She'd done what they asked her to do…she'd gotten into Braga's cartel, given them the Intel they needed.

Instead of them bringing Dom home, clearing everyone's records and getting a fresh start, what had instead happened was that she'd been chased down by one of Arturo Braga's henchmen, lost control of her car, flipped three times and taken a bullet…all to bring Dominic home.

The bullet had miraculously missed all major organs, hit her hipbone and lodged right where her pelvic bone met her spine.

She'd been lucky, incredibly lucky, that the bullet hadn't left her paralyzed from the ass down.

All to bring Dominic home…to bring him back to her.

So she sat there, in the safe house she'd been put in by the FBI, praying that the Feds wouldn't go back on their deal.

Forty-eight hours later, Letty Marciano was in a car on her way to a hotel where they'd been housing Dominic Toretto.

The agents dropped her at the hotel. The one who opened the door for her handed her card with a room number written on the back.

She walked into the hotel and went straight to the elevator.

The time it took the elevator to reach her floor seemed like hours. The mirrored walls and doors of the elevator left Letty staring back at herself no matter where she laid her eyes.

She was nervous…that much was to be expected.

The chime of the bell as the elevator reached her floor jolted Letty from her thoughts.

She stepped from the elevator and into the carpeted hallway of the hotel floor. She looked up and down the hallway, debating whether she'd stall by walking up one end and down to the other or if she would just go straight to the room number.

Dominic Toretto sat in his hotel room, eyes flitting back and forth from the clock beside the bed and the door of his hotel room.

Any minute now, he was either going to see the love of his life walk through that door or…

The alternative was too upsetting to even give it consideration.

Instead of walking the entire length of the hallway, Letty headed in the direction of the room number the Fed had given her.

She stood there for a time, trying to work up the gall to knock on the door.

In the back of her mind she wondered if he still remembered that stupid secret knock he and Vince had when they were kids.

Deciding that it wasn't worth it, she decided not to try it. Instead she knocked.

His head shot up so fast he thought it might actually fall off.

He stood up and, not wanting to get to the door too fast, wiped his sweaty palms on his pants.

Slowly, he walked toward the door.

He pulled it open and what he saw on the other side made his heart clench in his chest.

The door opened, and Letty's heart started to race.

Her knees nearly buckled under her when she laid eyes on him for the first time in so long.

She had so many questions she wanted to ask him, but right now, it just didn't matter.

"Hallelujah…" she whispered, her voice so soft that even she didn't hear it crack.