Still not owning prom, but still owning that toaster.

Jesse held the phone anxiously to his ear as he paced the halls impatiently.
"Mom," he said when she picked up.
"What's going on?" She asked sounding concerned.
"The baby's coming; we're at the hospital now. Nova's parents are on their way."
"I'll be there soon," she promised. Jesse walked back into Nova's room where she was sitting on the bed holding her stomach.
"You okay?" He asked sitting beside the bed and taking her hand.
"I will be soon," she said.
"How are you kids doing today?" the doctor asked as she entered the room and flipped through Nova's chart.
"This is your first?" She asked with a smile, the pair nodded.
"Everything's okay, right?" Nova asked as she winced against another contraction.
"Everything is going fine, just sit tight for a little while." After the doctor left Nova turned her attention to Jesse and furrowed her brow.
"We still need a name," she told him.
"I know, I was thinking maybe Ann."
"Ann," she repeated to herself.
"Too normal?" He asked half joking.
"No, I like it. Ann Cordelia Richter."
"Cordelia?" He asked eyeing her.
"It's a nice name," she defended rubbing her belly.
"I didn't say it wasn't." He reached a hand over and placed it lightly on her belly knowing that soon they'd have a daughter and everything would change.
"I love you," he told her.
"I love you too."

Six hours later Jesse and Nova sat on the hospital bed holding their new daughter.
"She's beautiful," Jess whispered stroking her cheek.
"Isn't she?" Nova marveled smiling at the small bundle.
"Should we introduce her to the family?" He asked looking over at Nova.
"Not yet," she said. "Let's just spend a few more minutes together, just the three of us."
"That sounds nice," he said kissing her then their daughter.

AN so I don't know if I should continue this or not, I can if anyone wants I just need feedback. Thanks!