Hey all

This is a little collection of Oneshots I'll be posting. I write them randomly as and when they come to me, so this is pretty much a work in progress.

Not all of them are drabbles as they're probably all more than a hundred words...but they're still pretty short.

Hope you enjoy them

All Right

Harry stared down at the prone figure in front of him. The blonde lay on a make shift stretcher, his breathing shallow and his eyes closed. He was mumbling incoherently, and that was the only way Harry knew he was conscious.

He had barged his way in the Healing Room at The Order Headquarters, despite Madame Pomfrey's protests. He needed to see for himself that Malfoy was all right.

Draco remained still, and Harry swallowed and then spoke to him. "Hey" His voice was gentle, almost a whisper.

Draco didn't reply and Harry ploughed on "I need to ask you a few questions, just to check if you're still...if you're all right. That's okay, yeah?"

Draco groaned, and Harry took that as a yes.

"Good. What's your name?"

The blonde mumbled and Harry repeated his question, trying not to let fear into his tone.

"Dra...co" he replied finally. His voice was choked and raw, but even in his not so lucid state he stubbornly refused to add Malfoy to his name. Harry suppressed a smile.

"Do you know what happened?"

"Got hexed…that crazy bitch…" He trailed off, waving his hand slightly- as if trying to bat away the annoying questions.

Harry nodded approvingly. So far, so good. Just one more question and he would be convinced. He just needed to know that Draco was all right.

"Do you… know who I am?"

The blonde opened one bleary eye and glared at him in blessedly familiar annoyance. "Harry Potter," he replied with a long suffering drawl "AKA The Saviour. The Golden Boy. Scarhead. The Gryffindor Git. Worst Seeker Ever. The Boy Who Won't Stop Asking Me Bloody Questions! Good enough for you, Pothead? Or do you want it in bloody writing?"

Harry tried and failed to suppress the grin that broke out on his face.

Thank Merlin the prat was all right.

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