Author: BebePanda401
Story Title: Dreamer's Sky.
Rating: 'T' for near-death.
A/N: Lately, I've been seeing similarities between Disney's 'Rapunzel' and Yumemi. Think about it- they both have blond hair, green eyes, both dream and have a unique gift that creeps out others, aside one person. And the fact they both have a male companion that can accept them for who they are, and whom they both grow closer with ^^ And not only that, they are surrounded in an environment where they look different- I wonder if that's why Yumemi has her blond hair and green eyes- because of her gift to see the other world? It is plausible and possible, if you think about it. Also, they both wear their hair in a long braid at one point, but it get's taken down by the villain. Oh my, I have noticed too many similarities between the two of them already ^^ Okay, enough of my god damn rambling and on with the story! *Cough*...


~Dreamer's Sky~

Yumemi replayed the same scene from that movie, again and again.

It was from a recently adapted version of 'Tangled' in a Japanese dub over. Rapunzel was depicted as a dreamer, wanting to follow her heart and allow her life to begin at long last. Rapunzel often stared out of her window, wishing to be free of where she was locked up. To run as wild as her heart could take her, and not be tied down with the burdens of a magical gift. Without fear that she would be teased for her appearance and her extraordinary ability to heal and calm things that had an angered heart.

Why did this relate to Yumemi so much? Sure, they both liked to stare out of their windows, and wonder about the world that was beyond them (or used to, until their lives changed) but that didn't make them so similar, did it? Just because they also looked similar in physical appearences, it did not mean that Yumemi was going to be isolated from the world aside her two best friends and family...which was basically Rapunzel's life as well...


Who was she kidding. They were too similar.

But...why did Yumemi care? Why did she bother to care at all? It didn't add up.


"Munto, have you been watching that movie I was watching just now?"

"Yes, I was. I see similarities between you and this...'Rapunzel' character. Tell me, are you and that girl familiar with one another, or is this just another 'fake' life situation, like you explained to me before?" Yumemi pondered. Like Rapunzel, she had a dream. Like Rapunzel, she stared out of the window, and wished to see what was in the sky.



She wasn't the same as that.

"I guess we are similar...but don't compare real life with fiction. It's unhealthy. Because fiction is a place you escape to, not what you should desire to live in. See, if a place seems cool just because of the situation these characters are in, you should embrace the beauty of the unique story- not wish that you were there. Because...because, your own world is amazing, even without battles and magical powers. Ordinary life is extraordinary as well. You just have to achieve that.


Fiction did play a big role. And Yumemi did learn from that movie.

But she wasn't that character.

She was Yumemi.

And that was just fine.

A/N: I don't really know what compelled me to write this. Maybe I am just so tired of people screaming "I WANNA LIVE IN TWILIGHT!" All the time in my ear at school. Or I may just be really ill- cuz I actually am ill. But remember- just because anime seems amazing, all anime characters truly want, is peace and and an ordinary life. Not magical powers. *Cough* Urgh...I hate being ill SO much.