Yah, I finally finished this. I started this months ago but I had a hard time finishing it. Probably because I didn't know what I was going for. To be honest, I'm still not sure...

This takes place after the Atternative ending where you lose to Fuka and she starts the NCRP (Netherworld Celistia Reformation Project) except in this I made her President instead.

So, yeah. Like I said, I have no idea where I'm going with this but I hope you enjoy this anyway.

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Down with President Fuka

The story of an undoubting rebel

The former Prinny instructor, Valvatorez, swallowed the last of his Pride and walked into President Fuka's office with a fake friendly smile on his face.

"President Fuka! I'm here with your dinner!"

Fuka watched Valvatorez walk towards her. She overdramatically pointed at him accusingly. "You, vampire! Repeat what you just said!"

"I'm here with your dinner?"

She glared over at him still pointing. "You forgot to say 'dood' after each line", she reminded him and stood up, still pointing accusingly, "vampire rule no.1: you shall always say 'dood' after each line!"

"I thought you said that was a stupid rule."

Fuka finally stopped pointing so she could cross her arms, "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

Valvatorez spoke louder, "I thought you said that was a stupid rule."

"Could you repeat that?"

Valvatorez practically screamed, "I thought you said that was a stupid rule!"

Fuka didn't respond. Val sighed, "…dood."

Fuka smiled and finally answered, "I changed my mind." The tyrant girl took the plate of chocolate cake being offered to her and gestured the young vampire away.

In the short time Fuka had taken her place as President of the Netherworld, she had already made some drastic changes that hadn't been very popular with it's residents.

Drastic Change No.1: In only a week's time, President Fuka had managed to have every other home in the Netherworld converted into a small shop. There were now a tremendous amount of candy stores, toy stores, and nice little boutique's where all the latest fashions could be found, all run by the former homeowners. Needless to say, the Netherworld never looked so glamorous and sugar-high.

However, Lord Valvatorez didn't own a candy store, toy store, or even a fashion boutique. No, he, Fenrich, and all his allies were moved into a small bakery which sold delicious baked sweets. But though he usually left his allies in charge of running the bakery, occasionally, President Fuka would call in an order and he would have to deliver it himself.

When Lord Val returned home it was already late into the night. The former tyrant opened the back door to the shop which lead to the living area. All the lights were out. Everyone must have already been in bed. Felling tired himself, Valvatorez tiptoed his way up the stairs and into his bedroom, being cautious not to accidentally wake anyone. He lugged himself into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

In the morning, Val walked downstairs to the dinner table and found all his allies and Fenrich waiting for him so they could start breakfast. His allies chorused, "Good morning Lord Valvatorez!" liked the kiss-ups they were as Lord Val took his seat at the table.

A blond healer named Mary then made her way through the kitchen door with a less than extravagant breakfast of a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Everyone was enjoying their breakfast. Lord Val was almost finished when he looked over at the half empty box of Lucky Charms a little ways off.

Something caught his eye, "somebody hand me that box!"

The Red Skull Zan grabbed the box and presented it to his Lord.

Lord Val looked over the back of the box and a opportunistic smile spread across his face.

Fenrich asked, "What is it my Lord?"

The vampire grabbed some of the marshmallow pieces out of the box and showed it to his werewolf servant. "You see this, Fenrich, this is how we're going to finally overthrow the lass."

"With…breakfast cereal?"

"It's not just breakfast cereal, it's magical breakfast cereal!" Lord Val practically swallowed the marshmallow pieces in his hand and showed Fenrich the back of the cereal box. "Look. Every one of these marshmallow pieces can give you magical powers." He once again grabbed a few out of the box, "like how this balloon one gives you the power to fly! And this horse shoe shaped one gives you super speed!"

"My Lord please, it's a child's breakfast cereal. There not going to sell actual magical charms to children."

But Lord Val, who had just eaten a bowl of the magical charms, was already determined, "I-I can feel it. I can feel the magic flowing inside of me!"

"You're probably just having a sugar rush," Fenrich muttered.

"Everyone!" Lord Val held up the marshmallow pieces as if they held all the world's secrets, "with these incredible magical charms, we will overthrow the President!"

All his allies, craving excitement back in their lives and ready for anything, stood up and cheered, "All hail, Lord Valvatorez!"


Fuka: Hey! Why am I the bad guy!

Fenrich: The stories called 'Down with President Fuka', what did you expect?

Fuka: I didn't think It would be like this!...Hey, I don't die, do I?

Fenrich: Hmhmhm...

Fuka: um...Fenfen?

Emizel: Relax, their coming at you with Lucky Charms.

Valvatorez: I'm telling you there magic! Why would the back of the box lie to me?

Emizel: ...

Valvatorez: Don't forget I have sardine's with me as well.

Fuka: Will somebody please just sign us out?

Emizel: Oh, uh... thanks for reading and please review.

Desco: Or Desco will be forced to track you down and hurt you.

Fuka: Don't tell them that!

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