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Alex dragged out the keys from her left pocket to unlock her apartment. The three hour ride home had been filled with thoughts, and by the time she got home she had made her decision.

It was useless trying to deny she wanted to be a part of that family, because she wanted so badly. Alex wanted to help; after all, that was what families were supposed to do: help each other out. So she decided to help them in the only way she could; screwing Division over without them even knowing it.

She picked up her phone and dialed a number she hadn't called for quite some time now.

"Birkhoff" a voice said on the other side of the line. Alex chuckled at the bored tone in his voice.

"Birkhoff, its Alex"

"Alex?" he questioned, like if just to be sure.

"Hey…nerd" she said with a laugh, and she could hear him mutter "So much like Nikita" under his breath.

"Well hello lovely, long time no see. I knew you would call sooner or later... I heard you paid a visit a couple of hours ago"

"Yeah, about that… How did Michael react?"

"No need to be, it was hilarious. He freaked out and Nikita tried to calm him down, it was like living in an awesome reality TV-show. You totally made my day. "

Alex chuckled "I missed you, nerd"

"Me too. But Alex seriously, I need some help here. Mikita can get on my nerves sometimes… they are all grabby and touchy and they are always all over each other. It's really disturbing. I need my little sis so I can keep sane. "

Alex smiled warmly at his term of endearment for her "Sorry, you know I can't. Not right now at least" she bit her lip in aggravation.

"I know" Birkhoff sighed out loud. "Well now we've already been through some small talk, tell me: What can I do for you today?"

'I just called to see how my big brother is doing.' She said simply.

Birkhoff shook his head, even though he knew she couldn't see it 'Spill it' he said in a fake demanding tone.

'After I talked to Nikita… realized how much I missed her. And how much I missed you, and even missed Michael. You guys are the closest thing to family I have and…I miss having a family. And now with the baby and all…" she kept rambling, many feelings flowing through her body, making her unable to keep a coherent line of thought.

'What are you saying, Alex?' he asked, an apprehensive tone in his voice.

'What I'm saying is…I…I want to help you guys. And there is only on way for me to do that, so here it goes…' she took a deep breath 'I know all the name of all the oversight members and the location of the remaining black boxes.' She blurted out.

Birkhoff coughed up the water he was about to drink

'Are you serious?' he shouted over the phone.

Alex took in a shaky breath 'Yeah, I've never been more serious. Now, do you have pen and paper?'

After he had written everything down and thanked Alex multiple times, Birkhoff made his way out to the window so he had a full view over the beach were Michael and Nikita were located.

'Our kids are growing up so fast' Birkhoff said to Alex and sighed. Alex couldn't help but laugh over the phone.

'Our kids are having a baby of their own, and for your information, they are both older than us.'

'I know, but don't you feel like we are their parents from time to time?' Birkhoff asked Alex and sighed.

'No, I'm too young to have such grown up kids" she said and laughed once again "But sometimes I feel like Nikita is somehow like a mother to me" she absentmindedly admitted.

Noticing Alex hadn't realized how meaningful her declaration was, he just smiled to himself and changed the subject.

'You really think they are not kids? Even when they act like this, playing around on the beach, chasing each other and throwing sand at each other?'

'I can't see them' Alex reminded him 'but I guess they need it, they need to feel free. I bet that it's nice to see them like this, happy for once… You should enjoy it. We would've never seen them act like that a few months ago.'

'Yeah, maybe you are right' Birkhoff said to his younger friend.

Alex hesitated ' Birkhoff, uhm, I gotta say, I'm happy for them, but I'm also a little worried. I mean, can they still see things clearly? Nikita was so happy and carefree when I met her, but they still are in a very difficult situation, do they realize that?'

Birkhoff watched as Michael lifted up Nikita and gently spun her around in a circle before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

'You know what' Birkhoff said 'I felt like that in the beginning as well. But I realized after a while that they can actually be happy and still kick some serious ass. I believe they are more determinate to defeat Division than they ever were before.'

'I hope you are right' she whispered.

'No need to be worried, Alex… They are going to Russia tomorrow night, and I'm sure it will be a start on the operation…and if everything goes as planned, it will be over sooner than we think'

"You really think so?" she asked, slightly nervous.

"I do. They're really determined. And you can imagine what a determined Michael and Nikita can do"

She chuckled "I guess you're right" she sat on the couch and rested against it, staring at the ceiling "Can I ask you a favor, nerd?" she asked him, suddenly feeling shy.

"Sure, what is it?"

'Could you please give me updates on them, and how baby Mikita is doing?' she bit her lip when he didn't immediately answered.

At first Birkhoff hesitated, but then decided to trust his friend completely; he knew she cared about this family as much as he did.

'I will' he said, and looked back at Michael and Nikita. And much to his displeasure, he noticed their game of throwing sand at each other had turned in to a heavily make out session.


Division had destroyed their lives, ripped it apart piece by piece, and now the only thing they had left was each other. They had to hold on to that to survive – their love towards each other. They both had the ability to love unconditionally and now that unconditional love had expanded to countless proportions as they had an unborn child that made this connection between them together even stronger.

That was the main reason for their happiness at the moment – their baby. They had a number one priority, a new goal to achieve. And they were more eager than ever to do so, because they knew the future of their baby depended on them succeeding. They were also very aware that the risk of losing each other on the way existed. The risk of being lost in all the missions, on all the darkness that surrounded their life was still there, but they had to do it. It was hard to leave their current state of happiness, to go back to a reality they didn't appreciate. Sometimes they were just a normal couple expecting their first child, living in happiness and bliss. But sometimes they had to be trained assassins, to ensure their unborn child's safety.

"This is such a cliché" Nikita murmured against his lips.

"What is?" Michael asked raising one eyebrow.

"This, you spinning me around in the sand, we playing like kid-"

Michael interrupted her in the middle of the sentence "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh c'mon' she said and laughed "Could this be any cheesier?"

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He repeated the question

"Well, since I'm carrying your child, I could accept that request… though I prefer the term boytoy, but whatever, I don't really care about labels as long as we are together" she whispered against his lips.

Michael couldn't help to highly enjoy his girlfriend's sense of humor. He shifted his position and laid his head down on her swollen belly.

"It's amazing" Nikita said "six months from now we're going to have a baby. Our baby" She said and stroked his hair.

"It's a miracle, our little miracle." He said and kissed her stomach carefully.

He switched positions once again and placed his head beside hers in the sun. Michael hesitated but then decided to ask the question he knew they'd have to discuss at some point.

"Have you thought about the birth at all?" He had carefully mentioned the subject before, but every time he brought it up she had turned it down and ignored the question.

"Could we please not talk about that now?" she pleaded, closing her eyes.

"Nikita, it's not like you can avoid the subject forever" he stroked her hair, not wanting to distress or scare her.

"I know, but I really don't like hospitals, doctors, nurses or needles, so I tend to avoid those discussions until it's time"

"And when is the time for you? When the water breaks? When the baby is about to come?"

Nikita smiled "Well, I just want the birth to be natural- no drugs or painkillers"

"It's your body" Michael said "I don't care if you're having the baby at home; I just want a doctor to be present"

"Michael, didn't you just hear me, no doctors… Besides, you have no idea how much pain I can take"

Michael couldn't help to laugh; he had heard this before. "This is far worse than a dislocated shoulder babe, or being shot in the leg. This is the worst pain a woman will ever experience"

"Oh shut up, I've like six or soon five months to go."

"Oh that reminds me" Michael said "The doctor's appointment is next week."

Nikita sighed again "Well, thank you very much for reminding me"

"Don't worry, it's just an ultrasound. Think that we can find out the baby's gender"

"And do we want to know the baby's gender?" she asked

"I don't need to" Michael said comfortably "I know I'm right. It's my little baby girl in there." He said and smirked

Nikita just rolled her eyes.

"You are disturbingly self-confident" she said and kissed him softly on the lips. "But our boy" she said, stressing the word 'boy' "is playing with my blather like it is a squeeze toy or something, which reminds me I have to pee". She said and got up on her feet, reaching out a hand to help him up as well.

"Race me to the house?" she challenged and laughed.

Michael smiled; a lot of things had changed during the last couple of months, but one thing had stayed the same: Nikita.

"I'm always up for a challenge" he said "On my count; three, two …."

Michael started to run on two – "Hey that's cheating! And that only proves that you can't handle to be beaten by a pregnant woman" Nikita yelled before running after him.


Nikita had had the worst flight of her life; her eyes felt heavy but she couldn't sleep, she couldn't seem to find a comfortable position and on top of that she felt the nauseous during the whole time. This made Michael's flight pretty uncomfortable as well; having a grumpy Nikita complaining for sixteen hours wasn't the easiest thing. She spent at least five hours shifting in her chair. The seat belt was tight making more pressure on her blather, which forced her to go the bathroom countless times, which only added to her nausea. She couldn't relax and for her dismay, Michael refused to let her unfasten her seatbelt.

"What if something happens?" Michael said and Nikita couldn't help to roll her eyes.

"No offence hun, but if this aircraft crashes the chances of us surviving are really low - seatbelt on or off, it won't make any difference." She said, utterly irritated.

Recognizing her reaction as one of her first mood swing crisis, Michael just gave her a stern look and Nikita already knew that this was one discussion she couldn't win.

A part of her really enjoyed it though, traveling with normal people in a normal airplane, discussing normal problems. Nobody there knew that she and her boyfriend were rouge assassins that had saved the world multiply times. They were just two normal people, like everyone else; a normal couple.

Michael knew how much Nikita enjoyed this – being normal. And he had to admit that he didn't find it too bad either; he was able to relax around other people for once.

He reached out for her hand to entwine his fingers with his

"I love you" he soothingly whispered in her ear and smiled.

"You are far too overprotective" she responded making his smile even wider. This was exactly why he loved her.

After a sixteen-hour flight and a really tired Nikita, they finally arrived to their hotel. They arrived later than they had planned, so they had to re-plan their well-structured plan a bit. After a short discussion on their hotel room, they decided that Michael was the one that was going to make contact with Owen; Nikita would stay safely at the hotel room.

Michael made his way down to the conference room where he knew the big meeting was going to take place. He waited outside at the backdoor, and after a while he started to get bored. He only registered what they were talking about when he heard Owen had managed to possess another black box. He also "overheard" a pretty aggressive discussion between Owen and Ari about the boxes future; Ari wanted to keep it, Owen wanted to destroy it.

'Good' - Michael thought; this would make things a lot easier.

Two hours later the whole group strolled out from the room, and to Michael's best luck, Owen emerged last.


Owen didn't pay any attention to the man that walked towards him until their shoulders bumped with each other.

'Hey , watch it ' he said and looked up from his phone, and only then he made eye contact with Michael, who quickly slipped a note in his hands as he continued to walk away, murmuring the words "I'm sorry", as to not blow his cover.

He waited until Michael was out of sight to open the note. He looked at the familiar handwriting, and it only said

"Meet us in apartment 5103 in five minutes"


Owen stood outside the door for a few minutes, not really knowing if he should do this or not. Raising his hand, he took a deep breath and knocked three times. He silently wondered if Nikita would be pissed because of his partnership with Gogol.

In less than half a minute, Nikita opened the door with a big smile on her lips.

Owen wrinkled his eyebrows, realizing something was off. There was something strange going on with his friend, but he couldn't put his finger on it. She seemed somehow healthier, happier, almost as if she had nothing to worry about.

And that was not something you'd see every day, not with Nikita. Her being this cheerful was baffling.

"Hi, is this the creepy residence?" Owen said and walked passed her "What in the world happened that made you this…jolly?"

"I'm sorry" Nikita said and laughed "I'm just really happy to see you and Michael just said the most hilarious thing ever"

"Mr. grumpy himself told a joke, that's something new. I'm glad someone enjoys his so called humor" Owen said, not amused.

"It tends to happen occasionally" Michael said as he walked passed Nikita to shake Owens hand. "Nice to see you again and sorry for the little shoulder bump"

"You too, but I have to say that I was surprised to find you and Nikita here. What are you doing here and how did you guys get in? And more importantly, what do you want from me?"

Nikita arched an eyebrow, almost seeming offended.

"Come on" he said before she could argue " you don't really expect me to believe you two came all the way to Russia just to see me and keep a healthy functioning friendship" he said matter-of-factly "So tell me, how did you get in the country, and most importantly, what's your angle?"

"Well, we pretended to be dancers" Nikita said while she took a seat on the couch nearby before she continued "And we want that box that you keep in your left jacket pocket…. and you."

Owen scoffed "Direct, that's good. But about the box…No can do" he said and smirked "I'm not really in to monogamy. Plus, what makes you think I'd just give you my box and do whatever you say without any kind of explanation?"

Michael shook his head while Nikita rolled her eyes. "Owen, I'm serious. We need you to join us. Leave Gogol and help us to destroy the remaining two boxes. You can't trust Ari, and you know it. We want to destroy the boxes as well and get Percy."

Nikita kept going on and on, but Owen wasn't paying any attention to what she was saying. He just stared at the couple in front of him, trying to figure out what was different about them.

They seemed less uptight, less worried, almost a normal couple. And then he noticed Nikita, she seemed more than happy, almost like fi she was…glowing.

No – he thought – it can't be.

He took another look at them, and then his eyes fixed on Nikita's abdomen.

No – he repeated in his mind.

"Owen, are you listening to me?" she asked, snapping her fingers.

"Yeah, yeah" Owen nodded "Look, it sounds pretty great in theory, but I'm off the regiment now, and even though I can't trust Ari, he can supply me with unlimited cash, weapons and other resources that will help me get to Percy. Ari wants him dead as much as me and you. I can't pass on this opportunity."

"Yeah well you may forget that we are living with the world's richest man." Michael said.

"Please do explain, Michael" Owen asked, confused "I didn't know you were that wealthy"

"Not me" Michael said and rolled his eyes. "Birkhoff"

"So what you are saying that you can provide me with unlimited cash and weapons as well?" the ex-guardian questioned.

"Yup" The couple said in unison.

"Owen, come on" Nikita pleaded almost sounding like a little child "We can provide you the same things, you know you can trust us, and we need you on our side. What do you have to lose?"

Owen was quiet for a few minutes, weighing his options.

"Fine, it's a deal" Owen said and shook Nikita's hand "But only because it's you."

"That's great! I'm really happy you're on our side, Owen. I'm just going to get some water in the kitchen, does anyone want anything?" she said and glanced at Owen

"A cup of coffee would be nice" he said and smiled.

Nikita stood up but had to sit down again as her head spun and her face turned white.

"Are you okay?" Michael asked as he took a seat beside her and rubbed soothing circles on her back, trying to be supportive.

She put her head down and too a few deep breaths "Yeah, I think I just stood up too quickly" she said "I got a little dizzy. "

Owen watched the whole scene from across the couch while Michael gently rubbed her back. He knew something was not right and he intended to confirm his suspicions.

When Nikita was feeling better, she made her way (again) out to the kitchen, he turned to Michael.

"Michael" Owen said and took a seat next to his new friend "I don't mean to pry, but I have to ask this. What's going on?"

Michael tried to act cool; he imagined Nikita would tell Owen about her pregnancy if she wished. So he just brushed it of like if it was nothing.

"What do you mean?"

"It's you two and… all this bliss your seem immersed in. And Nikita, she's acting so weird, dizziness, mood swings… And I don't mean to be rude or anything, but she gained a few pounds. So I'm gonna ask you again, what's going on?" he said in a serious tone, giving Michael a look that said he knew exactly what was going on; he just wanted to hear it to be sure.

Michael gave Owen a warning glance as he opened his mouth to speak "Is it that obvious?"

"What is?" Owen said and raised one eyebrow. Their little game was starting to get ridiculous as Owen new what Michael was talking about, and Michael knew what Owen was talking about.

"Why don't you ask her?" Michael said as Nikita handed the cup of coffee over to Owen.

"Thanks" he said and raised his cup to his mouth.

She smiled in return and asked "What are you going to ask me?"

Owen chose his next words carefully "Uhm, Nikita I couldn't help but to notice that you seem different. Are you alright? You surely changed a lot since the last time I saw you"

Nikita was deliberating with herself – should she tell him now or not?

Oh well, if he was going to be around them for a while, he would notice it at some point. Plus, he was part of their team now, so she believed he deserved to know.

She took a seat in Michael's lap she turned to face Owen

"I'm pregnant" She said with a really serious facial expression "That's why we need you. That's why we came here today. We need you to help us to take Division down, so we can create a future for our child. So we can move on with our lives. All of us."

"I knew it" Owen eyes trailed quickly down her body to her plumped stomach. He smiled "I knew it! Dude, you knocked her up" he said and looked at Michael.

"Knocked her up is a little harsh" Michael said and looked at Owen un-approving "But I had something to do with it, yes" he said as he rested his hand on her stomach.

"Wow", Owen said, completely stunned. "I don't know what to say. But I did noticed you had gained weight" he said to Nikita.

"Well Owen, you certainly know how to compliment a girl" Nikita said sarcastically.

Owen just ignored her and continued

"Well, congrats you two. The thing I don't get here is the timing; don't you think it's the worst timing? I mean you two are in this whole thing trying to save the world thing, it's kind of not the best place to be when you have a baby on the way."

"We didn't plan this, okay? Why does everybody keep asking us this? Sometimes you can wear everything you are supposed to wear and do everything right, but still and one of those little suckers just happens to slip though!" Nikita said angrily at Owen, who laughed.

"Mood swings?" He asked Michael, who nodded.

"She just started with this" he laughed "It's going to be long five months"

The two men laughed again and Nikita's face turned red.

"Could we please change subject?" Nikita practically yelled, annoyed.

At this Michael and Owen exchanged glances and chuckled again.

Nikita growled "Damn hormones! I better go to bed" she muttered and headed towards hers and Michael joined bedroom.

The two agents still talked about their operation plan to find and destroy the black boxes, but after the third time Nikita showed up at the door and her hormones demanded Michael to go to bed, they decided to call it a night.

"I think it's best that I join her before she cuts both our heads off" Michael said and pointed towards the bedroom, "See you tomorrow man, the plane leaves at 10 pm."

"I'll be there" he guaranteed.

Owen closed the door behind him as he left the hotel room

"What have I got myself into?" he asked himself.

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