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prompts: discarded dreams, blue, city lights

i fell in love with a careless man's careful daughter


She watches the city lights glimmer and gleam against the dark of the sky from across the lake. Her feet are bare and dangle down off the old dock. It's the middle of winter but it feels like Summertime again, and Lucy loves it.

On the blue of the water she can see the reflection of the city. It's so alive tonight - cars are racing, sirens are wailing, and everything is just so bright that it hypnotizes her.

He sits down next to her a few hours after she had originally left. Raising an eyebrow at her, he asks, "what are you doing, Luce?" Concern and worry are laced in his voice and for a moment she feels like maybe he actually cares, but then she shook her head at the though.

He's meant to be with Victoire.

She swings her bare legs a little, the cotton summer dress she's wearing hiking up a little on her thigh as she does so. Out of the corner of her eyes, she she's his eyes move to her leg and she fights a blush and reminds herself, he's a guy - it's what they do.

Except it feels different somehow, and leaves her breathless and with butterflies.

"Watching the city lights, Teddy," her voice comes out as that of a dreamers, but she's not - she's not a dreamer; she doesn't truly believe in anything anymore. She used to be, but after Lorcan cheated with Molly and her parents' announced their divorce, she realized what was really important in life, she became a mess of bluntness and a open book, full of discarded dreams.

"What happened to you?" His voice isn't harsh, or like he's judging her. It's curious; honest. And somehow, that compels her to tell him the truth.

"I changed. People change, Teddy. You of all people should know that," her eyes bare into his and she raises a challenging eyebrow. Bring up Teddy's past of alcohol and whorishness would seem awful to the old her, but the new her doesn't give a shit.

"Touché," he says, with a light, forced chuckle, and she feels like maybe she went to far.

"Sorry," she mumbles, pushing her dark, over-grown fringe away from her face. "I just... I grew up, you know? I realized all those fairytales were... well, fairytales." She takes her bottom lip in between her teeth and gnaws lightly as she glances apologetically at him.

"But some fairytales are worth still believing in," Teddy argues lightly, his eyes intense as they met hers again. She breaks the glance after a minute and shrugs.

"Some, maybe. But how do you know which ones?" She asks, frowning down at the brown wood underneath her. Letting her finger trace a pattern in it in between her and Teddy, she realizes just how close they were sitting.

As she looks up, her nose brushes against his. His eyes flutter close as he presses his forehead to hers, he speaks quietly. "You just know," he breathes, before he takes her lips in hers.

And, okay, maybe it's not magical - maybe it's not a kiss worthy of Cinderella, but it's a kiss and it's still electric and amazing, and everything she needs.

Maybe before she had no reason to believe - with her parents' divorce and Lorcan cheating on her - but now, she's not so sure.

Maybe she does have a reason to believe.


she is the best thing that has ever been mine

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