Never ending love

Hidan and Kakuzu

Naruto characters do not belong to me, but Mashashi Kishimoto.

"Kakuzu…" Hidan let out a sigh. I was lying beside him on the green hill near the hideout. Lately Hidan had been shockingly quiet.

"What?" I replied to my name. Hidan tolled his head to look at me. His eyes were partly shut and a strange smile was slapped across his face.

"Do you ever wish that you were able to die?" Hidan's voice was soft and gentle. I wasn't sure how to respond to this strange behavior.

"No, death is for those who aren't strong enough tot live." My answer was straight and to the core of the question. Hidan sighed again, letting the cold air take his breath away.

"Will you ever understand?" He wasn't really talking to me anymore, but himself. I did understand him, more than he knew. Life, living life, for so long like we have done can grow tiresome, but Hidan didn't know that the only reason I stayed happy was because at least I was living it with him.

"Hidan, I do understand." I told him in a mumble. He lolled his head toward me again, this time he looked normal. His eyes shining and a big smile across his lips.

"You do now? Tell me what you understand?" Hidan asked me. I took in a breath. He wanted to know what I understood about him, so I was going to tell him.

"I understand that you may be feeling that you're sick of living forever, but can't you see that bright side? At least we get to live together forever." It came out much more passionate that expected. "Think, Deidara and Sasori one day will be separated by death. There love can't last forever…but ours can and will." I sat up preparing to leave, if Hidan didn't agree with my words.

"Kakuzu, you're right." Hidan was actually agreeing with me? That's strange for him. "We can live together forever, and that's exactly what I want. Never leave me." His words calmed me. Hidan sat up, and put his arms around my waist snuggling his head against my shoulder. His soft silver hair rubbing my chin.

"I never will because I can't."