It felt like forever, where he was just standing there, frozen and unable to move at all. Not a single limp of his body would move even an inch. Crimson red eyes were widened in almost fear and his heart was beating like mad. His mind was blank and all his attention was pointed at the monster in the bed behind him, the monster that was slowly starting to wake up.


Izaya really needed to disappear right away. But there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run and there was absolutely no time to escape before the blonde would notice his presence. It was just impossible. He was as good as dead. He really shouldn't have come there – no matter how much he wanted to find some information about this certain man. It was a really, really bad idea.

Slowly blinking his amber eyes open, Shizuo pulled himself up in a sitting position, the blanket that before had been keeping him warm while being asleep, fell down from his clothed torso and in between his crossed and clothed legs. What had awakened him was a mystery. He really had no idea and to him, it didn't matter either.

It took him several countless seconds before he finally noticed that he wasn't alone. But being half asleep, he just thought he was dreaming again. Even though this was far from one of his sweet dreams, starring the man he claimed to hate more than anything.

He didn't notice the dark figure in the bedroom he was in, until his amber eyes began to look around. And of course, the first thing it locked on was the figure standing in the room not far away from the bed he was now sitting in. Being half asleep, it took him several moments to figure out who exactly had entered his room.

But when he did, his eyes slowly blinked a few times before they narrowed slightly down. "What the hell, flea?" His voice sounded like he was mumbling in his sleep. He didn't sound even the least awake. And he probably wasn't.

Izaya stiffened even more by those words. He had been caught – nowhere to run now. Oh well... He had to expect something like this to happen sooner or later; he was going to get killed and the monster would finally succeed in finishing his so called 'mission' he had. Turning around on his heels, he tried to shake off anything even remotely close to fear and forced the usual Cheshire grin onto his pale features.

"Aren't you going to welcome your uninvited guest properly, Shizu-chan?" He tried to keep his confident mask as well as possible. Never in his life would he admit that he was kind of scared of might having his life taken by this man, then and there.

Shizuo stared blankly at the standing informant and let his one hand go through his bleached blonde hair, the locks quickly falling back to his forehead once the hand had been going through them. He looked puzzled, confused, like he didn't really know what was going on.

"What are you talking about?" He scooted slightly closer towards the standing informant at the foot of the bed, his one hand rubbing his one now closed amber eye shortly. Reaching his one arm forward, he grabbed around the man's arm and even though the other looked like one big question mark, he pulled him down onto the bed with him.

Izaya widened his eyes slowly at this. Now, what the hell was going on? His whole face asked exactly that question but he knew he wouldn't be getting an answer from this man. At least not now. Just by looking at the expression on the monster's face, he knew something was wrong, something was off. And that was why he didn't get surprise – at least not every much – when the blonde moved over him.

"Sh-Shizu-chan... What the hell are you doing?" Even though he had a feeling that he wouldn't get the answer he wanted, he just had to ask anyway. He had to find out what the hell was going on, so he could stop it before it got way too far.

Shizuo's facial expression didn't change, it stayed blank and his amber eyes looked into confused crimson ones. He didn't answer the question, his mind wasn't working. After all, he was still half asleep and he still thought he was dreaming, having another one of his so-called 'dreams', that he definitely would call nightmares.

Staring blankly down at the man under him, he let his one hand slowly move down the informant's clothed side, while the other hand kept himself from falling down on the other, like a dead fish or dead body. He noticed how slow those confused crimson eyes widened when his hand just continued to move downwards. If he had been fully awake, he would never in a million years do something like this. Never.

Instead of saying anything to protest or make the man stop, Izaya tried to squirm away from under him. He hated this already, just the touch to his now lower body made him go all crazy. Not because of lust – he would never admit something like that. But the second he felt those fingers touch his now bare lower stomach, a shudder went through his whole body.

"A-Ah, Shizu-chan..." He tried not to say anything, tried to force his mind to focus on getting away and getting away only. But his mind suddenly went blank at the gentle touch to his lower stomach, which only send shiver after shiver up through his spine.

And there it was. That look in those crimson eyes that made the bodyguard grow hard in almost a split second, harder than he already was after that 'dream' he had. Those sounds the informant made just by a simple touch alone, sent images of a moaning, panting and red faced flea running through his head. It only made him want to just rip all of their clothes of and do this man without thinking. He couldn't think anyway; being half asleep as he was.

Without any signs of hesitation, he quickly pulled his one hand up, only to remove the v-necked black shirt along with the fur edged jacket, and he quickly threw them out of the way and down to the floor, off of the bed. Even though he noticed the shocked look on the raven's face, he let his amber eyes drift down on the exposed and pale chest, his one hand slowly getting placed there, touching that soft skin.

His hand slowly moved to the one side, feeling a slight bump when he moved it across that pale and now slightly panting chest, which could only be the nipple. The soft skin under his touch made a strange expression get over his amber eyes, an expression looking a lot like lust.

Izaya noticed this, the lust in the monster's eyes. The next thing he noticed, only because it was pressed down to himself, was how tight the bodyguard's pants suddenly had gotten. He swallowed thickly by this and let a shiver run through his whole body as the hand got moved lower down his bare torso. The monster couldn't be serious... could he?

He had to stop this, he really needed to get away. Why the hell was he being so stupid, so stupid that he actually came here in the first place? But he knew it would be hopeless to fight against this man. The monster's strength was too powerful. He didn't have a chance. And so, he finally stopped squirming to get away, his cheeks slowly turning into an almost invisible red color when he felt where the hand went next.

The hand went further down until it ran out of bare pale skin. It was stopped by black fabric and something metal, the informant's pants and belt. The belt was easy to remove and get out of the way, the pants slightly more difficult. Almost the moment the hand grabbed around the zipper with just a couple of fingers, it was stopped by two pale and smaller ones that reached down.

"Wa-wait, Shizu-chan! You can't be serious!" Izaya really needed to stop this. It was already going way too far. But how the hell was he supposed to stop this damn monster? He really didn't like this. Either that, or he just didn't want to admit it because of the embarrassing bulge that slowly appeared to his crotch.

Lazy, sleepy and blank amber eyes looked into almost shocked and widened crimson ones. But even though his hand was stopped, Shizuo didn't. Being stronger than the informant, he quickly got the zipper pulled down and the tight black briefs was shown just a second later, briefs that suddenly was tight over the slight bulge now building up.

It was impossible to get this man undressed in the position they were in, but instead of moving away, his hands moved to grab both sides of the pants and in a rough movement, the pants got ripped off, almost right in the middle and all the way down.

This surprised Izaya more than anything, of course. Who wouldn't get surprised when ones pants got ripped off? He followed his now ruined black pants get thrown to the floor with his eyes, before he shocked gaze came to lock on the blonde above him again. Okay... this man was definitely serious.

But he still had to get away. And then again... this couldn't be that bad. Giving up on fighting back once another time, he let his one hand move up to lightly brush the half asleep man's cheek, locking eyes with him and giving him green light to continue. Not that it would matter, the monster was going to continue no matter what.

Just like any other time, Shizuo didn't hesitate to continue. The hand lightly brushing to his cheek didn't do anything to him. It really didn't. Being the half asleep monster he was, nothing woke him up. Nothing at all. Just like the pants, the briefs was quickly ripped off, only to revealed the slowly rising member from the informant.

Izaya's face went bright red at this, even though he tried to stay cool under this. It just wasn't possible to do so. And he wanted to take his revenge on the monster. Both his hands moved up to quickly rip the man's white shirt and black vest off, the buttons popping up and almost hitting himself in the head. His crimson eyes quickly locked down on the muscular chest that his ripping revealed. All those muscles... how he wanted to just touch them. That thought was quickly pushed out of his head. He had to remember who it was he was with. And even though he knew where all of this was going, he knew it would never happen again.

Not even this woke Shizuo up, though. All it did, was to make him quickly strip out of the rest of his clothes, keeping amber eyes locked with crimson red ones.

Moments later, both men, one half asleep and one fully awake, were sitting completely naked, not a single piece of clothes were on any of their bodies. The smaller hand slowly moved up and down a thick and wet shaft, while low moans continued to pass the pale slightly parted lips. The bigger hand was currently under the raven haired, a pair of fingers parting from time to time inside the tight ring of muscles.

This was all too much for the informant, the pleasured feeling rising inside him and making his own member twitch in pure lust. And even though the monster might be thinking he was dreaming again, he wanted it, they both did. Both wanted it so damn badly, that both of them could barely stand it for very much longer.

And it was Shizuo to break it first, break the line of holding back. Pulling his hand back, his fingers moved out and he forced the other to let go of his member by shifting his hips shortly. He pushed the already slightly panting raven back down to lay on the bed as his hips continued shifting slightly, only to get the hardened member to be placed right in front of the tight ring of muscles, the tip teasingly touching the skin and making the raven's whole body shiver.

Bucking his hips slowly forward, he slowly entered the now gasping informant, the hard member getting forced into the tight ring of muscles, that quickly sucked him in. The warmth was amazing and almost just like it had been in his dreams. This wasn't a dream though – he just didn't know it.

Izaya quickly threw his head back, his back arching from the sudden slow entering to his lower body. The pleasure was just too much, the feeling of the monster, who definitely would kill him after finding out what had happened, entering him was just sending that pleasured feeling through his whole body, making him almost lose his mind from it.

It didn't take more than a short moment, before the blonde started to move. Hips met hips, a sound of skin smacking against skin filled the room little by little, soft moans and gasps from the informant for every single thrust. It was impossible not to love the feeling of that big member inside him, that moving one that hit every single one of his sweet spots and made him go all crazy from the pleasure alone.

He could feel how the member was twitching ever so slightly inside him and the look on the half asleep monster, that sweaty and lust full look, was just too damn sexy. It was to go crazy over, right on the spot. But being Orihara Izaya, he had to keep from himself letting this man wake up. In other words; he had to let the man do as he wished and not fight back. At least not for now.

Within just a few minutes, the room was filled with nothing but loud, soft, deep and what-not moans, skin to skin contact, a wet sound from the throbbing member moving back and forth, and a few whimpers from the informant from time to time. The pleasure was just almost too much – for both of them.

Izaya was already holding back on his building climax, wanting this to continue for just a bit longer. He knew the monster would rip him apart the second he woke up and he'd much rather continue to this until he began bleeding than getting killed in the middle of this kind of situation.

Just like the informant, Shizuo was holding back on the fast building climax, his muscles tightening for every second the thrusts just continued, hard, fast and deep into the pale body. He really couldn't hold it back for much longer and he wasn't going to either. Just a little bit longer...

...but he couldn't. Though it was Izaya who released first; in a loud gasp followed by a whimper, the white milky substance was shot from the tip of the raven's member, only to fall down on his own stomach, his chest moving up and down in fast and heavy pants.

Almost the second the already tight ring of muscles tightened around him, Shizuo released his own milky substance into the informant with one last thrust and a lowered deep moan passing his slightly parted lips. And of course, the substance filling him made Izaya's whole body shiver.

None of them moved for what felt like forever, both of them trying to catch their breaths after just to turn of events. Their eyes didn't meet this time, crimson ones were closed while amber ones stared down the pale chest under him. And you would think this would've woken the monster up... but it hadn't. Not even the slightest.

Finally catching his breath, Shizuo bucked his hips backwards to pull out of the other, sending a shiver up the man's spine as he did. In a heavy sigh, he pulled himself down to lay on the bed, his bare and muscular arms moving around the still slightly panting body next to him, only to pull him close and into his own warmth. Amber eyes slowly closed and the monster drifted back to sleep little by little.

Knowing he wouldn't he able to get out of the blonde's grip, Izaya just stared surprised at the now sleeping now, but snuggled into the sudden warmth anyway. While his crimson red eyes watched the monster carefully, the corner of his lips slowly curled up into a soft smirk.

"Guess I should visit your bedroom more often, Shizu-chan..."

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