Why did I join Orochimaru again?

"I need power. I need power to kill my brother. Yes… I really hate my brother… I need power to kill him. I'll do anything to defeat him!"

At least that's what Uchiha Sasuke tried to convince himself when he once again found Orochimaru under his bed.

When Sasuke first came to Orochimaru's place, he had no idea what he would need to go through to get the power he wanted. He expected training, hard training, but nobody ever told him that the snake-like man would be around every corner trying to get a sneak-peek at the Uchiha. He was a worse pervert than Jiraya, no matter how perverted Naruto said he was.

For example, Sasuke seriously thought over if he could just stop showering when he saw a snake escape down the drain. He probably wouldn't even notice it in the first place if he hadn't thought it was strange that the shower curtain was in front of the bathtub when he had left it pulled to the side. When he also saw an eye in the little opening near the wall he quickly pulled it aside, and that's when he saw the tail of a white snake gliding away. However, he solved the problem by simply put his foot over the drain while showering. That became a small problem when he in the middle of a shower noticed that the soap had been moved to the other side of the bathroom.

Another thing he learned around the first week was to never fall asleep before Orochimaru started to snore. He had woken up one night when he felt a breath again his face, and even if he would never admit it, he screamed like a little girl when he saw the snake-like face with a big smile in front of him. One punch in the snake's face and a half hour long wait for Orochimaru to fall asleep later, he managed to fall asleep himself. No matter how scared he had been when he was younger and still afraid that Itachi would come back and kill him, it was nothing compared to how scared he was at Orochimaru's hideout at night.

Still, it could be worth it. He got his training, and it helped him come a little closer to his goal to kill Itachi.

But no matter how good the training was, it didn't help him from wanting to kill the snake-man when he noticed the recording camera in his room when he just went to bed. He suffered in half an hour before he decided to leave his safety in the bed to destroy it, even though that meant a few more seconds for Orochimaru to watch him without clothes. After that, he double-checked his room for any sort of spying-device every night before he went to sleep, and if he was to tired to he simply slept with his clothes on.

Sometimes Sasuke really regretted he ever left Konoha.

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