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Pairings: Faberry, fafafabray
Warning: Incest. Can't stomach it, don't read it. Just don't.

Part I


It was always Cherry. Rachel hardly flinched when the icy, corn syrup splattered across her face. The sting of it wore off giving way to the freezing ice that sent a shiver down her neck to the base of her spine making her shiver. Someone laughed down the hall and a few snickers sounded on either side of her.

Rachel dragged her hand over her face, clearing her eyes before marching back to her locker for her spare sweater. She took it off the locker hook, sniffing it once. It had been some time since she had received a slushy facial. The sweater in her locker smelt like old text books and the strange, cleaning chemical, and the closed in smell of the McKinley High hall.

Holding it away from her drenched clothes, Rachel hurried to the end of the hall restroom. It was the restroom covered in poorly washed away graffiti and a permanent smell of well…Rachel would rather not think about the stink that permeated from the stalls. But it was safe. It was safe when The Skanks weren't using it for their morning make up touch ups or lunchtime swirlies.

Being 2nd period kept Rachel in the clear.

She slipped inside just as the tardy bell rang. She disregarded it knowing she could ask Mr. Schue to write her a pass. He always did when things like this happened. Him or Miss Pillsbury but she always looked at Rachel like she had dropped an atomic bomb of germs into her office when she came in still slightly sticky. She didn't want to deal with that on most days.

Taking large gulps of air, Rachel shimmed her shirt up over her head, grimacing as the liquid in her top pressed against her face spreading more sticky mess to her skin and dropping more clots of Cherry slush into her hair. She draped it over the sink, grabbing paper towels to run under the tap and scrub what was on her arms.

She was running another wet paper towel over her face when the door creaked open. Hastily, she snatched up her clean sweater, covering herself up. She hadn't really thought about who would walk in. She was usually clear and most times out before too long. But red took longer to scrub off than blue and even purple didn't seem to hold as much dye in it as damn cherry.

"Whoa," the sleek, low alto tone coughed out followed by a laugh from the back of her throat. "That's not something you see everyday."

Rachel huffed, looking up from making sure she was all covered. She opened her mouth ready to speak, but the dark outlined hazel eyes staring back, peeking around her sweater at her scantily clasd body stopped the words on her tongue.

Her brow furrowed, mouth bobbing in something to say. Because the last time Rachel checked, Quinn's hair wasn't chopped at the shoulders or a vibrant shade of hot, hot pink. The last time she checked, Quinn was still wearing a cheerleading outfit with a simple silver cross on her neck. Not combat boots, tights and a large, silver hanging crucifix around her neck.

The restroom door shut. The infamous Quinn Fabray eyebrow hiked up over her right eye. Right eye. Quinn always did her left.

"The hell happened to you?" It was said with that same mocking laugh. Same tone, same inflection but the timbre was different - lower and darker.

Rachel shook herself out of her shock, going to cross her arms around her body but thought against it. She still wasn't wearing a shirt and this girl was still trying to see around it.

"That's a stupid question, don't you think?" Rachel said. "It's not like this is the first time this has happened and even so, it's blatantly obvious as to what happened."

"Slow down, slow down," This…this Quinn clone held up her hands. Between the fingers of her left hand was an unlit cigarette. "You look like freaking Elmo." She laughed again, reaching into the pocket of cut off jeans.

"What are you doing?" Rachel hurried over to her. She plucked the cigarette out from her fingers before the flame could touch the tip. "You can't smoke in here, or on school property for that matter, and it'll mess up your voice and, though I hate to admit it, we do need it in glee club."

"Glee club?" The same right eyebrow cocked. She snorted a laugh, sidestepping from Rachel and walked into a stall.

Rachel stared at the closed door confused. The sound of a zipper echoed in the restroom reminding Rachel of the state of dress she was in. Quickly, she pulled her arms through the new sweater, pulling at the places that stuck to her skin where she hadn't completely rubbed all the slush from.

It would have to do. She was already ten minutes late for class. After fifteen, tardy passes weren't accepted. But then again, she was Rachel Berry and could talk her way in and out of anything if she used enough big words and lengthy phrases.

The toilet flushed behind her. Rachel watched in the mirror as pink hair emerged from the stall and walked to the mirror beside her. She pulled an eyebrow pencil from behind her ear and touched it to her lower lid.

"Are you…" Rachel looked her over again. "You're not Quinn,"

"Nope," her lips popped with the word. Her lashes fluttered all thick, long and black. "And I'm sure as hell not Charlie."

"I didn't- I didn't know there was- there were three of you." Rachel said it almost disappointed.

There was already Quinn and Charlie. Quinn and her power to part the halls like they were the red sea. Quinn and her chilling leering from across the hall.

It was almost as bad as Charlie's smirking glances that she'd steal at Rachel during lunchtime or English from behind her book and over the tops of her glasses. Rachel would kindly smile her way, cheeks a tad warm and slightly red as she looked back to her own work from those piercing eyes.

This Fabray's smirk was teasing. She tucked the pencil away, turning to face Rachel. Her eyes looked her up and down, mouth open slightly so her tongue could be seen running across her teeth.

"'course not," Pushing off the sink, the third Fabray stepped towards her. The large cross on her chain clinked against a dangling peace sign as she walked. "I'm the one they didn't want anyone to know about."

She leaned into Rachel, eyes squinted as if to get a better look at her. Rachel could smell cigarette smoke coming heavy off her clothes and hair. For once she welcomed it as a relief from the stench of the filthy restroom.

Rachel blinked away from boring eyes. "What's your name?"

"What's it matter to you-" a finger pressed into the center of her forehead. "-Rachel?"

Rachel flinched at the finger, breath drawing in quick at the drop of her name. Another heated laugh fell out from split lips as the finger on Rachel's forehead slid down past her temple and along the underside of her jawbone coming off her chin with a sharp motion.

She drew back her hand, placing the tip of the finger on her tongue. "Mmm," She hummed, lips closing around it for a moment before she pulled it out. "Cherry,"

"Who are you?" Rachel asked again, running the back of her hand over her chin. Drops of melted, red slush that she missed streaked across her skin.

"You'll know my name soon enough," she snatched up the cigarette off the sink where Rachel had placed it. She waved it in front of Rachel's face teasingly before turning her back towards her and headed for the door.

"By the way," She glanced back over her shoulder, nose ring kinking up as she crunched up her nose. "Red's a shit color on you."

Rachel watched the door slowly begin to shut, the sounds of the Dana Fabray's laughter ringing in her ears before it banged shut.


It's a strange sight to see the two Fabray heads tucked together closely. Rachel spotted them across the cafeteria sitting on the large windowsill where Charlie often ate her lunch. It was a long stretch away from the Cheerio's table Quinn frequented and even farther from where Rachel plopped down at the end of the reject glee clubbers table. Not that she spoke with any of them. She kept to herself at the end, notebook opened in front of her.

Quinn's ponytail whipped as she did a double take towards the doors to the cafeteria. Charlie raised her eyebrows, following her sister's pointing finger. Rachel slowly turned her head to see what had caught their attention.

The third of them came through the doors. A girl Rachel knew to be called Mak was at her side. She only knew that's what she was called because she'd seen her etch it into the corner of a mirror with nail file in the restroom. In the yearbook Rachel knew her real name to be Francesca or something of the sort.

Her pink head to the student body was like a glowing light bulb to a fly. Eyes shifted and heads turned to the new, grunge-looking girl sauntering haughtily across the cafeteria. She held her eyes narrowed slightly and mouth the smallest bit open so it held a suggestive quirk to it.

Mak smacked a large piece of gum beside her as they walked. Her head held high lolled to the right catching the eyes of her sisters.

Rachel saw Quinn sneer in her direction while Charlie only chewed on her bottom lip with the usual unreadable expression. The third winked in her sister's direction causing Quinn to boil and Charlie's cheeks to ting pink.

Rachel diverted her gaze back to her notebook.


"Don't talk to this loser, D," Mak smacked, glowering down her nose. Rachel had the faintest memory of her in the sixth grade. She had been sweet then. With pigtails and Star Trek shirts…

"Hi," Rachel nervously shifted in her seat. The eyes of others were instantly pulled to her.

Artie, Tina, Mike and Mercedes glanced over at the one they usually ignored at the base of their table. Rachel chanced another glance across the cafeteria at the others. Charlie reached an arm out to Quinn who had just gotten up. Her fingers just grazed her forearm. Quinn stormed across the cafeteria.

"Dana, c'mon," Mak tugged on the cut off sleeve of her shirt. "You've got to meet Ronnie and Sheila."

"Yeah, right, okay," She spun around stopping in her tracks coming face to face with Quinn. "Oh-"

"What are you doing?" She turned to Rachel. "Is she bothering you?"

"I- No- She's not-" Rachel stumbled.

Quinn ignored her. "What are you doing?"

"Nice to see you too, big sis,"

Rachel bounced from one to the other. Deciphering Quinn from Charlie had been difficult. They were almost exact splitting images of one another. Their eyes the same shade of hazel and hair the same color of blonde though Quinn's roots were starting to turn a little brown. If it weren't for the Cheerio's uniform, they would hardly be a separation unless one of them opened their mouth.

Dana was slightly different. Regardless the obvious, her eyes had a tint of green in the irises and her height put her three inches higher then Quinn. Calling her big sis was a stab. Rachel saw Quinn roll her eyes at it, hands going firmly to her hips.

"Why are you still here?" Quinn snarled to Mak.

The Skank popped her gum loudly, rolling her eyes before stomping off. Rachel was impressed. Not even the ones as hardcore as The Skanks stood up to Quinn Fabray.

She whipped back around on Dana. "What are you doing here?"

"What's wrong, Quinnie?" She nudged the Quinn's chin with the knuckle of her index finger. "Miss me?"

She smacked it away. Hard. "Stop it,"

"Didn't daddy tell you violence is never the answer?"

"No, but I remember him telling you that," Quinn steeped closer, chest out and neck pulled to it's longest trying to gain any sort of height. "Right before he sent you away."

Hazel green flashed to Rachel. She ducked her head down pretending like she wasn't listening. Her falter brought a wicked smile to Quinn's face.

"You're not supposed to be at this school,"

"It's big enough for the two of us," she paused, head tilted the direction of Charlie. She had a book pulled up to her nose but her eyes were watching them the entire time. "Or three of us"

"Dad said-"

"Dad says a lot of things. When will you learn you can't always listen to him?"

"Look where that got you,"

Dana coughed a laugh, fingers pinching at a strand of pink hair. She twirled it between the pads of her fingers. "It got me somewhere. Unlike you,"

"You think you're better-"

"Shh," a finger pressed into Quinn's lips causing her to squeak in surprise. Dana rotated her head all around them. "There are people watching,"

Quinn's mouth opened like she was about to say something but shut it instantly once she saw Rachel. Her brow creased inwards.

"What are you looking at, hm?" Rachel blinked sheepishly a few times, darting her eyes away from the two sisters. "Mind your own business, dwarf."

"Temper, temper," Dana teased, making a ticking sound with her mouth.

"Shut up, Dana," Another set of red and white Cheerio skirts fluttered into the cafeteria. "I'm not done with you." She hissed.

Quinn looked Dana down once more and hurried over to Santana and Brittany, throwing backwards glance over her shoulder at her and Dana before Brittany hooked an arm around her elbow and guided her to the Cheerios table.

"You deal with that?"

It took Rachel a moment before she realized Dana was speaking to her. She drew her eyes back up from her notebook shrugging. Dana scoffed, straightening out her tangled chains before walking away.

Rachel didn't miss the separate pairs of golden eyes that were piercing her from different parts of the cafeteria.


Charlie sighed, stuffing the books she didn't need for homework into her locker in exchange for the ones she did. She held her head half hidden behind the metal, hoping it would hide her from-


She cursed silently into the cavern of her locker. She shut it, turning to Dana leaning against the one next to hers.

"You're not going to be mean too are you?"

Walk away, she told herself but the wounded look in her sister's eyes kept her in place. Even if it was a trick to reel her in. "What are you doing here, D?"

"God, has everyone forgotten that I do live here?"

"N-no," she dropped her eyes away from the pair so much like her own but weren't at all. "Dad didn't say you were back."

"He doesn't know yet,"

Charlie gasped. "Who are you staying with?"

"Unlike my own family, there are people around here that accept me."

"Don't talk like that," Charlie looked everywhere but her as she spoke. "You know I do." She muttered almost inaudible.

The smile on Dana's face burned in Charlie's chest. She fought against her own smile but couldn't help it. It had been so long since she had seen that smile. Even if it had been late at night, down in the basement, arms holding her up against a wall and skin sliding against skin…

She shivered involuntarily.

Dana's smile turned smug. "Then you can help me. Make dad take me back."

"You know he won't,"

"But he never says no to you,"

Soft fingers touched the arch of her cheekbone. Her fingers were cold but all Charlie could feel was heat. "But Quinn-"

"He never says no to you, Charlotte."

Another shudder coursed through her. No one called her Charlotte the way Dana did. It was always laced with a sort of hearty affection and sensual undertones that sent her into such a high- no. She wasn't supposed to think those things. She shouldn't.

"I'll try," she found her voice. People were watching the two of them as they passed by.

Charlie had heard it all day. The confusion as to who the new girl with the pink hair that looked like the Fabray sister's. Charlie hadn't believed it was Dana at first. The last she had seen her sister - younger by an hour than she and Quinn - she had chopped blonde hair with pink highlights. The cut had been a stab at their father. The pink had been the twist of the hilt. What he discovered had been the gutting of his insides. She could only imagine what he'd say now.

"I knew I could count on you," Dana offered a smile, peeling off the locker.

"Where are you staying?" she blurted before Dana could get away.

She laughed softly catching it in Charlie's voice. "I'll call you,"

"But dad-"

"Charlotte," those fingers were on her face again, smoothing over her eyebrows.
Everything inside of her told her to back away. But Charlie had always had a problem from staying away from the younger triplet. She had a big problem with staying away. "I'll call you,"


She was suddenly freezing in her sweater at the absence of fingers and blazing pink hair.

And she hated herself for it.


"Runt's back then, huh?"

Quinn rolled her eyes angrily. She fell into the chair next to Santana angrier at the world than she had been that morning in Cheerios practice where coach kept drilling into them.

Hallway whispers didn't make it any better and Santana was just adding onto the fire by bringing it up. She was stupid to think the glee kids wouldn't say anything. Especially the two who had known her the longest. It struck up conversation at the beginning of rehearsal. Questions flew at her about who Dana was, where she had been, why no one knew about her, why she just showed up out of the blue.

She was saved from spontaneous combustion by Mr. Schue's entrance into the choir room. He asked for clarity as to what all the gossip was about. Finn explained.

"Your sister?" Mr. Schue turned to her.

"Can we drop it now?" Quinn snapped. She didn't want to deal with it there too. Not in glee club. It had been her only escape. "I have another sister. We're triplets. She has pink hair. The end. Can we please just start rehearsal now?"

Mr. Schue clapped his hands ending the discussion and launched into the lesson for the day. Out the corner of her eye, Quinn caught Rachel staring at her. She sneered back annoyed. Though, Quinn realized once Mr. Schue started to sing some old hip-hop song that Rachel had been silent the entire time.

"I thought it was cotton candy on her head," Brittany started, leaning over Santana to whisper to her. "I tried to pick some off during history."

Quinn pinched the bridge of her nose.

Santana smiled at her affectionately. "Why didn't you tell us your sister was back?"

"Why would I? She was gone for a reason." she shuddered at the memory. At all of it. She shuddered again remembering the parts that involved her. "I didn't even know she was back until today. I found out when you all found out."

"What's daddy dearest think about that?"

"No one knows, S," She said with a tone of finality. "No one but us. Now drop it."


No one else knew. No one else knew except for Shelby Corcoran.

Dana watched Shelby pull up to the house. She still felt a little weird staying at a complete stranger's place but Shelby had been nice when she saw her sitting outside of the grocery store asking for some kind of money for food.

Sure, she had only been kind because she knew the Fabray's and Shelby couldn't get over how much she looked like the Fabray's daughters.

She spilt it there. Shelby's lips made an oh. The next thing Dana knew, she was eating breadsticks across from this choir teacher and crashing on her couch.

"You know you could go inside," she shrugged, taking a long drag of her cigarette. She hadn't always smoked. She had picked it up somewhere between the time she left to he return.

"And no smoking in or within twenty feet of the house." she reached out to snatch it.

Dana drew back, getting one more drag before putting it out beneath her boots. Shelby didn't look annoyed or upset but maybe a tad frazzled. She hadn't stopped staring at Dana like she'd suddenly sprout long blonde hair and a cheerleading uniform. Or maybe even a baby doll dress and wedges.

She jumped off the step, following after Shelby inside.

Shelby's house smelt like wood polish. She fingered it was because of the piano she had in the room to the right of the front door. It spread a dull, lemon musk with a twinge of what Dana matched with wet firewood in the winter.

Everything was nice and neat and in place. It reminded her of home. Home with Quinn and Charlie and her parents. Not the stark white and gray institution she had been living in the last four years.

There were no children around and no signs of their being any. Even though photos of a smiling girl with chestnut hair lined the fireplace.

"That's Rachel," Shelby told her when she had caught her staring at them. "But you probably already knew that."

Vaguely. Even when Dana lived at home, they didn't know a lot of the neighboring kids. Their dad had all his daughters attend better schools - private schools. Quinn and Charlie only went to McKinmey because Russell got caught in the recession and money got tight. Yet, somehow, he had enough to admit her into a center three states away with the intentions on fixing her and her ungodly, blasphemes ways.

She'd keep quiet that it was consensual. She'd hold it to herself that his perfect, precious baby girl Quinn wasn't spotless herself. Because Dana didn't rat people out. She took the fall alone.

"Hungry?" Shelby called from the kitchen.

She snapped her eyes away from the photos of Rachel. It was weird that this woman kept pictures of a girl she had no connection with. But she saw the matching eyes and the similar jaw. Rachel may not know it, but blood connected them and for whatever reason, Shelby hadn't let Rachel in on that tiny fact.

"How was school?" asked Shelby.

Dana twirled spaghetti around her fork. She wasn't hungry. She hadn't been hungry all day. After seeing Quinn and talking to Charlie, her appetite had drained.

"I met your daughter," She said instead of the real facts.

The real facts was that school sucked and McKinley sucked. More often than not, she wished she were back in West Virginia at the institute or cooped up in her aunt's home that smelt of mothballs and Glade air fresheners. But her aunt thought that Russell said she could come back and Dana used the tiny wad of cash she earned working at the washeteria to get herself back to Lima. Back to Charlie.

Well, when she thought about Charlie and maybe even Quinn, to an extent, things didn't suck so much. Shelby had a nice home and she didn't call any foster agencies or CPS or anything. So maybe it was only her hurt feelings of being obviously rejected by Quinn and not trusted by Charlie that made her long for Better Tomorrows Institute For Girls.

Shelby's fork scratched across the bottom of her plate. "Rachel?" Dana nodded. "How is she?"

"A social pariah," She said, bluntly. "We'll get along great."

"Maybe," Was all she said to that, her eyes dropping away and sad. She barely picked at her food after that and Dana felt guilty for bringing it up.

But Rachel stuck in the back of her mind as she striped the blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped herself in it. Her back was to the pictures in the house, but Dana remembered Rachel's dark chocolate eyes and her light, tanned skin framed by dark hair.

She remembered the uncertainty in her eyes in the restroom and the way she coward at Quinn's words.


Dana turned over on the couch, wiggling her legs to throw the blanket back over her legs. If she wanted to get anywhere near her dad again, to get back home, she needed Quinn to forgive her. She needed Quinn to fight for her because Charlie could only do so much. She needed to win Quinn back.