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WARNINGS: Strong language and LEMON.

Pairing: Vegeta x Kakarot, Gohan x Trunks

– Trunks
Kovu - Gohan
Nala – Kakarot
Nuka - Ketsu (OC)
Pumbaa & Timon – Humans
Rafiki – Korin / Dende / King Kai
Simba – Vegeta
Vitani - Goten
Zira - Raditz


After three days and four nights of celebrating and partying, the Saiyans, including the former Outsiders, were being gathered together in the front of the Vegeta Palace, cheering and chanting Vegeta's name. It was finally over for the Ice-jins, now that Cooler was dead for sure. There might be strong enemies who wanted either to destroy or to invade Planet Vegeta, but the Saiyan King would always win against them…

As long as the Saiyan King has the heart of his people.

"Dammit. When will they ever stop?" Vegeta closed the curtains with an annoyed sigh. "Don't they realize that they are losing money or intelligence if the businesses and schools have been closed for days?"

"Now, you're starting to sound like an Earthling," Kakarot laughed heartily, only to receive a quiet 'shut up' from his King. "They are happy because of you and Trunks."

"Hn," Vegeta simply responded. He felt his mate's warm arms wrapping around his waist. Kakarot leaned his body against Vegeta's back. They did not say anything more, so they stayed like this in their own world.

"What are you going to do with the Outsiders? They only listen to Trunks," Kakarot laughed lightly.

Before Vegeta could answer his mate's question, they pulled away from each other when they heard loud knocks.

"Sir Kakarot? King Vegeta? Your guests from Earth are here. They are waiting in the throne room."


"WHAAAAAAAAT!" The humans yelled at the same time.

"We missed everything?!" Krillin cried. "The war? Cooler was here? Trunks's acceptance of being the next Saiyan King? Even Vegeta's ok with the Outsiders now?! Holy crap, Trunks has a mate?!"

"But it was very dangerous. Did you really want to be here?" Bulma crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow.

"No way!" Krillin shook his head and waved his hand in the 'no' gesture. "I'm glad that I didn't get into anything dangerous!"

Kakarot laughed out loud. "You're so funny, Krillin!"

"So, what are you doing here?" Vegeta had a strong urge to roll his eyes, but resisted to.

"Why, I heard that there was a party, so we came here!" Yamcha exclaimed. "Maybe I finally get to date a Saiyan lady!"

"Oh, hey! Gogeta! You must have grown!" Bulma said cheerfully, making Gogeta blush and hide behind Kakarot.

"Oh, you're here too, Piccolo?" Kakarot finally noticed the green alien standing all the way over there in the back of the room.

"Never mind him. He's just upset that he missed the huge battle," Krillin shrugged his shoulders. "So, where is Trunks? He must have grown a lot! We haven't seen him since he went to Earth with Gohan a while ago!"

"He… He went to Earth without MY CONSENT?! WITH GOHAN?!" Vegeta exploded into Super Saiyan.

Just right when Goten stopped at the doorway to the throne room, he quickly turned around to tell Trunks and Gohan to get out of here - That was fast! They are already gone!

"Prince Trunks! Prince Trunks…!" There were loud chants outside the palace.

"So, he went outside - Hey, Vegeta!" Kakarot yelled in concern when Vegeta was running for the balcony.

"Oh hey, Father," Trunks grinned at him, as if he was keeping some kind of secret from his father. He was sitting on the balcony fence, listening to the Saiyans' cheers and chants.

"Trunks…" Vegeta presented a warning in his tone. "When everything is over… you and Gohan will have the… serious consequence," He said the last word under his breath.

"But Father, they want your speech," Trunks nodded at the Saiyans, as if he was encouraging them to cheer even louder than before.

"Speech! Speech! Speech!"

"Fine! I'll give you the speech only if you go home!" Vegeta yelled angrily but only earned even louder cheers from his people.

"Well, there you are," Trunks said cheerfully.

I swear he is so like Kakarot sometimes, Vegeta thought bitterly at himself.

He waited patiently until the cheers died down. "Saiyans. For the past almost 20 years, we had been free from the rule of Ice-jins. We rebuilt everything we had ever dreamed of. Thanks to you, we became the universe's strongest kingdom. It's all because of you that we were able to defeat Cooler once again -"

Cheers grew louder and louder. That made Trunks smile brightly. Now that he listened to his father's speech, he was growing even more and more excited with the thought of becoming the next Saiyan King.

Vegeta continued, "We may have something worth or someone we care about to protect, and that's why we are the strongest kingdom. However, I must have overlooked only one important thing. And, that's forgiveness. For centuries, we had always pursued revenge and had so much anger and hatred. So... Gohan, I know you're hiding underneath us, so please come out."

The grin on Trunks' face faded away faster than you could say 'Saiyan King.' But Gohan had been hiding his ki for the whole time! Oh well, we can't underestimate the power of Saiyan King all the time.

Gohan gulped nervously and slowly flew out of his hiding spot. He became even more nervous when he realized that Vegeta was still in the Super Saiyan mode.

"Gohan, it was because of you that I decided to forgive the Outsiders," Vegeta patted on the nervous Saiyan's back. "So, welcome back, Outsiders. You belong here. Today, you are called Saiyans."

"Gohan! Gohan! Gohan~" the Saiyans chanted again, only making Gohan even more nervous.

"Remember…" Vegeta glanced up at the darkening red sky. For a second there, he thought he heard his father's voice saying something like, Well done, son.

"We are one," Vegeta ended his speech along with Saiyans' loud cheers.

We are one~


"Even though you're not good with people, you are still amazing at the speeches!" Krillin exclaimed in excitement. "It's obvious that you are the great Saiyan King because your people love you that much."

"Shut up," Vegeta snapped. "It's getting late, so I'm going back to my room. Trunks and Gohan, we will talk about the mating ritual tomorrow morning."

"Me too! Have fun, guys!" Kakarot exclaimed, waving his hand at the rest of his family and friends. He jogged, catching up with his mate.

"Kakarot, I thought you were going to stay and catch up with Bulma and others? You haven't seen them for a long time, right?"

"There's always tomorrow," Kakarot flashed a big grin. "We've been way too busy ever since we beat Cooler. I mean, we went to my brother's funeral and everything… We even helped Outsiders to get home in the kingdom. And then, there's party and celebration -"

"Are you trying to imply that you're horny?" Vegeta stopped walking right in the middle of the hallway where there were the Elites standing by.

"Yes," Kakarot laughed lightly at the face expressions of the Elites. It was obvious that they were trying to stay stoic or else they would face the consequences, which would not be pretty at all.

Of course, Kakarot knew that Vegeta wouldn't do anything like that. The Elites were still used to how Frieza and Vegeta's father ruled back then, so they forgot that there were still some things that changed. Everything was much stricter 20 years ago.

"Why didn't you say so in the first place?" Vegeta smirked at him, as he resumed walking for his large bedroom which he shared with his mate. "Speaking of Raditz, I'm surprised that you weren't sad that your brother is dead."

Kakarot sighed lightly. "Did you really have to say that now? That totally turned me off."

"I'm serious," Vegeta said, as he went into his bedroom after the Saiyan maids opened the large door for him. "I was worried that you did not show any emotion at the funeral, but I did not want to say anything."

"How was I supposed to feel?" Kakarot asked bitterly, hearing the door being shut by the maids leaving them all alone. "He was dead to me the moment he attacked you. He not only hurt you but all of us."

"Kakarot…" Vegeta pulled Kakarot to bed and climbed on the top of his mate. "You used to care about him. I know you still do. He, after all, raised you during Frieza's rule."

"But my father... And, everybody died because of him...!" Kakarot covered his eyes with his arms. "I was way too blind and stupid to see Raditz that way! I could've done something for him! I knew he changed from the moment he joined Frieza's planet hunting squad!"

"Kakarot..." Vegeta pulled Kakarot's arms away from his crying face. "It isn't your fault. It was Frieza. He was the one who made every single Saiyan, including Raditz and as well as us, believe that he would help us lead our kingdom to be the most powerful in the universe."

Kakarot shook his head, as if he didn't believe any of Vegeta's words.

Vegeta wiped Kakarot's tear and kissed his forehead, "You have a family now. Me, Trunks, and Gogeta. And maybe Gohan and Goten will be joining our family soon. We... We love you."

Kakarot lifted himself a little with his elbows still on the bed so that he could place a light kiss on his Saiyan King's warm lips. He smiled brightly at him. "You're right, Vegeta. As long as I have you guys… I think… I'll be ok."

"So, do you still want to get fucked?"

"Vegeta!" Kakarot yelled in embarrassment, completely taken aback by his mate's sudden and unexpected question.

"I'm on the top of you, and you are in a vulnerable position so… you even admitted that you were horny back in the hallway," Vegeta did not even wait for Kakarot's response when he started attacking his mate's neck, leaving behind pink spots. His free hand wandered over his mate's chest.

"Stop teasing me!" Kakarot almost whined.

This time Vegeta listened to him, so he just pulled Kakarot's top spandex over his head. After tossing the navy top across the room, he decided to play around. He lightly brushed Kakarot's nipples with his fingers, making him whimper lightly.

"Ah, Ve...Vegeta!" Kakarot nearly yelped when his King bit lightly and nibbled his sensitive ear while still playing with his nipples.

After stripping the rest of their clothes, their position has been switched. Kakarot wanted to give what Vegeta needed, so he started off with the blowjob. He licked the tip of his King's erection, as his own monkey tail was wagging in the air in excitement. After a few licks, he took it in his mouth.

"Kaka…" Vegeta placed his hand on the back of his mate's head, playing with his hair. He groaned lightly every time Kakarot licked, sucked, and hummed.

Just as Vegeta was about to come, he quickly pulled Kakarot's head away, making his mate whine loudly in disappointment. "Not yet," he said with a teasing smirk on his handsome face.

He almost came when he saw Kakarot's pink face cheeks. Oh, Dende.

The King turned over, so that Kakarot was under him. He could not help but look at all over his most powerful mate's body. I can't believe this, he thought to himself. What in the hell did I do to deserve this life… and you, Kakarot?

"You do deserve it," Placing his warm hand on Vegeta's face cheek, Kakarot smiled at him as if he heard his King's thoughts. "We are here because of the right choices you made."

Vegeta decided not to say anything, so he started kissing Kakarot's neck lightly, earning purrs from him. He took his sweet time placing kisses slowly tracing from Kakarot's neck to stomach while he was playing with his mate's hardening nipples.

Kakarot growled in both frustration and pleasure, as his stomach twitched at the touch of Vegeta's warm lips. "Vegeta, please…"

"Please, what?" Vegeta licked his mate's navel, just right above the area where Kakarot wanted to be touched.

"You're a jerk - oh!" Kakarot tried so hard to sound angry, but it only came out to be a moan at the end. Vegeta rubbed the tip of Kakarot's manhood once.

"Jerk. Remember how you called me a jerk back on Earth?" Vegeta ran his other hand all over his favorite Saiyan's body.

"Y-yes," Kakarot growled and purred at the same time somehow. "That was when… we found each other."

"Yes, that's correct," Vegeta put two of his fingers in Kakarot's mouth. He almost moaned at the feeling of his mate's wet and hot tongue.

"That time… you refused to come back at first," said Kakarot after Vegeta pulled his fingers out of his mouth. "What changed your mind? You never answered the question before."

Vegeta shrugged one of his shoulders as he gave him a small sexy smirk. "That's a secret, Kakarot."

"But - Oh!" Kakarot yelped at the feeling of two of Vegeta's wet fingers entering. He tried to focus on the conversation, "Why did you decide to come back, then?"

"It's because of you," Vegeta placed light kisses on Kakarot's sensitive neck, trying to distract him from his fingers scissoring and stretching. "You are the reason why I discovered who I truly am."

Kakarot crushed his lips onto his King's, as he pushed himself onto the fingers. After breaking the kiss, he stared into Vegeta's dark eyes and said breathlessly, "Fuck me now. Hard."

That was all what it took Vegeta to snap. As soon as he pulled out his fingers, he thrust his full erection into his mate's hot tightness and hit the sweet spot on the first try, making him yelp in surprise.

The deeper the Saiyan King penetrated, the louder Kakarot's moans became.

"Ah…. ah, 'Geta!" Kakarot was completely lost in so much pleasure. He wrapped his legs around Vegeta's waist tightly, allowing him to thrust even deeper.

"Kaka…" Vegeta wrapped his hand around his mate's erection and stroked it fast.

Kakarot cried Vegeta's name when he came hard onto his King's hand. The feeling of Kakarot's tightness suddenly clenching made him come inside as well.

Before he could collapse onto his mate, Vegeta rolled over to lay next to him. He smirked at his mate wrapping his arm around his waist.

"I love you, my King," Kakarot said sleepily.

"I love you too, my Mate."