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Alfred had never given much thought about death.

He hadn't really thought about it when his family had received that call on a dark autumn evening. Though, to be honest it was hard to think about much of anything at that time.

He could remember it vividly though. He was sitting at the dinner table, waiting with his mother and father for Matthew, his brother, to come home from his friend's house. His brother, who was never, ever late for anything, was half an hour late for dinner.

When the phone rang, his mother had stood up, mumbling and picked up the phone. Alfred could hear her grumbling under her breath about her supposedly responsible son probably calling to say he was going to be late. It shocked Alfred to see her suddenly drop the phone on the floor and fall to her knees, her eyes pouring tears and loud sobs wracking her body. His father rushed over to her side, leaning close as she whispered in a soft voice what had happened. He watched his father drop to his knees, holding her and they both started to cry.

It wasn't until they were piled in the car, heading towards the direction of the hospital, that Alfred finally had enough courage to ask what had happened. In a shaky voice, his mother had told him. Apparently Matthew had been walking home when he was hit by a drunken truck driver. The truck had barreled into him, sending him flying and he landed on his head. An hour after they had gotten his brother to the hospital, Matthew was considered brain dead, his body having shown no response to their treatments. They were going to his hospital room to do what many call "pull the plug".

When they got to the hospital, Alfred's mind went into overdrive. A half an hour ago he was waiting to eat dinner. Five hours before that he had waved Matthew goodbye and told him to hurry home because mom was making them hamburgers. This morning, he remembered being woken up by Matthew, frantically putting on socks as he realized they had fifteen minutes to get to school. So how, during that normal day, did he end up in the hospital staring at Matthew's unmoving body, waiting to pull the plug on the machines that were keeping him alive?

The memory got more fuzzy here, almost surreal. He held his brothers hand as the machine that breathed for him stopped. He remembered the tears falling from his eyes and calling to his brother to wake up, to stop playing around and sit up, open his eyes, anything. After a few minutes, (or was it a few hours?) he looked up at his parents, their figures blurry and obscured by the tears in his eyes as they hugged him tightly.

To this day, Alfred wondered if his family's collected sobs of anguish could be heard through the hospital. To him, the only sound that was louder was that single long note that drawled on, embedding in his memory and confirming that Matthew was not going to shake him awake in the morning or smile at him in the evening, because he really was gone.

So, even then as they mourned by his brother's bedside, Alfred never thought once about death, only about precious memories of his brother. Not even during the funeral as he watched the coffin descend into the earth, did any thought about death enter his mind. He was too focused on his parents crying quietly next to him and the wet tears falling down his cheeks as he tossed his flower into the large hole.

Yes, Alfred never once thought about death. However, as he lay on the cool ground, half conscious and lying in a pool of blood that was trickling out of his neck, he found it ironic that only one year after his brother's death he would find himself thinking:

Death sucks…

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