Chapter One: Fear

Chance Williams

It was quiet night when the news was delivered. Snow slowly began to fall on the small community, making it look like a winter wonderland. It was like any other normal night when a police officer came to my door and knocked with a look of sorrow on his face. I knew him; he was Samantha Hanson's father.

"Can I help you sir?" I asked, pushing my blonde hair out of my eyes.

He frowned down at me, "Is Harley home?" He asked I nodded at him. Harley was my older brother. I have four brothers in total. Harley was the oldest at the ripe age of 24. He had my mother's eyes but my father's features. He was strong and stubborn like my father also but had mother's softer side at times. He was a mechanic and a good one at that. My other brothers are named Jasper, Seth and Brendon. We were all the same age and were born minutes apart. My mother as told to take some pills to help her have babies and they gave her four. We were all alike in physical features but our personalities were very different. Jasper is the oldest out of us and likes to throw it in our faces as much as humanly possible. He had dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. He was arrogant, rude and only cared about his self centered self. To say the least we don't get along much which tends to get us into more trouble than expected. I was born second and soon after me was Seth. Seth is my partner in crime. He has soft brown hair and baby blue eyes. He is nice and very helpful. He is smart and knows how to pick a lock in under a minute. Seth is by far more than a brother to me. He is also my best friend. Last was Brendon. He has rich blonde hair and soft blue eyes. He was exactly like my mother. He had her heart, he smile. He was nice and sweet like mom but voiced his opinion when necessary.

"Yes sir. Let me go get him." I said, it was weird from him to be here especially at this time of night, I should have known something was wrong.

"Harley! Mr. Hanson's at the door!" I screamed then I looked over at Mr. Hanson, "You can come in sir." Harley stumbled down the stairs. He was tired after working all day and I knew he was going to yell at me for sure when Mr. Hanson left.

"Chance, don't yell. How can I help you officer? Is it Jasper again?" Harley asked, his brow furrowed and for a moment I thought I saw Mr. Hanson's lips twitch into an almost smile.

"Son I have some bad news. Your parents hit a black piece of ice, they hit a pole. There was nothing we could do." And in an instant, in just a moment my life changed forever but that was two years ago. I was just fourteen then. I remember Brendon crumpling to the floor. Jasper crying silently, Seth sobbing into my shoulder as I comforted him shedding tears of my own. Harley cried as he tried to hold Brendon. Mr. Hanson had left during the chaos but I will never forget this day not as long as I live. I will always remember the day when my life changed for the worst.

Two Years Later:

We pulled up to a new house. It was two-floors and looked as if it was falling apart. The paint on the house was peeling slightly and the shutters on the windows were an ugly blue which match the ugly blue door. I stood outside in disgust. Harley couldn't keep out parent's house with the lack of money that he had. Harley must have noticed the look of disgust because he walked over and pushed a box into my hands.

"Get that look off you face princess and start taking your boxes into your room." Harley barked, pointing to the house, I knew better than to back-chat so I started to walk into the house.

"Yes sir." I sighed walking into the house; I walked up the stairs and noticed that the house on the inside was actually quite beautiful. It had overstuffed chairs and couch, dark hardwood floors, and a large white kitchen. It was lovely. As I made my way up the stairs I walked into a large empty room. Harley had told us in the car that there was three room and us 'children' would have to share because he has to go to bed early and get up early so naturally Seth and I were going to share a room. I put down my box and went to go another one, on my way down I passed Seth.

"Room on your right brotha." I laughed; he smiled down at me then kept on walking to our room.

"I want to bed farthest from the window!" He hollered down to me, I laughed again after making my way outside. It took another two hours before I was finally done putting my clothes away and then I heard the yelling.

Jasper Williams

I looked out the window to my room. The lawn was-well there isn't one just a pile of rocks spread out. The neighborhood was poor and unsettling. And to fucking top it all off, Seth and Chance got the bigger fucking room. I mean Brendon is bigger than Chance yet we get a smaller room. This is bullshit.

I walked out of my room and saw Seth, I let my temper take over.

"Fuck this bullshit! You should get the smaller room, you have a smaller roommate." I barked, pushing him slightly, he glared at me.

"Fuck you, "He snarled, "Chance got there first so we got the bigger room. You have a fucking problem then let's take it outside." He pushed me back harder. I should have walking back into my room. I shouldn't have opened my mouth to begin with but I let my mouth and temper get the best of me because I then punched Seth in the face. It was a whirl wind. Seth got a good couple of shots to my stomach and face while I got a good couple of shots to his face. Seth was on top of me when Harley came into the room and grabbed Seth off of me.

"What the hell is going on here?" He yelled Chance and Brendon came out to see what was happening before they could say what happened Harley turned his attention to them.

"Chance and Brendon get outside and stay on the porch." They stood there and looked at him.

"Now!" He yelled causing them to jump and run downstairs and slamming the door slightly as they ran out.

"Get to my room and stand in the corner." He snapped, Seth and I walked quickly to Harley's room. We stood in the corner like naughty little boys. I glared at the wall. I was sixteen years old; I shouldn't have to stand in the corner like a sodding five year old but I have learned from past experiences not to argue with Harley.

Harley walked into the room and sat onto his bed.

"Alright boys turn around and tell me what happened?" He asked his voice was a disappointed soft. I turned to look at my brothers, "Alright Jasper you first."

"Well I thought it was unfair that Seth and Chance got the bigger room. I mean Chance is smaller than Brendon and me so why should she and Seth get more room?" I took a breath and looked at my shoes, "So I confronted Seth about it using choice words." I thought it as best to not say that I hit him first.

"Don't forget the fucking part where you pushed me!" Seth barked loudly, glaring at me with intent.

"Watch your language Seth Colin Williams before I wash it out. Now what is your side?" Seth looked up at him.

"Well what Jasper said except he pushed me so I said some things then pushed him back then he punched me in the face so I fought back." Seth said looking at his shoes, he knew as well as I did that we were gonna get a hiding and there was nothing we could do about it.

"Alright boys, you know what the penalty is for fighting don't you?" Harley questioned looked at us. We both nodded. It was a hiding then writing 50 lines stating the rules of the house.

"Alright Jasper come here." Harley sighed, beckoning me towards him. I took a breath and made my way towards him. He grabbed me and draped me over his knees. I sucked in a breath as the first slap collided.

SMACK! It was then followed by about 20 more. My ass was on fire and I was trying not to cry but so far, it wasn't going my way. I started bawling hard and that's when Harley stopped and put me right side up on his lap.

"Don't make me do it again Jasper, I don't like doing this." He whispered, putting me on the ground, "Now go back to your corner and Seth come here." I heard Seth take a deep breath as he walked over to Harley. I heard Harley lift him onto his lap and then the spanking began. Seth started to cry and beg for him to stop. It was horrible, I wanted nothing more than to run and hide, just to avoid the sounds of my brother crying. Eventually, it did stop and Harley beckoned me close.

"Now, please stop with your foolishness boys. I don't even want to do that again." He whispered, pulling Seth and I into a hug, "Okay now go get some paper and a pen and start you lines at the kitchen table please." Seth and I both nodded and walked to our rooms, we set off downstairs to start as we sat down I looked over at Seth.

"I'm sorry that had to happen man, I just flipped out." I said starting my lines.

"It's cool man." He replied, starting as well.

Chance Williams:

I looked out onto the lawn with a fixed look. Harley said we could go in a couple of minutes ago but I stayed out. I wanted to get used to New York. It's kinda cool moving from a small town to the city that never sleeps. That's when I saw him, he was probably my age or a bit older, he walked towards me, his parents behind him.

"You must be one of our new neighbors," The man asked, putting his hand out, I shook it.

"Hold on, let me go get my brothers." I smiled, going in to the house, "Guys! Neighbors are here!" I yelled, going back outside.

"Chance Charlotte Williams! How many times have I told you, don't yell in the house!" Harley scolded, going outside, Seth, Brendon and Jasper behind them.

"Sorry." I mumbled, my face getting red from embarrassment.

"Hello sir, I am Harley, this is Chance, Seth, Jasper and Brendon." He smiled warmly, shaking the man's hand, "And you are?"

"Hi, I'm Peter Burke, this is my wife Elizabeth and my son Neal." Peter introduced, Neal had beautiful blue eyes, "Are your parents home?"

Harley shook his head, "Sorry sir, they died two years ago, it's just me and the quads."

The wife was taken back as she looked at all of us, "I'm sorry to hear that, "She said warmly, "Did you say quads?"

"Yes mam, we are quadruplets. Born 2 minutes apart. We are 16." Seth piped, smirking at the family.

"Well Neal is 16 also, may-be you guys could become friends." Peter said, pushing Neal forward.

"May-be." Neal smirked at me, I winked back, "What are you doing right now?" He asked me, I shrugged.

"Nothing I guess." I replied coolly looking up at him.

Neal smiled, "Let me introduce you to New York?" He asked, I looked at Harley, he nodded his head.

"Be back at 10 or else Chance." He warned, I nodded then looked at Seth, "Cover if I'm not." I whispered he nodded at me. I took off with Neal down the driveway. Usually, I would invite my brothers however Seth and Jasper are defiantly not aloud out till the lines are done and Brendon doesn't leave unless Jasper goes.