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Episode 2: Aboard the Moby Dick!

The Moby Dick-

Ace groaned as he finally woke up. He had no idea where he was, and the ceiling of whatever room he was in was unfamiliar. Then all of the events from when he was last awake flashed through his mind.

"CRAP!" He got up, almost tripping all over himself, and made his way to the door. He opened it, and immediately began to simmer down. He wobbled slightly as he made his way to the railing, and plopped himself down, face held in his hands.

He was at sea, on board what had to be Whitebeard's ship. He had lost, and lord knew what had happened to his crew.

"Ace? You okay?" Ace's head shot up as he looked at his first mate and younger sister, Monkey D. Luffy. She was balancing on the railing in her human form, which was somewhat unusual as she usually could only be found in her animal form. She had eaten a Mythical Zoan class Devil Fruit when she was younger, and could turn into a panther like creature that spouted electricity in large and quite lethal amounts.


"I tried to stop them from taking you onboard. And got my butt handed to me when I was battling one his crew. I managed to get two of them, one of them twice." Ace chuckled dryly as he patted her on her head when she was down to his level.

Luffy was petite for her age, she was 14. She had long, black hair, from not cutting it since she was younger thanks to the insistency of both of her older brothers and several others. It was in a braid that hung loosely over her shoulder. She was wearing a loose t-shirt that was bit on the big side, and a pair of red shorts.

"Why are you human? You're usually in your animal form." She gave a grin that almost qualified as being able to make the Devil shake in fear. She really was similar to her older brother Ace, even though they weren't actually related.

"Good question! IT's a lot more convenient if I stay in human form. They seem even more wary of me if I prowl about in animal form. Five busk says they'd do the same with you, if you were at full health and pissed off enough to start lighting crap on fire." Ace chuckled slightly, but quickly fell silent as a man with a pompadour came up from behind Luffy.

"Hey there, I see you're finally awake!" Ace just gave him a silent glare, not really responding.

"You know your crew came back for the two of you." he waited as he got a flinch from Ace and a curiously raised eyebrow from Luffy, "We beat the crap out of them, but don't worry, they're still alive. They're heere on the ship as well." he didn't get a lot of reaction from the two. Especially from Ace, at least he knew Luffy was listening because she had a tendency to give you her full attention when you were speaking. That is, if you were the only one speaking at the time. Anymore then one and you got as much attention to what you were saying as she could spare. Her limit was five or six conversations at once currently.

"Anways, I'm Thatch. Nice to meet you. If we're going to be on the same crew, we need to get alon-"

"SHUT UP!" Thatch chuckled slightly as he continued,

"Not a morning person huh?" Ace jsut growled as Luffy gave him a catish look, before turning her attention to her brother.

"So what's the relationship between the two of you?" Ace ignored him while Luffy answered,

"Ace is captain and my big brother. And I am first mate, and his little sister. Also second strongest fighter in the Spade Pirates." Thatch blinked in shock,

"How are you second strongest? You were able to injure Marco. Twice! And he's second strongest in our crew!" Luffy gave him a crap-eating grin.

"I still can't beat Ace, even using my Devil Fruit. Never could, even when he didn't have one and I did." Thatch stared at Ace in awe. To be able to beat a Mythical Zoan was not an easy task. They were usually a mix if zoans and logias, and had unusual abilities that made fighting them tricky and dangerous business. Fighting them was more then putting an arm or a leg out there. You could very well be risking your life, they was as dangerous if not even more so then a Logia class Devil Fruit.

"Now that's kinda scary. Oh, you two must be hungry! Neither of you have eaten anything in at least a week. I'll go get you guys something to eat." and with that Thatch got up and began to leave, "Do either of you want anything?" Luffy visibly brightened,

"MEAT! Lots and lots of MEAT!" Ace sighed, the ever suffering teen in the flesh.

"God Luffy, I understand you're part carnivarous hunter. But seriously, is meat all you can think of?" Luffy grinned at her brother,

"It's the only thing that's not too uncomfortable to eat. Remember, I've got more K-9 teeth then the averadge human. It makes eating anything other then meat somewhat uncomfortable."

"I still can't understand why you can't fully change into your human form. Something always lingers, your teeth being one of them." Thatch had paused to listen in, knowing they had probably forgotten about him. Really it was interesting. Ace acted very different. Toward his yougner sister, he was more open, firendly, and had no problems with talking with her and reacting. But with the Whitebeard Pirates, he was distant, sulky, and cold. It felt like he was keeping you at arms length, if not farther, but with his sister, it was like he was fully willing to allow her as close as she wanted to get.

"It's possible that she can't control it, he offered off-handedly. Neither gave any reaction showing surprise. Meaning that they hadn't forgotten about him, and were just talking freely with him in close enough proximity to listen. They didn't care if he was there or not, they didn't mind at all. Ace just looked at the man before turning back to his sister,

"That's right...You still don't have full control of your powers." he stated, seemingly remembering that fact. Luffy just rubbed her head bashfully as she laughed in embarassment.

"So yeah. MEAT!" She said to Thatch with great enthusiasm. He looked at Ace in question,

"Just hurry up and get Luffy some meat." Thatch nodded as he made his way to leave, only to be pulled down violently. Forced to stare into the somewhat threatening gaze of Ace.

"I'm telling you now, if you poison her, I will roast you and this ship with everybody on it..." Thatch nodded at the warning. Ace was protective of his sister, very protective.

"Sure, want me to do anything special with the meat?" He smiled again, finding it amusing that he had stunned the sulking boy,

"See if you can turn it into veggie meat. She doesn't eat vegetables often." Thatch nodded in understanding as he went about preparring food.

In the kitchen-

Thatch was cooking, whistling away in cheer as he messed about with several ingredients. He was preparring the food for Ace and Luffy, who hadn't eaten anything at all yet. He was making a mental side-note to incorporate vegetables into the meat for a little while, specifically for Luffy, who judging from what she had said earlier, didn't have an easy time eating anything other then meat. Her Zoan powers were screwing up her diet.

"What's got you so happy?" came a familiar voice from the doorway. Thatch turned slightly to face his visitor,

"Hey Marco!" he greeted as said man came in. He plopped himself down backwards in a nearby chair as he watched Thatch cook up something.

"Whatcha' makin', yoi?" Thatch grinned at the question as he answered, turning back to the food he was preparing,

"Meat mixed vegetables." Marco gave him a weird look. "It's for Luffy, the Spade Pirate captains little sister and first mate."

"Oh, why mix vegetables in it?" Tahtch slowed down a bit, speeding up again as he answered,

"She's not inclined to eat vegetables normally because she can't control her Devil Fruit abilities fully. It causes her teeth to be inclined toward that of a carnivor and as such, it's uncomfortable for her to eat vegetables. This is a round-a-bout way of getting her to eat them and make sure it comfortable for her." Marco looked at Thatch for a few seconds before speaking,

"You want me to help train her so that she can fully control her transformations, don't you?" Thatch gave him an apologetic look. He knew that the two might not have been on equal terms. She had injured Marco, and the fact that he was a bird of sorts, and she was a panther, not to mention the fact that she kept calling him a flaming chicken did not help any.

"Please Mar-"

"I never said no. I was just making sure." he said interrupting the pompadour wearing man, "Fine, I'll train the kid. But you better make sure both are okay with it." thatch gave a smile in gratitude, but then his face changed into the expression he had on when he remembered something interesting,

"Oh Marco! Get this. You know how Luffy was able to injure you twice last week?" Marco nodded slowly, "Well here's the scary thing. She was able to injure you twice, but she can't beat her brother. Even when she had eaten a Devil Fruit and he hadn't yet, she still couldn't win against him." Marco sighed dejectedly as he realized what that meant,

"No wonder he was able to fight Jimbei to a stand still for five days straight. If he's as strong as I now think he is at full health, he may just be the one to put Pops in his grave finally." Thatch nodded,

"Yep, no wonder Pops told us to not antagonize him too much. The kid could quite possibly light the whole ship on fire. Not only that but he'd probably be able to take on a good majority of the crew single handedly." Marco nodded as he thought for a moment in silence.

"Yeah, but he doesn't seem like the type to do something like that, even if he is at full health." Thatch nodded his agreement. The two stayed there in a contemplative silence until Thatch finally finished his cooking.

"Well I'm done. If you want to get to know them a little, why don't you come help me deliver the food." Marco blinked at the large amount of food. It made sense, they hadn't eaten in a week, but still that was an abnormally large amount of food. "Something tells me they're both extremely big eaters despite their size. This is a caution." Marco nodded slowly as he began to help carry the food above deck.

"Why do I have a feeling you're completely and totally right?"

"I don't know. But if it makes you feel any better, I think we may have a couple of very fun people on our hands here." Marco just shook his head as he continued to follow his friend threw the ship, spotting for the food Thatch somehow dropped in his walking.

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