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Setting: September of Nova's senior year in college.

Nova found Jesses asleep on the couch when she got home from class. She smiled at him and watched him for a few minutes before going to wake him. She hesitated at first, not only because she knew he needed sleep but also because she knew she would have to tell him. She kneeled down next to him and lightly shook his shoulder.
"Jesse," she said his name firmly pleased with herself for not chickening out. He stirred and opened his eyes to squint at her.
"Hey," he said smiling at her. "When did you get home?" They had moved into an apartment together their sophomore year. Nova went to Georgetown and Jesse took some classes at a community college between work.
"Just a minute ago," she told him as he sat up and leaned forward to kiss her. She pulled away and looked at him intently.
"Is something wrong?" He asked reaching a hand up to cup her face.
"Actually yes," she moved to sit beside him on the couch. "There's something I have to tell you."
"I'm just not sure how to."
"You can tell me anything," Jesse took her hand in his larger one and held it tightly. Nova shed an unwanted tear as he watched her with concern.
"Is it bad?" He asked quietly.
"No," she answered after a few minutes deciding for herself if it was or not.
"then what's the problem?" She breathed deeply and they sat in silence for a few minutes before she spoke up.
"I'm pregnant," she felt his hand slowly drop away from her and his eyes look down.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Jesse I'm positive." He looked back at her but she couldn't read his expression. He reached his hand back to take hers again.
"I love you," he said starring into her eyes deeply. She cried harder when he said that, so he took her in his arms.
"It's alright," he told her rubbing her back soothingly and whispering in her ear. She hugged him back for a moment before pulling away. He leaned in closer and she smiled.
"You're about to kiss me," she whispered before their lips connected.