Sister of Mine

Chapter 1 Super Siblings

Danny's POV

I slipped into the Titan's Tower, smirking at how easy it was even with all the security systems they had installed. I used my training to expertly go through the lasers and other devices mean to stop anyone trying to break in. I came to a keypad, I almost laughed at how easy this was, I typed in a few numbers and the doors opened, only to be met with a scanner. I had planned for this. I quickly overrode the code, causing the door opened with a "Whoosh!" I hate it when doors do that, it makes too much noise.

I walked up several flights of stairs and into the Titan's main room, not wanting to risk them finding me in the elevator. It was just the cyborg and green shape shifter, so I walked in and sat down on the couch beside the green boy, he was about my age, and was playing video games along with the cyborg guy and casually said, "So, what yah playing?"

"A new game I got called-" green boys eyes widened when he realized he I wasn't someone he knew, it was very comical! "W-who are you?"

I smirked at him, clearly amused by his panic, "Why should I tell you?"

The other guy stood up, he was African American and a good portion of him was metal, that was pretty cool, "Because if you don't I blast you into oblivion!"

I raised an eyebrow, "Big words, I salute you sir," I mock saluted him. "Maybe the educational system isn't a complete failure, there's hope after all!"

He looked taken aback for a moment but turned his hand that wasn't holding me by the collar into a laser cannon, that was cool too, I though idly, "You asked for it!"

"Never mind, it's hopeless."

I simply smirked as he blasted the concentrated beam straight at my face and before I was blown the ashes I quickly ducked out of his hold and used my cat- like abilities to get behind him and tackle him before the two boys could completely comprehend what was going on.

They both blinked, shocked at what had just happened and trying to comprehend how I was still alive. Just as the green one was about to make a comment, a boy with spiky black hair and a mask, a girl with long auburn hair and green eyes, and a girl with short purple hair and indigo eyes came in.

"Cyborg, how many times have I told you not to blow Beast Boy up?" The black haired boy yelled, making me snicker for two reasons. One, who came up with these names? Two, they tried to blow each other up on average?

The guy that was half robot, Cyborg, pointed to me (this time not with his laser hand, though it was still cool), still unable to talk from shock. The boy with black hair looked at me and his eyes widened and jaw dropped to the floor. I think he recognized me.

Robin's POV

'I-it's her! She is alive; I knew she was, even though Batman told me she was dead!' I thought in shock.

"Phoenix!" I exclaimed out of shock, not paying attention to the fact that I was calling her by that name.

She rolled her eyes at me, "Sorry Richey, I don't go by that name anymore. You can just call me Danny, or little sister, like you used to."

I smiled, relieved that she wasn't mad at me for calling her that, "Good to see you again Danny. Oh, and unlike you, I still go by Robin, so if you would please call me that."

"Since when have I ever listened to you, Richey?" The last part was obviously meant to tick me off, I chose to ignore it.

"Who is she?" Beast Boy asked.

"This is my little sister, Danielle, though she goes by Danny, apparently."

Everyone started to exchange greetings and I took this time to look her over and see how much she had changed. She was wearing black, baggy cargo pants, a red long-sleeve plaid shirt over a black tank top, black combat boots, and to top it off she had a red baseball cap on backwards. She had in no make- up, her mid-back length hair was in a ponytail at the nape of her neck, she was wearing a ring on the middle finger of her right hand in the shape of a phoenix, only her left ear had an earring that was in the shape of a phoenix, and around her neck was a plain chain necklace. She didn't look to different, she had the same black hair as me and her silvery- gray eyes that I had, though nobody knew because I always wore my mask.

I smiled when I remembered her as a little girl, afraid of thunder, coming to her big brother for comfort. It was good to see her again.

Danny's POV (again)

Even though I would never admit it, I really did miss my brother over the years that we were separated from each other. If I was perfectly honest with myself, which I'm not, I would say I was envious of him, he had great friends and a perfect home, but of course I wouldn't say that out loud, ever.

"I should go before I become a burden..." I said with fake sadness as I walked towards the door.

"Wait," Robin called to me as I walked away. "Will you come back soon?"

I didn't turn around, not wanting to face the truth, "I don't know, depends on if I get another day off..." Shit, I said too much!

"What kind of job do you do the working at?" Starfire asked, obviously not the most fluent in english (or slang for that matter).

"I have to go now; I don't want to get in trouble with my boss!" Said hurriedly, trying not to waste anymore time.

I ran out the door as fast as I could, jumping out of a tenth story window and landing on my feet. I had managed to escape the building in record time and continued running to the hideout, my pace not slowing throughout the entire trip. I knew Robin hated him, so he couldn't know I worked for his worst enemy.

He couldn't know I worked for Slade.