Chapter Four:

In all he'd ever done, she was the one thing he'd gotten right.

He could barely look at her when he'd come home from Lompoc, but in the instances that he did, she knew that they could make it anywhere…anywhere away from Echo Park.

As if they had a choice of being anywhere near Echo Park now. Even when he couldn't hear her voice, she'd thought that he knew she'd always be at his side, even when they were running for their very lives.

The idea that she wouldn't hear his voice made it hard for her not to cry; not that she was one for crying over stupid things. But even now she was on the verge of crying.

She'd tried to sway him, the night he left, to go slower in their love making. All he'd wanted was to find an easy way out of his head.

She'd spent so much time making him hers and herself his. When he'd kept running after he was sure she wouldn't die on him, she'd fallen behind.

She'd always thought that they were different, from most couples in their neighborhood.

She was all for love…all for his love.

But now, staring at a map of Central and Southern America, she couldn't see the light.

Tell me how to do it…Tell me how I'm gonna get it right…

It was the game they'd been playing since that last Race Wars, a game of cat and mouse. She'd tried, tried and tried again. But by God, she'd try again, to find him, to stay with him. She couldn't give up, didn't even consider wanting to give up.

She was all for love…all for his love.

Nobody knew where the hell she'd been, seemingly making a fool of herself again and again when she'd woken up by herself after X number of hours with him, always in the same pathetic scene.

Baby why'd you have to go and be so mean?

She'd never been much for prayer, despite her abuelita's best efforts in childhood. Leticia Ortiz didn't believe in praying on her knees.

She could kill him with a smile, or simply maim him with her eyes, when she found him.

She was always a woman to him.

She'd led him to love, and kept him when push came to shove. She could ask for the truth, not that she would, much less believe it.

She was always a woman to him.

She could take care of herself; that much Dominic Toretto knew about Letty Ortiz if nothing else.

She'd wait if she felt like it, but only if it suited her.

They brought out the best and the worst in each other.

She was always a woman to him.