I've always wanted to try my hand at a KP Christmas fic, but never could come up with just the right hook. Until now…

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Christmas at the Possible's was always a festive affair, and this season was even more special as it was Kim's first time back home after her first semester at the University of Paris.

Dr. James Possible gave Kim a big smile. "Well, Kimmie-cub. Welcome back, and Merry Christmas!

Her father handed her a large, elegantly wrapped box. Her eyes went wide with anticipation as she quickly ripped open the package. However, her cheerful demeanor immediately took a nose dive as soon as she saw what was inside.

"Uh, gee. Thanks, Dad."

She held up the elegant green Club Banana jacket, the very same style that she had wanted so badly many years before.

"But isn't this ferociously out of style now?"

James continued to smile broadly, his cluelessness overshadowed by his pride in obtaining the now hard to find item.

"Perhaps, but I paid a pretty penny for it on eFjord. I almost got sniped at the last minute, but with a little computer help from your friend Wade, I got the last bid in under the wire with only .001 of a second to spare! Because nothing's too good for my little girl."

She smiled back weakly, tempted to remind her father once again that she was no longer his "little girl," but instead meekly accepted the proffered gift. She had a fleeting thought about posting it back for sale on eFjord, but dismissed the idea, afraid how it might hurt her father's feelings if he found out. She gave a small sigh as she tentatively tried it on, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit. At that moment her Kimmunicator began to beep, happily freeing her from the awkweird moment.

"What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Uh, it's me, KP."

Ron Stoppable's goofy but cheerful face smiled back at her from the tiny screen.

"Just running a little late here at Smarty Mart with all of these last minute Christmas Eve shoppers, but I should be able to clock out and be over in a few minutes, so…"

His voice faded as he noticed the jacket.

"Uh, nice jacket, KP. But didn't that go out of style, like, mucho years ago? Even my underdeveloped sense of style has its limits."

He remained blissfully unaware of Kim's frantic slashing motions to keep quiet.

"Anyway, I should be over in…"

A huge crash was heard in the background. He yelled at someone off screen, "No! The ferrets have to be kept separate from the ocelot cages!"

The connection was immediately lost as Kim tried to hold back her laughter.

"Well, Ron is still Ron, in spite of his new command of that Mystical Monkey Power. And that's why I think I'll keep him."

Dr. Anne Possible walked into the room just then. "And I still think he's a good catch, Kimmie, no matter what your father thinks."

James groused, "Now Anne, I just think that if he'd apply himself a little more, he could get into college himself."

"But he is holding a steady job, which also allows him to go on the occasional mission with Kim," she countered. "So you could cut him a little slack."

But before James could dispute the matter any further, she quickly added, "Eggnog, anyone?"

Suddenly another large crash was heard, but this time it was from the garage.

Anne smiled knowingly. "Like father, like sons, dear?"

James offered a weak smile as he went to see what mischief Jim and Tim were getting into.

She turned back to her daughter with a confident grin. "Don't worry, Kimmie. He'll come around."

Kim smiled back, "Thanks, Mom. I hope so. At least he hasn't threatened to send Ron into the nearest Black Hole since Ron whipped those Lorwardians last June and helped save the world."

And permanently won my heart, too, she mused. But he's been even more distracted than usual in our recent convos . I wonder if he might be getting ready to propose?

She blanched as she continued to peruse her boyfriend's recent moods. Ulp. Or, uh, maybe break up?

She quickly tried to dismiss that unpleasant thought.

"Uh, how about some of that eggnog, Mom? And better make it a double."

A huge whoosh was heard from the garage, followed by another terrific crash.

Jim and Tim could both be heard yelling, "And we have liftoff!"

This was immediately followed by James' stern proclamation, "How many times have I told you boys, no rocket launches from the garage!"

A few minutes later, Ron's scooter was heard pulling up. Kim rushed to the door, where she was greeted by his wide toothy smile.

"Hey, KP. Merry Christmas!"

She replied with a huge kiss, a little more passionate than usual as her parents were both in the kitchen, Jim and Tim having been sent to their rooms for taking out the garage door with their new Mr. Rocket Ultra Xmas Gift Pak. Ironically, James himself had bought it for them just the day before from aisle 18 of the local Smarty Mart.

"And happy Hanukkah to you too, Ron."

"So, how was your first semester at the University of Paree, KP?"

"Really spankin'. And it's actually called the Sorbonne now."

He nodded in understanding. "Yeah, and if I had to sit in classes as long as you've had to, I'd have a sore bun too."

Kim gave him a friendly roll of her eyes. "That's 'Sorbonne,' not 'sore bun,' Ron. Although there have been times…"

She noticed a small package in his hand.

"Oooh, for me?" she fawned.

He blushed as he handed it to her. "Yeah, and it's not a dreidel either."

She quickly tore off the wrapping and opened the tiny box. Inside of it lay a silver ring adorned with a beautiful emerald. Her eyes went wide as she gasped in excitement.

"Ron, it's beautiful!"

"Yeah, it's a promise ring. Y'know, until we, uh, actually, well…"

She quickly cut off his awkward explanation with an even deeper kiss. But this time they were spotted by two pair of mischievous adolescent eyes.

From the stairs, Jim and Tim chimed in unison, "Oooh! Kim and Ron-nie sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Kim blushed, but still had the presence of mind to shoot back a warning. "Back in your rooms, Tweebs! Just wait until you start dating. Then I'll have my own sweet revenge."

She shot them an evil smile which sent them both scurrying back to their rooms in fear.

Ron suddenly looked a bit scared himself. "Ooh, Kim. You looked just like Shego when you did that."

Realizing what he had just said, he desperately tried to backpedal.

"Uh, that is, you sure gave them the totally evil eye just then."

She grinned back at him, a trace of that evil still lingering.

"Yeah. And who do you think I learned that from? Shego gave me a few lessons in exchange for teaching her the fine art of the Puppy Dog Pout."

His face broke out in a mildly goofy look. "Really? And, uh, what other lessons did she give you?"

Kim blushed, and immediately drew her hand back as if to smack him for his lascivious insinuation.

Ron raised a hand to protect himself. "Sorry, sorry! I just couldn't resist!"

Kim giggled, "Okay, Lothario. Let's show Mom and Dad your present."

As they began walking toward the kitchen, a knock was heard at the door. They both stopped and turned.

"Now who could that be this late at night?" Kim queried.

She opened the door. On the porch lay a smallish round box, elegantly gift-wrapped. She looked suspiciously at the tag.

To Kim Possible: Merry Christmas!

"Uh, I don't recognize the handwriting, and my weidar just went off."

She stepped out onto the porch and took a quick look around, but no one was to be seen.

Ron chimed in, "Yeah, KP. My spider senses are tingling too."

She cocked an eyebrow at him. "Or whatever your Mystical Monkey Power equivalent is. Well, better safe than sorry."

She activated her Kimmunicator. Her faithful friend and computer genius Wade picked up immediately.

"What's up Kim?"

"Hey Wade. Need a scan on a mysterious present someone just left on my porch. Just to be safe, please and thank you?"

"Sure thing, Kim."

A soft light began to emanate from her Kimmunicator, bathing the cryptic gift in a blue glow.

Wade snickered. "Guys, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I detect candied fruit, nuts and spices all contained within a loaf of banana bread and soaked in rum. Kim, it's a fruitcake."

Ron's reaction was typical, as he instantly blanched and began trembling in horror. "Run for your life, Kim! Fruitcakes are not only beyond wrongsick, they're beyond even gorchy! I've got a real bad feeling about this…"

Kim chuckled, "Amp down, Ron! It's only a fruitcake. I don't know who gave it to me, but if we don't want it, we can always give it to someone else, right?"

He wagged his head in dismay. "Kim, Kim, Kim. Don't you realize how totally impossible that is to do? My folks have had a fruitcake they've been unable to get rid of since before I was born! They are totally evil! Uh, the fruitcake that is, not my folks. They're actually pretty cool. But fruitcakes? Ya just can't get rid of 'em!"

Kim smirked, "Well, we'll just see about that. Nothing's impossible for a Possible, remember? We just have to give it to… the right person."

She grinned her Shego smile at Ron. The look chilled him to the bone. He stuttered back, "Well, if you say so, KP. So, who do we start with, friend or foe?"

She thought for a moment, then replied, "How about both?"

"Ooh, a frenemy? Sounds coolio, but that field's still kinda wide. Care to narrow it down, por favor?"

Her smile widened as she began to whisper conspiratorially into his ear...

And just who will be the first recipient of this most feared of holiday gifts? Tune in next time for the next chapter in this yuletide saga of evil… Ah Booyah-ho-ho-ho!