Hey, guys. I wrote this little poem a while ago for my creative writing class. Hope you all enjoy it! Review and tell me what you think!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

"We Are the Chain of Memories"

Anyone and everyone

Connected by a chain

A chain, a Chain of Memories,

The links that fade through time

Some are so precious, they're hidden away,

And no one remembers where

So remember, remember these fallen thoughts,

For a power is in there

Lost passions, hidden dreams, but beware

Lies that are rotten and fears long forgotten

Would we again these burdens bear?

If to find is to lose, and to lose is to find,

Would everyone remain themselves in Oblivions's tide?

Perhaps to forget is a good thing, too

We are who we are, and that is still true

So long as everyone remains apart of each other,

Our hearts will connect

Where all paths intersect

And again in this chain will reside as a brother