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15 Years Later...

"Well, tomorrow's reaping day, huh?" Delilah says to me. Her, Rue, and I are eating breakfast and preparing for Rue to head to 11. Neither Rue nor us have had any Victors since Delilah won and Rue came back to life. But, this year, we have a better shot. Since there are 8 tributes from each of our districts, that gives each of us such a better chance to win. We have to deal with 8 angry families - of course that's a maximum, because siblings could go in together - rather than just 2.

"Yup," Rue replies. "I think that us mentors dread this day more than the rest of the district!"

"Uh-huh," I conclude.

Delilah butters a piece of toast and begins to eat it. Rue brushes out her hair. I grab a bowl and pour cereal in.

Tension on the day before Reaping Day is just as tense as Reaping Day itself.

Delilah runs upstairs. Her boyfriend, Arean, is coming here today and she needs to get ready.

Rue lets me braid her hair like we do every year. It's sort of tradition.

"You ready to go?"

"Yeah. Oh, and you know I'm also going to 11 later this year for Poppy's wedding, right?"

"Yeah. You need to find someone for yourself too!"

"I'll work on it," Rue says, smiling.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings.

"Hey, D! Arean is here!" Rue yells. Delilah runs down, putting her hair in a headband with one hand and spraying perfume with the other. She opens the door.

"Hey, Arean," Delilah says calmly.

"Hi," Arean says. He has a picnic basket in one hand. "Do you wanna go to the meadow?"


Arean escorts Delilah out the door.

"When's the hovercraft coming?"

"No clue. Probably about 11."

"Do you want to come with me to visit my mother?"


My mom was moved to a nursing home about 2 years ago, when my father passed away.

Rue and I head to the nursing home to visit my mother. We spend a bunch of time with her, and it makes her feel a bit better. Mom's been sick lately, but I don't know what I'd do if she left me.

After two nice hours, Rue and I head home to prepare for the hovercraft. Rue slips on a yellow dress and black heels, and grabs her bag.

"I love you, Lilac."

"You too."

The hovercraft touches down right outside our house. Rue heads up the ramp and waves goodbye, and I see her disappear.

Heading back into the house, I go up to my room. It's unbelievable how much my life has changed for the better in 15 short years. And sure, sometimes we have rough days, and Rue has had numerous nightmares, but we got through it.

I am so happy that fate brought Rue to me. Because I can't imagine my life without her.

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