Chapter Twenty-Six: Epilogue.

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WARNING: There will be spoilers if you have not watched/read past the time skip yet. Read at your own risk!

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Dear Mother and Father,

It has been fifteen years since Gray and I officially got together again. I still can't believe seven years passed when that Acnologia attacked Tenrou Island but in the three years that followed, we all slowly forgot about it and started to move on. Really, nothing has actually changed.

Two years after the Tenrou Island incident, Gray and I decided to get married. I know you two have never even met him but I know you'd approve of him. He's a great guy, always caring for me and keeping me out of trouble (and vice-versa). We are still happily married~

Oh yeah. A couple more couples formed in the guild~ Elfman and Evergreen unexpectedly became a couple. They are currently engaged. And Gajeel is dating Levy! At first I was completely shocked, even though I do trust Gajeel. But over time, Levy seems genuinely happy and loves him so I started to share her happiness.

Also, you're now both grandparents~ A year after we got married, when I was twenty, I had a daughter. We named her Mizumi N. Fullbuster (now five) because well, Mizumi means lake or river and plenty of good things in my life seem to happen near lakes/rivers such as my kiss with Gray, where I said my decision, where I kissed Gray after the decision... Her middle initial comes from our special friend, Natsu. Without him, we wouldn't be where we are now. Speaking of him, he and Lisanna are an official couple and they would get married if he only popped the question. They are adorable together. I knew Lisanna was his perfect girl.

I still miss you both, Mother and Father, and I always will.



I smiled and put down my pen, folding up the letter. Then I placed it in the special box I still had from when I was seventeen. It was getting crammed with letters but I didn't really want to replace it.

"Mummy!" called a voice all of a sudden. I looked up in surprise and saw Mizumi standing in the doorway. She smiled widely and ran into my open arms, "Mummy, are you taking me to Fairy Tail today?"

"Maybe," I said, smiling, holding her at arm's length. Mizumi was five years old now and had deep navy blue hair like her father. It was short at the back where it flipped up slightly and had long side parts at the front with two silver clips in the right side part. She inherited my brown eyes except wider and more childlike. Mizumi always wore an aquamarine coloured halter type dress with a ruffled hem and white shoes.

Mizumi began to pout, "Please take me Mummy! Uncle Natsu said he was going to teach me how to fight!"

"He did, did he?" I said pleasantly, making a mental note to punch Natsu's head later. Suddenly I heard a noise and smiled at Mizumi, "I think Daddy's home."

"Yay!" said Mizumi, running for the door and pulling it open. Gray was standing there as expected, "Daddy!"

Gray hadn't changed much over fifteen years (well, eight years since seven passed without our knowledge). He got a bit taller and his features matured a bit but he was still Gray, the one I fell in love with. I didn't think I changed much either. Only my hairstyle. I now had a small braid in an arc across my forehead and my hair was pulled up in a medium ponytail. But apart from that, I didn't think I changed at all. We were both still mages, only we couldn't really go on missions together since we liked Mizumi to have at least one parent present.

"Hey," said Gray, ruffling her hair, "Were you good today?"

"Yep!" grinned Mizumi, looking back at me, "Wasn't I, Mummy?"

"Yes, you were," I said, walking out and kissing Gray on the cheek, "Welcome home… A beautiful home."

Since we got married, I left the apartment and we built a beautiful house on top of the mountain where Gray loved. It was pretty far from town but Mizumi didn't seem to mind since Natsu and Happy's house was nearby and she loved her Uncle Natsu.

"I'm home," said Gray. He smiled at me and then down at Mizumi.

"Daddy, Daddy, look!" said Mizumi. She closed her eyes and concentrated as Gray and I both watched her. A small aquamarine magic circle appeared above us and small flakes of snow began to fall, "I did it this morning!"

"That's amazing!" I cried, beaming at her.

"Not bad, Mizu," praised Gray, looking prouder than he let on, "Daddy's gonna teach you some more magic since you've learnt that!" He crouched down in front of her and began gesturing about this and that of ice magic.

Mizumi was just as passionate as Gray about ice magic and she paid attention intently.

I stood there and smiled warmly at them. My family, the ones I loved more than anything.

"And Daddy's gonna teach you how to make a HUGE," Gray gestured with his arms apart, "bazooka!"

"AS IF!" I yelled, hitting him across the head, "I want her to keep her innocence until she's at least ten!"

"Ow, ow, ow… Hai, hai…" said Gray, hands on his head.

Mizumi laughed, "Mummy and Daddy are silly!"

We all laughed together then, as a family. After a while, I stopped and looked, smiling at my family.

Every life has the potential to be a fairytale... Now, I've just completed mine.

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The End.

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