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"-And that, Roma sir, is how we all got rid of the ghouls." Alfred said, sitting in the Principals office with his teammates, sans Lovino.

Principal Roma regarded Alfred with a look of amusement as the others stared at him. "So... You and Arthur were the hero and everyone else was backup?"

Arthur sighed, thinking this had gone on long enough. "Alfred, why don't I just explain, hm?" He asked, the vampire turning in his seat to address Arthur but greeted by angry glares from his teammates; all directed at him.

"Oh- Uh, okay Artie." Alfred said, a small chuckle coming from his mouth as Yao cast him an angry look. "That might be best."

Principal Roma was smiling, clearly very amused. "Alright Arthur, then please explain."

"It started fairly rough. We arrived at the docks and began searching for the location of the ghouls. With Yao and Kiku's help we found the warehouse and thanks to the strength of some of the teammates, we opened the door and began exploring, splitting up in the process. After a bit of searching though, the ghouls came out when we were far spread and they attacked us. We ran out, but some of us didn't make it. Francis, Yao, Gilbert, Feliciano and Lovino were all very brave and held their own while the rest of us formed a plan outside. It took a bit of time and there were some arguments, sir, but Alfred managed to step up and take charge. He made a plan that was executed fairly well. We got in and saved our teammates and re-grouped for an attack, which was carried out successfully. Everyone did their part." Arthur said, sounding winded from the long explanation.

"Hey Arthur, you forgot the awesome light balls we made." Alfred said, poking Arthur's cheek.

Arthur huffed, batting Alfred's hand away. "It's of no impor-"

"Hai, that's right! Arthur-san created a very powerful attack that dispatched the ghouls. We all saw it."

At this, Principal Roma raised an eyebrow. "Really? How was this accomplished, may I ask?"

Alfred jumped in to answer, looking proud as he pointed to himself. "I was totally my idea, Roma!"

"Manners, git!" Arthur grumbled.

Alfred seemed to not have heard him as he happily explained. "Artie told me that my ability is like a battery pack! Isn't that awesome!" Alfred was bouncing on the heels of his feet, standing and looking too enthusiastic for such an early morning. "I used it together with his and we made this huge holy-light-ball-thing."

Francis laughed, as did Feliciano and Ivan. In fact, everyone broke into laughter at hearing the American's enthusiastic claim. How could they not when the American was standing there, bouncing on his heels; chair forgotten.

"Kesese. Battery pack, huh? Can you power mein flashlight for me Alfred?"

"Honhonhon, Angleterre, you have a new nickname? Why didn't you tell me?"

Arthur's ears turned as red as Alfred's face was, both boys sinking down into their seats, Alfred plopping down in his.

Principal Roma nodded, "Ah yes, I had assumed Alfred's ability is something that's energy related, only it's more of a positive energy than a negative one. It can be used to enhance another's ability or manifest as a solid force. Of course, we'll have to see how Alfred progresses in the next few ability classes, but I'd say it's a place to start."

Alfred's eyes had widened during Principal Roma's explanation, but not in surprise. "Wait! Roma dude, you knew what my ability was? Why didn't you just tell me? I've had way too much trouble with it; knowing what it was would have been really helpful!" He stubbornly crossed his arms.

Roma looked apologetic, "I'm sorry Alfred. I'm not supposed to interfere with things like that; it's all about the self-learning, Germania's orders." He looked humbled, as though he really wished he could have told. It made Alfred's anger slowly dissipate, leaving him stewing. "Anyways boys, things seem like they're going well. I trust you will all do your best on the next assignment?"

Heads nodded, though some looked a little less enthusiastic. Feliciano raised his hand politely, wanting to speak. "Lovi isn't going to be part of the group anymore, nono Rome. He wants me to leave too; it's too dangerous he said."

"I see… Will you also be leaving us Feli?" Principal Roma asked. There was no hint of persuasion in his voice, no compelling from him to keep Feliciano in the group. Clearly he would respect Feliciano's decision either way, but the same couldn't be said for some others.

Alfred himself worried that if Feliciano left, the group would be short one member. They had already established that without Lovino, there would still be ten members. The control group standard would be fulfilled according to Roma's standards. Without Feliciano, where would they find another member?

"Ve… Well, I was scared in the warehouse… When I fought too, I wanted to run away." Feliciano admitted shyly, "But… I want to stay. My friends are here, and when they're around I feel a lot safer. It makes me want to try hard too; no one seemed scared back then with the ghouls, and I want to work hard too!"

Roma nodded his head, a ghost of a smile appearing on his lips. Some let out a baited breath; relieved that Feliciano was staying and people like Ludwig and Gilbert seemed to loosen up and relax.

Alfred couldn't help but nod at Feliciano's words. It was true, he did feel terrified back at the docks, but at the same time, with the team on his mind, he wondered. Would he have been as brave and tough without the knowledge that his team was there? Depending on him; on each other? Probably not, if he were to be honest with himself.

"Good to hear Feli." Principal Roma said, nodding to himself. There was a shine in his eye as he looked at Feliciano proudly; though, Alfred nearly missed it. With that said, Roma stood up, walking towards the door as others followed behind him. "I think that's about it. You're all excused from class to rest after last night's ordeal. Make sure to pick up any missed wo-"

"-Wait! Alfred still needs to decide!" Gilbert called as everyone made their way to the door.

Bodies stopped moving, some casting Gilbert a confused look, others nodding.

"Mein bruder is right. Alfred have you decided on your second-in-command?"

Alfred gulped nervously, but nodded. He had given it long thought last night, but this morning he had begun to grow doubtful about his decision. He only hoped that now, the one he chose would agree to it.

"I have." He said, turning to Principal Roma, just to avoid the looks everyone was giving him. Some hadn't been informed of this decision, so it was news, while others were waiting in anticipation. "Roma, sir. I would like to nominate someone as my second in command. For when I can't, you know, fulfill my duties or something."

Principal Roma nodded, motioning for Alfred to continue. "Who is it you wish to nominate Alfred?"

Alfred turned, "Arthur." He said, eyes resting on the angel standing a few feet away. The angel's eyes went wide as they registered the name.

"W-Wh- Me?!" Arthur asked incredulously, emerald eyes staring at Alfred as though he had just grown a second head.

The others in the room seemed equally as surprised, Gilbert opening his mouth to protest this decision obly to be stopped by Principal Roma.

"I see… Is there any reason for this decision Alfred?" He asked curiously. His expression was amused, as though this wasn't all that big of a shock for him.

Heads nodded, all wanting an explanation for this decision. Arthur in particular was eyeing Alfred with curious eyes.

Feeling shy suddenly as all the stares bore into Alfred, he cleared his throat. "Well, during the attack yesterday, I wasn't really… Around. So Arthur took good initiative and kept calm. He seemed to be well in control and took the leadership role with stride, ya know? Even now he jumped in and gave you a pretty good debriefing of the mission, Roma, sir."

Roma chuckled, his head moving up and down in a nod. Others seemed fairly unconvinced though; especially Arthur, whom was staring at Alfred skeptically. Taking the silence as a sign to continue, Alfred hastily threw in more.

"-And Arthur seems pretty popular. Everyone here knows him, they'd take orders from him; or at least listen to him. Respect him, right? I know I would." He said, rubbing the back of his head shyly.

"I suppose…" Ludwig said after another brief moment of silence. "If Alfred really thinks Arthur is the best decision, I can accept Arthur as the second-in-command." He gave a sharp nod to Arthur to prove he was with the idea, looking at the others.

"Fine, its okay. "Gilbert said begrudgingly. "I'm too awesome for such a stressful role anyways. All that bossing around would be West's thing anyway."

Ivan just nodded, seeing as he was the last who would really oppose the decision; he gave in. "Da, the angel has my approval. For now at least." He turned to Arthur, smiling, but everyone knew it was more than just a simple congratulatory smile. "Don't disappoint me Arthur."

Arthur gulped, looking nervous and eyeing Alfred. He sent the American a glare for putting him in this awkward position as Roma cleared his throat. "Well, we have no objections from the teammates, but Arthur, are you willing to take the job?"

"I-I-" Arthur looked around at the expectant faces, eyes choosing to rest on Alfred. The vampire looked back at him pleadingly, begging with his eyes for Arthur to accept. How could Arthur say no…"Alright, I'll do it. But you all better give me your full attention! And Alfred, I want to speak to you after this." He hissed.

"Excellent!" Principal Roma said cheerfully, "I'll let Germania know of your decision. Oh, and Alfred, I'd like to request you stay behind for a moment, if you please."

He walked over to the office door, pulling it open. "I will see the rest of you boys later. There's been increased supernatural activity these days, so expect another assignment soon."

A few groaned as they exited; thinking about the next assignment and wondering what it will entail. Feliciano stopped for a moment and gave Roma a hug before leaving and Yao made an effort to congratulate Arthur for getting the position. Soon all that was left was Alfred and Arthur in the office as Roma closed the door, turning to address Alfred.

"Hm? Oh, Arthur. You needn't worry about this; it's just a matter concerning Alfred." Principal Roma said, eyeing the angel who stayed behind.

"With all due respect sir, as second in command, I think anything that involves the leader is part of my business." Arthur replied, standing tall. Already he was exerting his ability; cunning. Roma thought, chuckling.

"Okay then, if you wish. I hope that's okay Alfred."

Alfred nodded, just waiting for Roma to explain why he was there.

"Well, it's nearing the end of the week Alfred. You know what that means." Principal Roma said, walking over and sitting in his desk. He held a serious look on his face, eyeing Alfred warily.

"Sir?" Alfred was stumped, what did that mean? Was there some occasion he was supposed to- oh. "O-Oh!"

Arthur raised a thick brow, confused. "Sorry, am I missing something here?"

"Weren't you there Arthur? Alfred has a trial run at the school, remember? After a week he decides if he wants to stay or not." Principal Roma explained, leaning back in his chair. "So Alfred?"

Arthur immediately looked at Alfred, whom returned the look with an "It's cool, I got it under control!" look.

"Sir, uh, I- I'd like to stay."


"I mean, yesterday I wouldn't have. But, something's convinced me that this place might be best. Plus, I got a team to lead, right? I can't just abandon them." Alfred said, looking back at the principal figure in front of him. "I made some friends here and one, uh, best friend. It wouldn't be nice to leave the best friend alone. He totally needs me ya know?" He laughed lightly as Arthur glared at him, elbowing him.

"I see… Best friend, hm?" Roma said, chuckling.

"Yeah! He's pretty darn cool. He's really nice, even though he's got a temper. He kind of… Knocked some sense into me the past few days, and has stuck by me even though I've been a pain." Alfred said, sobering, "He's a pretty good guy. I know I've got his back, if he's got mine."

Arthur, whom had been readying another elbow-to-the-gut, hesitated as he listened to Alfred's words. He cast a side glance towards Alfred, having been looking forwards at Roma's reactions. Green eyes met blue and in them, he could see sincerity. He sighed, lowering his arm to his lap.

Roma watched them with amusement, "I see. Arthur, have you met this boy?" he asked.

"Ah, y-yes. Yes I have. I must say he's got incredible patience for tolerating Alfred. Although; I suppose he sees more than just the buffoon in him." Arthur replied, smirking as Alfred sucked in a breath, looking ready to protest. "I mean, Alfred's definitely more than that; it's just one of the traits that makes him an interesting character. I-I'm sure that the more he spends time with Alfred, the better he will understand Alfred and the closer their friendship will become."

Alfred chuckled, smiling at Arthur as Roma's eyes shined. "Very well then, I'll make sure to add you to the school roster. That way the enrollment is official." He said happily.

"Thanks Roma dude." Alfred said, giving a thumbs-up before stretching. His legs were getting tired from standing.

Arthur cleared his throat, "Well, anyways sir, I really must be going. I need to catch the teachers before they leave the classrooms and Alfred here ought to go to ."

Alfred looked perplexed, "I do?"

Arthur groaned, "Blood, Alfred." He said before whispering, "I'm not letting you skip another. One bite is most certainly enough."

Roma raised an eyebrow at this, but stayed silent and nodded. "Very well, have a good day boys." He said, waving his hand as the two left his office.

On the other side of the door, Alfred stood with Arthur a bit of a tense silence surrounding them.


"So…" Arthur looked to the ground, "You meant that right?"

Alfred nodded quickly. "Of course I did! I got your back and you got mine, right?"

"Yeah, I think so." Arthur replied, "Well, I definitely do now that you've made me second in command. Blimey Alfred, you could have told me beforehand!" He said, walking out of the office with Alfred. They stood in the hallways now, slowly walking towards 's room.

"Sorry! Those guys just told me yesterday I had to decide, it was like a spur of the moment kind of thing!" Alfred replied, raising his hands in an act of surrender. "Stay calm dude".

"Spur of the moment?! You mean you thought it up on the spot! You're serious? Wow, you're a bigger ham-head than I thought!" Arthur said, sounding ticked off; "Just, I can't-"

"Woah, woah! No, I thought about it last night, when I got back from our… Night-time seemed like you'd be best for the job Artie. You got this commanding air about ya, and well…" Alfred looked away, puffing his cheeks. "I-I trust you."

Arthur felt his anger deflate faster than a balloon. "…Git." Was all he could say. "If you thought I would be good for the job, then I suspect maybe you are right." He admitted. "But that doesn't change things; you're still going to get blood. You're going to lead this team and not run away again. And!" Arthur crossed his arms. "You're going to have to talk to Ivan at some point."

"What?! Ivan? Why!?" Alfred stopped at the door to the first aid room, hand on the doorknob as he turned to look at the angel. "Why do I have to talk to him? He's totally mad at me! Couldn't you tell; I didn't choose him as second in command and now he wants to like, I don't know, off us and take our job!"

"You're throwing the whole situation out of proportion!" Arthur said, frowning. "You need to talk to Ivan about Allred."

What. "What." Alfred stared at Arthur like he suddenly grew extra limbs. "Are you nuts Artie, I can't talk about Allred to anyone, let alone Ivan!" he hissed, glaring. Arthur must have not had enough sleep.

"Git! You have to tell someone about it; it can't be just me. Anyways, there's a reason you should talk to Ivan specifically. Listen to it first, will you."

Alfred huffed, "Okay, okay."

"Ivan has some experience with internal… Voices." Arthur said, whispering in case others were listening in.

"What, really?" Alfred said surprised, that's news to him. Who would have thought Ivan had an Allred too!

"Shh! I'm not saying he has the same exact problem as you, Alfred. In fact, it might not even be true." Arthur said quickly, nudging the vampire to get him to keep quiet. "I've only heard that he has experience in it, from his older sister. I'm sure if you talk to him, you two could figure out what to about Allred. At least find a better way to block him from your mind."

"Yeah, I suppose…" Alfred said, h'mm-ing. "But how am I supposed to approach him, let alone bring this up."

Arthur sighed, "I don't know Alfred. But be careful how you do it. Only a choice few know about Ivan's experiences. Not to mention his sister Natalya, watch for her too. She's a bit protective of Ivan. At best, maybe you should talk to Kat first. She might be of help."

"Kat?" Alfred asked, tapping his chin. The name sounded familiar, but he couldn't place it.

"Katyusha. Ivan's older sister. Careful talking to her; she's sensitive." Arthur said, turning to the door now. They had lingered long enough. "Just do it as soon as you can, Alfred. Alright?"

"Fiiiiine." Alfred drawled, turning the doorknob at last and stepping through, Arthur following behind as they searched for .

I guess it can't hurt to talk to Ivan. Alfred thought absently, I just have to be careful that Allred doesn't hear of this…

Meanwhile, in the office, Principal Roma's eyes went back into focus. He looked at his friend, rubbing his head. "Goodness, these visions are coming more frequently these days." He mumbled, casting a tired look to his friend. "What's the latest?" he said lightly, though Germania did not smile. Instead, his long-haired friend passed him a paper and the cheer in eyes dimmed.

As two worlds collide, death will reign. Beware the one who's friendship they feign.

"I think-" Germania said, looking at Roma, "That we should cut back on the wine for you, Romulus. And-" he cut his friend off before the brunette could protest. "We should keep a keen eye on the school; this means trouble. But for whom, I don't know…"

Roma pouted at the thought of wine cutbacks, spinning his chair and looking out the window of his office, "You must be right old friend" He mumbled, idly tapping the chair's armrest. "But I have to wonder. Exactly what awaits us at the end of it all?"

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