one of us from time to time without knowing, for example; I'm the one talking snake so that's why Harry don't remember doing it, when one of us took over in the past we kept the memory to spare Harry as was our purpose for being here. Harry has been through a lot and when it threatened his sanity we either took over or he created a new personality to cope, we're researching for ways to merge tighter again but our bookworm has come up empty."

"Harry, we still love you so don't fear we will hate you…" Luna smiled at Tommy, who nodded in thanks as that was precisely what Harry thought right now.

"This is so…" "Cool! Do you have a…" "Prankster hidden in there…." "Somewhere, we could do so much…" "Good! There would be no…." "Stopping us!"

"No! Absolutely not!" Everyone turned surprised to Severus who was looking like he had just heard Armageddon come tomorrow. "You two are forbidden to do any pranks! Harry, don't you dare let Garvin talk with them. I refuse to live with the need to be paranoid in my own home, I live with it at school but not here – everyone except Draco and me are forbidden to enter my lab and that means you too Tom." Tom gave his mate a glare of 'what have I done this time?!' but Severus merely lifted his eyebrow. "Don't give me that look; there are still stains at the walls from your last experiment."

"Well how was I to know a simple nettle leaf would make the thing explode like that?!"

"What did he do this time, Sev?" Everyone turned to Harry's chair at the unknown voice – for some at least. "What?" Garvin smirked at them as he leaned back in a lazy way.

"Garvin! I haven't done anything!"

"Oh really? You do know I saw the slime everywhere in the lab from when you thought it to be a good idea to barge in?" Tom gave a death glare but Garvin only smirked before he turned to the twins, who were staring fascinated at him and Severus.

"Hey, where is Remus?" Luna looked around as if expecting to see him. "I have something t can finally tell him and then he's not even here!"

"He's in his room; he's been hiding since we got here as he thought Ha….AUUV!" One of Garvin's hands had moved up to cuff himself over his head. "Stop that you two! I was just telling that he thouh….Stop it!"

"That Remus thought Harry was his mate?" Garvin turned to Ginny, who was smiling sadly. "We know about that, Harry was the only one who didn't notice the longing looks, lingering touches or that special smile only for Harry."

"Harry is shouting something about knowing but thought it would go away if he ignored it…. Right now he's pouting – oh no you don't!" Garvin barely caught his right arms as it was about to cuff him again. "I think I've figured you out Tommy boy; you can only control the right arm, can't you?"

"This is quite weird… not that I don't still love you Harry as I do buut…. You have to see it's weird." Harry's right thumb went up towards Neville though the rest of the body was slack as if he was sleeping. "Harry…?" yet again his posture changed and the personality smiled apologizing at them.

"Sorry about that, we were just talking."

"So, what is your name?" Neville gave a friendly smile at where the personality straightened.

"My name is Ace, I'm the bookworm. Tommy calls me a walking library because I've memorized almost every book in Hogwarts as well as the library close to Harry's summer home. I usually come out at night to read and work on my degrees in various fields, I've never got to enjoy a discussion with someone understanding or who could follow my line of thoughts."

"You will now, Ace. I've waited for someone to discuss magic theories with for a long time … but first I need to talk to Remus – it's really important."

"Luna, I can have a house elf escort you to his room but I think you should put on your charm again –ø at least for starters. Is there anything I can get you that will help you in any way?"

"Yes actually, get Fenrir here. I'll need him later; Albus have blocked both his memories and senses."

"Is that even possible with a werewolf?" Luna turned to Ace with smile. "Aren't their sense of smell and hearing so strong it's supposed to be unable to mess with?"

"Albus found a way, just as he found a way to affect several people's memories at once." Ace seemed intrieqed at the prospect of learning something completely new which didn't happen that often. "I better go, the full moon is in one week and this should be dealt with before that – long before and I don't know how much Remus will resist." Tom hurried to call a house elf and informed it of its job. "I don't know when we'll see each other again for the next week or two but I'll send a house elf with updates and I need Fenrir later." His friends nodded in understanding, Luna smiled before standing and followed the house elf out the door.

While the rest got Harry's story and met the rest of the personalities, Luna was escorted to Remus's room; thinking about what she was about to tell the fragile yet strong person of Remus Lupin. Reaching the door Luna thanked the elf before taking a deep breath as she knocked the door and it didn't take long before the door opened – showing a surprised Remus.