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The Quantum mirror Goa'uld incident

Chapter one: The Abnormal and the Goa'uld in the warehouse


I was walking through a warehouse, looking for the abnormal of the week. As I turned around another isle of shelves I slide on the goggles, that Henry made, that allow me to see abnormals that are invisible. I pointed my stun gun around the shelf. When I didn't see anything, I started walking down the row of shelves.

"April have you seen anything?" Asked Magnus over the walkie-talkie.

"Not yet. But I did find a shipping crate that had been torn to shreds," I replied.

This thing was proving to be pretty hard to catch.

"Interesting," Magnus muttered.

I glanced over at the shelf to my right, and stopped in my tracks when I noticed something strange. There was a mirror leaning against the shelf, but I couldn't see my reflection, or any reflection for that matter, in it. It was strange and interesting, but not what I was looking for. So, I decided to just ignore it, and continued moving through the warehouse.

Suddenly I heard a crash from behind me. I turned to see a man, wearing some sort of fancy robes, running down the row of shelves. I lifted my goggles, and he didn't disappear. Okay so he wasn't invisible. I set the goggles back over my eyes, and started running after the man. Maybe he'd seen the abnormal I was looking for.

"Hey, wait a minute. Stop," I yelled.

He turned towards me, eyes glowing, and lifted his hand up to me. I noticed some sort of device on his hand with a red jewel in the middle of his hand, before said jewel lit up and a blast wave hit me, sending me flying backwards. I hit a shelf hard, causing boxes to fall off on top of me. For a second I just laid there trying to catch my breath. What the hell was that?

I took a moment to assess myself for injuries, and was glad to find that the only thing wrong with me was a couple of sore ribs. I shifted slightly, and realized that I was pinned under several heavy crates. I also realized that my walkie-talkie had been smashed when both the wave blast hit me, and when the crates landed on top of me.

"Crap," I muttered, closing my eyes.

If that abnormal happens to pass by I'm dead. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps approaching me reached my ears and I glanced up to see four people running towards me. There were three men, and one woman.

"Hey you okay?" Asked one of the guys.

"Yeah, I'm fine, except for the fact that there's a bunch of crates crushing me," I snarked.

The guy with the gold symbol handed his staff to one of the other guys. Then he walked over to me and pulled the crates off of me.

"Thanks," I mumbled, slowly standing up.

"What's up with those goggles?" Asked the guy who'd spoken before.

"So, who was that guy, that blasted me with…whatever that was that he hit me with?" I asked ignoring his question.

"Which way did he go?" Asked the guy with the gold symbol.

"That way," I pointed the way he had gone, "Why who is he?"

"We've been trying find him for almost a week now," The first guy stated.

Oh well that's a lot of help.

"I'm April by the way," I introduced.

"Colonel Jack O'Neill. This is Teal'c," He pointed to the guy with the gold symbol on his head then to the other man and the woman, "Daniel, and major Sam Carter."

"So, what where you are doing in here?" Asked Daniel.


I paused, unsure if I should tell them or not. I looked them over for a moment. They were wearing some sort of uniform. A pair of green pants, a black shirt, and a green jacket overtop that had two strange patches one on either shoulder. They also carried a P-90, though Teal'c carried some sort of strange staff, and a strange gun attached to their legs. Honestly they looked like military. I groaned, feeling annoyed. Just what we need, the military getting involved with abnormals! I moved to the end of the row of shelves.

"Well?" Jack questioned, moving to stand behind me.

I glanced back at him for a second, then sighed. What the hell, I could use the help I guess.

"Well I'm trying to capture an abnormal," I muttered, looking around me.

"Abnormal?" Asked Jack.

"That's what we call them, Magnus prefers that over monster," I stated.

"And who's Magnus?" Asked Jack.

"I guess you could say she's my boss," I explained looking up at them, "So why are you chasing that guy?"

"He's killed a few people," Daniel said.

Jack glared at him, and Daniel gave him a 'what' look. I heard a crash from a couple rows away. There was a ginormous crate sitting to the left of me. I let go of my gun, which was strapped around my shoulder, and climbed up to the top of the crate, with Jack, Teal'c, Sam, and Daniel following me. I laid down on my stomach on top of the crate. From the top of the crate I could see over the rows of shelves. I looked over the warehouse to where I heard the sound.

I spotted a giant wasp like creature flying through the rows of shelf's. I saw someone shoot at it, and I used the zoom option on the goggles to get a good look at the person and was happy to see that it was Henry. Then suddenly Henry stopped firing at the thing and instead began hitting his gun. After a moment of fiddling with it he dropped the gun and started running.

"What the hell was he firing at?" Questioned Jack.

I pulled a spare pair of goggles out of my bag and handed it to him, and he put them on.

"Oh," He muttered, handing them to Teal'c.

"What is it?" Asked Daniel a second later.

"An abnormal," I stated.

I jumped down off of the crate and headed in the direction that I'd seen Henry go. I turned a corner and ran straight into Henry. I fell backwards, but Teal'c caught me before I hit the ground.

"Man am I glad to see…" Henry stopped mid-sentence as he looked up at us, "Um April… who are they?

"Long story," I mumbled.

He starred at Sam. I looked up at her and suddenly realized why he was starring. I'd been to busy thinking about the abnormal, and the guy who'd hit me with that shock wave to really pay attention to what Sam looked like. But now that I really stopped to look at her I couldn't help but realize how much she looked like Magnus.

"What?" She asked.

"You look exactly like Magnus, well except Magnus has black hair," I explained.

"Um guys we've got bigger problems than that," Jack interrupted, pointing up at the abnormal.

I turned towards it and fired my weapon. Teal'c lifted his staff up and pushed a button or something, and the tip opened with a sharp crackle of energy.

"If that's not a stun weapon then don't use it. We capture them alive, and uninjured if possible," I ordered sharply.

Teal'c lowered his weapon, allowing the tip to snap shut. I fired several shots at the abnormal, before the thing finally fell out of the air. The ground shook slightly when the thing hit the floor, and I stumbled slightly before regaining my balance.

"We've got it," Henry stated into his walkie-talkie.

"Well done stay where you are," Magnus voice ordered over the radio.

"Will do," Henry replied.

A couple minutes later Magnus and Will appeared dragging along the guy who'd attacked me earlier. As they approached Magnus and Will stopped to look at the new comers who were standing beside me. Will was staring at Sam with wide eyes, before he glanced back over at Magnus.

"So, who are they?" Asked Magnus looking at the four people.

I glanced over at Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c to see them just starring at Magnus.

"You're right they do look exactly alike," Jack mumbled.

"Indeed," Teal'c agreed.

"What are they talking about?" Asked Magnus, seeming to not have taken notice of Sam.

Sam steeped forward and Magnus turned to look at her. After a moment shock flashed across her face. She stared at Sam for a few more second, before she school her features into a neutral expression, then turned back to look at me and Henry.

"My question still stands, who are they?" Magnus asked.

"This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, Daniel, and Major Sam Carter," I introduced.

Magnus took a moment to look the four new people over, taking in their uniforms and weapons.

"Is this guy with you?" Magnus asked them suddenly, pointing to the guy they'd dragged here.

"Sort of… We've ah… been trying to catch him for almost a week now," Jack explained.

"I think he's an abnormal," I grumbled, scowling at the man who'd attacked me not to long ago.

"Why exactly?" Asked Magnus, glancing back at me once more.

"His eyes glowed for starters. And then he blasted me with some sort of energy wave," I replied.

"That would be the device on his hand," Teal'c stated, grabbing the guy off the ground.

I shrugged my shoulders at this.

"Well, thanks for the help," Jack muttered.

And at that they started walking away.

"Hey where are you going?" I yelled, chasing after them.

"Home," Jack stated, not even looking back at me.

I looked back at Magnus silently pleading with her to come with me as I followed these people.

"You guys get the abnormal ready for transport back to the sanctuary. April and I will be right back," She ordered Henry and Will.

I followed behind Jack, Sam, and Teal'c, with Magnus right behind me, back several rows of shelves to the mirror thing. Daniel pulled out some sort of device. He turned a dial on the device and an image flashed onto the mirror. He turned the dial a couple of times then stopped.

"Well time for us to go," Jack stated.

"Through there?" Asked Magnus, intrigue lacing her voice.

"Yeah, back to our universe." Daniel said.

Jack glared at him once more, and lightly smacked him on the shoulder.

"Daniel!" He muttered.

"What they're from another universe and they hunt mon…" Daniel eyed the scowl on Magnus' face for a moment, "abnormals. I think it would be okay to tell them."

"Come on let's go," Jack ordered, turning back to the mirror.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second," I exclaimed stepping in front of the mirror blocking it, "Explain what you're talking about."

Daniel looked at Jack, looking for permission from the slightly older man. I crossed my arms and glared at them, letting them know I wasn't going to move until they explained themselves.

"Fine," Jack sighed, rolling his eyes to the ceiling.

"Well we're from another universe. One where we found an alien device called the Stargate. We used it to travel to other planets. This guy," He pointed to the guy who'd attacked me, "Is an alien. He's human mostly. But he has an alien parasite wrapped around his neck, and its controlling him. They're called the Goa'uld, and they like to pretend that their gods so that people will worship them. That's basically the short version."

"Well that's…I don't know what that is." I whispered, then looked over at Magnus, "What do you think about all this?"

"Well if I was any normal person I wouldn't believe anything he just said. But seeing as I'm not a normal person I'm willing to believe them," She stated.

I nodded my head at this and leaned back on the mirror.

"No don't lean on t…"

Daniel's voice was cut off suddenly, and I found myself falling backwards. I landed on my ass, hard, my head cracking against the floor. I groaned at the pain that lanced through my skull. A noise from behind me made me look up. I was in another warehouse with shelf's full of alien looking devices, and there where people standing around me all of them with guns pointed straight at me. I looked back in front of me and noticed the mirror in front of me. I could see Magnus, Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c on the other side of the mirror. Magnus looked at Jack and said something. Then Jack said something to Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam. Then Teal'c and Daniel put their hands on the mirror, and suddenly they were in the room with me.

"Well done SG-1. But who are they?" Asked a bald man who was looking down at me.

"This is April, that's Magnus. April this is General Hammond," Daniel introduced.

"Nice to meet you," I muttered, standing up.

I rubbed the back of my head where I'd hit it on the ground.

"Um so to get back I just touch the mirror?" I asked, pointing back at the mirror.

"Yeah pretty much," Daniel replied.

I nodded my head, turned back to the mirror, and put my hand on its surface…