AN: OKAY. So I deleted the old version of chapter four cause I wasn't pleased with it. But I'm sick of looking at it now so here ya go. For Desi (SunflowersAndHoney)

Dom sat awake, propped up against the headboard as Letty slept beside him.

He'd let her do most of the talking since she'd arrived at the hotel, finding his responses the most honest things he'd ever said in his life. He'd never been one to talk things to death, but now, having Letty back in his world again, he suddenly felt as though he'd gypped her out of something.

He loved Letty, had for as long as he could remember. It used to be that he couldn't keep his mind on anything but her. He'd have moved mountains to be with her at one point in their relationship. But after the gasoline heists he'd been moving mountains between them, putting her further and further away from him.

He'd never listened more intently than he had as she poured her heart out — something very unlike Letty.

People had always assumed that Dom and Letty's relationship was truly as volatile as it seemed on the outside. But the truth was that Letty's reaction was all just for show. Dom had never cheated on her — and vice versa.

But that was all before he'd decided that it was 'too dangerous' for Letty — his wife — to stay with him because the cops were 'getting hungry'. She had been faithful to him even after he'd left her. It wasn't as though Letty was an ugly woman by any means.

"Do you love me…?" she asked softly, so softly he barely heard her question.

When they'd been reunited with each other the day before, rather than ripping each other's clothes from their bodies, they'd simply laid on the bed, clinging to each other.

"Do I what…?" He asked, his voice low, like gravel.

"Do you love me…?"

"Do I love you…?" He echoed, somewhat befuddled by the idea of Letty even needing to ask the question. "After all we've been through, I'm right here with you. I thought I'd lost you and I nearly got killed trying to avenge losing you."

"Do you love me?" She posed the question again, still wanting, perhaps even needing, to hear his answer.

"Are you crazy?" he asked back, still thinking her question to be inane.

"Maybe, after having been around you for so much of my life." She said sarcastically before asking the question yet again. "But do you love me?"

"Do I love you?" He echoed the question again, but this time launched into an answer. "For two years I've thought that I lost you, I grieved for you. I had to watch your funeral from a construction site just to keep from getting arrested! After six years together you wanna talk about love right now?"

"I hated you…" Letty said abruptly.

"What?" Dom stood frozen in place.

"Or at least I thought I did…before I realized I didn't actually hate you…was the wrong word, at least." Letty shrugged. "My abuelita used to tease me, sayin' we'd learn to love each other…" She fidgeted, playing with the hem of her shirt. "So I guess now I'm askin'…do you love me?"

"For fifteen years I lived with you…"

"It wasn't just me…" Letty said pointedly. "We had the whole team staying in that house."

"Fought with you, starved with you when shit was bad…" Dom continued on as if she hadn't said a word. "Fifteen years she's in my bed and now she's askin' do I love her." He shook his head, laughing a little. He'd never been much for declarations of love; he supposed he'd always just assumed Letty knew he loved her.

"Then, you love me…?" Letty asked again.

"Woman, how do you NOT know I love you?" Dom said, exasperated and trying to keep his frustrated temper in check. "Every time I ever looked at another woman, I was comparing them to you. How you'd never pile on that much shit on your face, hell you wouldn't put any of it on at all! I like it better that way…don't have to deal with all that sticky shit all over your mouth, neither." Letty felt herself blush, just a little. "Once you started fillin' out I didn't mind havin' you around the garage so much…kinda liked the view. It was hot enough havin' a girl that didn't care if she got grease on her clothes or not—"

Letty cut him off. "Oh, I cared alright. Motor oil's a bitch and a half to get out. Why do you think I always wore ratty old clothes?"

Dom approached her, slowly, knowing all too well just how volatile Letty could be when she felt too vulnerable for her liking.

"Baby…" He gently took her face in his hands, prompting her to look at him, her gaze just a little uncertain. "I love you more than I figured I c'd ever love anybody. We weren't ever really that couple, ya know? Always mushy and shit in public. You always hated that shit in those girly movies Mia forced you to watch. Guess I always kinda figured you *knew* that I love you."

The next ten seconds were the longest of Dom's life to date.

"Now…" Letty teased as a girlish smile spread across her face as, "was that so hard…?" She found herself rising up onto her toes to press a kiss to Dom's lips.