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In Oogie's Lair

"Oogie, Oogie! Even Jack and the Doctor think that girl is from the prophecy!" Lock, Shock, and Barrel rushed into the lair Oogie called his own. Oogie looked up from the die he was playing with and laughed manically. "Oh really? Old bonehead doesn't think he can keep this a secret from ME, does he?" Oogie let out another insane laugh, and sauntered over to the other side of the room for absolutely no reason.1

Lock, Shock, and Barrel stood in the entrance silently. When Oogie fell silent for a few minutes, they exchanged nervous looks. Oogie snapped out of his trance and began pacing. Suddenly, he stopped. Lock, Barrel, you're going to distract Jack. Shock, you'll sneak into Jack's house and see what he has there. If you fail..." Oogie didn't finish his sentence, and frankly, he didn't have to. The three mischievous kids understood the implied "or else" in the sentence.

They hastily nodded and scampered out of the hideout, out of the treehouse, and into the elevator, determined to complete their jobs and impress Oogie. As soon as Lock, Shock, and Barrel were gone, Oogie turned back to his die. As the shadows crept over his face, Oogie chuckled darkly. "Jack Skellington, you'd better watch out," he smirked. The die clattered onto the table, revealing snake eyes.

With Jack

Jack Skellington walked down the street, listening to a very worried mayor talk about the next Halloween and how there were "only 231 days left, Jack!" Nodding occasionally, Jack allowed his mind to wander to a specific red headed doll, who was currently not speaking to him, due to him forgetting their anniversary. He was so distracted, he barely noticed when he ran into someone. Jack blinked in surprise and turned around to see who he had bumped into. He felt his eye sockets widen in surprise when he realized who it was. "Lock, do you need something?" he asked coldly. Lock smirked at Barrel as Jack turned back to the mayor for a second. Their plan would be put into action, and Oogie would be SO pleased! Lock knew it.

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