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This is another Fem!Luffy fanfic. The idea was brought about when I began to play with a certain scene from the anime. I was wondering what would have happened if Luffy was there when Ace fought Jimbei and then proceeded to stubbornly battle Whitebeard. So yeah, I decided to make a fanfic on this. Sorry if it's depressing, I've been having a very bad day. Please don't ask about it.

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Summary: What if Luffy was there when Ace challenged Jimbei and Whitebeard? What if Luffy had a different Devil Fruit? What if Luffy was a 14 year old girl? How would this change the story? Let's find out!

Note: I'm making Ace 18 in this, because I'm not really sure how old he was when he challenged Whitebeard. This is probably his correct at the time, as he left Dawn Island at age 17, and supposedly within a year, became quite famous. I'm going to assume that it was that same year that Ace challenged them, hence his age.

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Episode 1: The Panther!

Unnamed island in the New World-

Ace stood proudly infront of his crew as he faced down the fishman before him. Supposedly this man knew how to find Whitebeard, but he was being stubborn about it.

"Hey big guy! I wanna meet Whitebeard!" All of the Spade Pirates were shuffling nervously, that is all except one.

"No! I ain't taking someone as sharp as you to meet Pops. You'll probably just cause trouble. If you want a fight, I'll be your opponent!" Ace smirked slightly as he tilted his head, his expression was one that could scare even the Devil himself.



"Please be careful!"

"That's Jimbei, Ace! Be careful!" came the warnings and calls from his crew. Amongst them was one who stayed silent, fully confident that he would win this, if not tie with the fierce and world reknown Fishman. A bluish black panther, quite young in age and female. She wore a collar around her neck, the Spade Pirates Jolly Roger dead center for any and all to see. She waited with her tail moving lazily behind her, watching the fight with a highly amused interest. She was by all means apart of the Spade Pirates, and nobody had ever questioned, none of the members had, after all, she was one of the oldest, having been apart of it as long Ace himself, who had founded the crew.

"The Shichibukai huh? Heh! Sounds like fun!" suddenly his fist shot out without warning toward the direction of the Fishman. "Hiken!" The following scenes involved nothing but various explosions and the need to occasionally dodge the stray attacks that bipassed whoever was infront of the assembled pirates at the time.

Five Days Later-

The Spade Pirates stared slack-jawed at the battlefield, which was by now, nothing but craters and charred earth and vegetation.

"No way..."



"They've been fighting for five days straight!" More panicked calls and bouts of shock echoed as they continued to observe the now still combatants.

They were staring each other down, looking watching each other warily. Then the young panther finally moved. She stood up and walked over to Ace's side. As she approached, Jimbei fell to the ground with a grunt, unconcious. Ace followed soon after.

The Panther gently rubbed her head against Ace as she nudged him to at least half awareness. She would have let him rest, but there were bigger fish to fry, or rather bigger pirates. And she knew Ace would be upset if she had allowed him to sleep through it.

A huge ship appeared suddenly, becoming quite clear in the fog. Standing proudly on the figure head, which was shaped like a giant white whale, was the very reason they had even bothered to come to such an island in the first place; Edward Newgate, or more commonly known as Whitebeard. Behind him where the 14 division commanders, who helped lead the monumental pirate crew and maintain order.

"So you wanna take my head eh? Well I'll take you all on!" came the bellowing voice of the man said to be the closest to One Piece, the treasure of the late Pirate King. He jumped down to the ground, causing it to shake slightly when he landed, and began wreaking havoc amongst the Spade Pirates.

Several member flew back injured as the man used his Devil Fruit powers to completely demolish them.

"Guys!" Ace called out worried as he watched the destruction commense. He growled as he stood up, spreadin his arms wide. Suddenly a huge wall of fire seperated him from the rest of his crew, including the Panther.

"Captain Ace!" called one of them worriedly.

"You guys go! Run away!"

"What? Are you running away now?"

"Shut up! Just let my men go! I'll stay behind and fight you until the end!"

"Ah, cheeky brat aren't ya? Heh!" and with that yet another fight commenced as Ace lunged at the man, yelling defiance the whole time.

Sometime later at night-

Ace's crew was long gone and now the boy lay there amongst the charred remains of the battlefield, seemingly dead. Whitebeard stood over him, watching what had to be a corpse by now. Or so he thought. His eyes widened visibly as Ace's beaten form twitched slightly before finally getting up. He was in no condition to fight, but it was quite obvious he wasn't willing to give up just yet. He probably wouldn't give up and willingly forfeit until he was incapable of movement, and even then he'd probably still try to fight back. Really he was quite stubborn. And that's what liked about the boy.

"Gurararara! So you can still move boy? It'd certainly be a waste to kill ya right here boy. You want to terrorize the seas and run wild. Do it under my name!" Ace's eyes widened as he looked at the man in stunned shock. Whitebeard continued as he offered his hand to the ambitious pirate captain, "Become my son?" Ace gave a weak growl as he yelled out,

"SCREW YOU OLD MAN!" Ace grunted in pain as his body made a riot out of the sudden movement, causing him to pass out. A young man with blonde hair who's head was shaped like a pineapple jumped down to his captains side.

"Well if that wasn't entertaining..." he said in slightly an amused tone as he approached the unconcious boy. "So I guess you want me and the others to load him onto the ship." Marco said, more stated then asking. He recieved a nod of conformation and with that began to reach out to pick the unconcious pirate up. That is, until something growled at him warningly.

The man was forced to jump back as a large black cat jumped in between Ace and him, intervening in his actions, and putting quite a good distance between the two.

"Whoo! Now who's this?" he noticed a collar around the cats neck, and gave a curious side glance to his captain.

"Looks like one of his crew from earlier." A man with a pompadour supplied as he joined them both.

"I thought they all fled, yoi." The man he said as he gave the cat a curious look.

"This one must have come back...That's a really big cat." The pompadour man said as he became wary of the overly sized feline.

"Thatch...That's not a cat...That's a panther. An oddly colored panther, but a panther none the less." the blonde man supplied as he gave the man a look that purely and brazenly said "Seriously?".

"It's smaller then an adult panther, probably pretty young. Could be their pet." The man with the pompadour, Thatch, suggested half-heartedly. The man just continued to observe the Panther before noticing something that was slightly off about it, actually several things that were slightly off about it,

"This is not an ordinary panther."

"What makes you say that Marco?" The man, Marco, pointed at the large feline,

"Thatch is right about it being smaller. It's smaller in size then even a young panther. This ones should be bigger with it's age. And not only that, there's the fur color too. The fur is blue, not black. A really dark blue yes, but not black like it normally should be." he stated as he looked at Whitebeard and Thatch. Thatch tilted his head, not quite seeing exactly what Marco was talking about. Whitebeard could tell that this was indeed not a normal panther.

"Don't go pointing fingers. That's rude." All three of them looked in shock at the Panther, who had a very amused look on her face.

"It talked..." Thatch said, still too surprised to think properly.

"Crap! It's a Zo-" Marco didn't get to finish as she lunged at him, claws and teeth bared. He managed to duck and get in the air, and a good distance away as Thatch and several others joined in to assist in what could now be considered an ambush.

There had never been any mention of a Zoan Class Devil Fruit user in the Spade Pirates, just that the captain was a Logia. Not only that, but they had no idea how strong this one was. No matter how strange and small it looked,it could still be quite dangerous. After all, it had nearly gotten Marco, and though the man could regenerate from his injuries, there was no telling how much damage she could do to the others.

"A giant flaming chicken...hmm...I wonder if he tastes any good..." Everybody sweatdropped visibly as they continued to stare warily at the cat, which was now staring in pure fascination at Marco who had transformed into his animal form.

"I am NOT a flaming chicken!" said Mythical Zoan called out in an offended manner. The Panther tilted her head slightly as she asked him,

"Oh...Mr. Pompadour said your name was Marco right?" He nodded, "Ok then...I have another question. If you're not a flaming chicken...Then what are you?" Marco sighed as he flew a little lower to the ground,

"I'm a phoenix. I ate a Mythical Zoan Class Devil Fruit." She nodded as she seemed to fall into deep thought for a few seconds.

"Oh, well that's good. That means you actually pose a challenge." Everyone blinked in shock as the Panther suddenly burst into large bouts of electricity.

"I ate a Devil Fruit too." she began as she prowled her way around before crouching lower to the ground, "I ate the Neko Neko no Mi: Volt Panther Model." she growled as she attacked again. This time though she actually got Marco, causing him to crash to the ground as his body became paralized with electricity. He grimaced as he struggled to get up, large voltages of electricity still coursing through him. He winced as he struggled to move, all his nerves having been temperarily fried into disuse from the attack. Her claws and fangs had missed, but the electricity coming out in large watts hadn't, not by a long shot.

"Marco! Why you little!" The Mythical Zoan made to attack Thatch next, as he was closest, when she was knocked back and away from them by Whitebeard.

"You're quite the dangerous one now aren't you. It's been a long time since I've seen someone bring down Marco that quickly." The Panther gave no reply as she stood up again, a bit shaken up but not deterred from the fight. If anything, it appeared that she was even more enclined to fight now.

"Shishishi! You're strong! And that power of yours is pretty cool too! Now I see why Ace wanted to fight ya old man!" Whitebeard put his arm out in front of everybody who was behind him,

"Commanders stay here, the rest of you go back on board. This isn't someone you can fight easily." They hesitated, but left anyways.

"I won't let you take Ace!" she called as one of them tried to take the boy with them. They immediately stepped back, paralyzed slightly and a nasty gash running down their arm. It would make for a nice scar later, but for now, it needed to be treated.

"That's the second one she's gotten!"

"You wanna make it a third?" she asked as she continued to stand in the way.

"How about we just knock ya out!" The panther yipped as Marco, finally having regained control of his body, flew in and kicked her in the side, not only leaving some gashes from his talons, but also burns.

"OW! No fair! Stupid flaming chicken!" she called as she started to tear up a little in pain.

"I'm not a chicken!"Marco called as the two got into a verbal arguement, which quickly led into yet another fight.

"Yes you are! Now go to sleep!"

"Wha-GAHH!" Marco called as she tackled him, claws bared as they tearred into his chest. Marco hissed as he knocked off and over him. Her claws had dug deep, leaving a couple of good sized gashes in his chest. What was worse was that they had been packed with electricity, haulting any healing he would've done naturally as his chest thrummed with the watts that were now coursing through his chest. It left him to bleed out as he had no choice but to wait for the electricity to finally disipate from his body.

"How about you take a nap brat!" Whitebeard called as he decided that the fight had gone on long enough. He punched the air in the direction of the Panther, sending her flying into the treelines, disappearing into the brush. The sound of her hitting the dirt floor hit their ears and they sighed as the battle seemed to be over. "One of you go find that Panther and bring her with us. And somebody get him aboard the ship. Now! Marco go get some first aid until your regenerative abilities kick in finally." They all nodded as they went about doing their assigned tasks.

It took awhile, as thanks to her small size, she had flown farther then they had originally thought. But now both were on board their ship, the Moby Dick, and now the Whitebeard Pirates were on their way.

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