Chapter 2

Chance Williams:

Neal and I walked down the streets until we reached a park. The trees were light up under the moonlight and the pond was shimming with a midnight black. Neal and I sat on a bench overlooking the water.

"So, how if living with four brothers?"Neal asked skipping a rock on the water.

Chance sighed, "Well, it's not easy. For one, Harley is over-protective and very strict, I think it's because he works all the time. Jasper is a dick and thinks because he is older by two fucking minutes. Seth is my best friend and Brendon is quiet and follows Jasper around." Chance smiled at Neal, "How does it feel to be an only child and have parents?"

Neal looked at her, "Well, my father is an F.B.I agent and my mother is an event planner. My father is strict and my mother is a very sweet woman." He sighed then looked at his watch, "What time do you have to be home?"

"10 why?" I asked, praying it wasn't 10 already. For when I kinda wanted to hang out with Neal more and two I didn't want my ass kicked by Harley.

"Just making sure, if I brought you home late my dad might just kill me." He joked, his cheeks reddening as he said it. I laughed slightly.

"You want to go walking some more? We could go for a drink?" I said then immediately regretted it; I didn't have any money, "Actually let's just walk."

Neal looked at me confused, "Okay. So do you have a boyfriend?" He asked me, I shook my head.

"Nope. Do you have a girlfriend?"

Neal smiled, "No… not yet anyway." He joked, I giggled.

"We should probably get back; Seth will be bored without me." As we walked we talked more about our lives. How I felt when my parents being gone, living with siblings, what I did for me, Neal's favorite hobbies and so on. When we finally reached my house it was 10:15pm and it was time to face the music.

As I walked in I saw Mr. Burke and Harley along with the boys in the living room.

"You are late!" Harley said as I walked in, Neal came in behind me when he noticed his father.

"I know sorry, we were talking but hey at least I'm making friends." I tried, smiling at Harley, Jasper gagged.

"Well, I guess what's good. Go to your room and we will talk about it later." Harley said I frowned.

"Good night Neal. See you tomorrow?" I asked smiling. He nodded then pulled me in for a hug.

"My room is across from yours, just go on the roof later and we can talk." He whispered before I let go, Mr. Burke go up and walked towards the door. I nodded back and turned my attention to Harley.

"Am I in trouble?" I asked Seth stood behind me attempting to form protection. I get closer to him as in asking for his support.

"No… Not this time anyway but if you break curfew again, I will tan your hide. Is that understood?" Harley barked with determination. When Harley says something is almost always means it. He got really angry when Mom and Dad died. I guess I would be angry to if I was having an awesome time working on cars, partying my ass off and hanging out with my friends not having a care in the world then having to throw it all away to talk care of four teenagers. Even though, I don't give him enough credit and sometimes I break the rules and cause him trouble he is still by far the most amazing person I know and I would do anything to repay him.

Neal Caffery

I walked into my house, my once brilliant smiled turned into a sullen frown and to be very honest I was kinda of scared. I mean it was only 15 minutes and I got her home without a scratch on her pretty face. Man, she really did have a pretty face and a pair of stunning blue eyes.

"Come on then, let's talk Neal." Peter sighed sitting on the couch. I sat beside him somewhat worried; I really didn't want to get it tonight, "See Harley is very protective of his siblings especially of Chance. When he said 10 he meant 10 and as a gentleman I expect you bring her or her brothers back in time, understood?" I nodded and smiled slightly.

"Yes sir, loud and clear." I said with relief however my father's look then became very serious, "And if you ever come home late or bring the Williams kids home late, with will be having a very long and painful discussion about rules. Now get up stairs." I nodded quickly before hopping up the stairs and into my room. I looked out my window and saw Chance's room; she was brushing her hair out with Seth on the bed. He must have said something funny because I could see her face light up as she began to laugh. Her smile gives me the most beautiful butterflies. She looked at Seth and pointed to the window then said something about cover for her then she climbed out, I joined her.

"Hey stranger." She joked laughing slightly. Her laugh was as sweet as honey.

"Hey, so did you get into any trouble?" I asked, smiling then running a hand threw my hair. Man, she made me nervous.

"No, I will be next time and I sure I will be if Harley finds me on the roof but I guess you are worth it." She smirked at me then shrugged, "How about you?"

"No, I made it but just like you barely. So how do you like New York? Better than Tulsa?"

"I like the big city but I will say I miss my small town more than anything."

I went to say something charming but then I heard the loud steps of my father coming up the stairs, I looked back to her in alarm.

"My dad's coming, get in your room or he'll tell Harley." I almost yelled before she jumped back in her window, as I made my way back in my father entered the room.

"What do you think you're doing?" He hollered, rushing me as I closed the window.

"Enjoying the view of our lovely neighborhood." I smirked gesturing to the sky.

Peter looked at him with a questionable look then gestured to the bed.

"Get in here. It's time we had a little talk." He said I nodded. I looked at Chance's window one last time before facing my father. Chance smiled and waved at me. The look on her face offered empathy along with sympathy.

Peter sat on the bed and gestured towards me. My heart jumped into my throat.

"Obviously, me giving you a freebee didn't work so we are going to have to punish you." Peter said with a sullen face, his words dripped with sorrow. I knew he hated punishing me.

I nodded then bent over his knees. I braced myself for the first smack.

SWAT! I jumped slightly then groaned. The first smack was always the hardest. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!

"You know better than to climb onto a roof in the middle of the night. You could have gotten hurt." Peter lectured, swatting my backside like no tomorrow. I was crying after the first couple of swats and once he hit twenty, I was sobbing like a baby. After what seemed like hours, he stopped. Peter rubbed my back in circles until I calmed down. I sat up and winced as I sat down on the bud.

"Please son, follow the rules. Just for once." He sighed then rubbed my back once more, "I love you." He then walked out of my room shutting the door. I looked out the window again to see Chance looking back at me.

My face went red with embarrassment and I looked at her for a long time. She placed her hand on her window and smiled. I looked down at my feet and watched her turn her light off. I laid in my bed also (However, I was on my stomach.) and kinda laughed to myself, 'I think I'm really going to like the neighbors.'

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