It was the day of the dance, our School Prom, that I found my Soulmate.

It was when my palm, Made contact with his face.

He, and his buddies, was making fun of me for… Nothing. They were just making fun of me for no reason. So, out of anger, I attempted to slap him.

Here's what happened:

"Hey, Cloe! Nice Shoes! Did you get them from your hotter sister?" He knew my sister was Fourteen, and that she was taller than me. His name, actually, was Krev. So Krev and his buddies were saying I got my dress, my shoes, and even my hair pin from my sister, because I looked good in them. So, yeah, I slapped him. As soon as my hand made contact, I fell into his Mind. Yeah, that sounds crazy, but I can't describe it any other way.

Cloe…. His lips weren't moving, but it was his voice.

Krev… I didn't realize I was speaking. But I wasn't. My lips weren't moving. This was all mental.

Krev… What's going on?

Something seemed to happened, and he realized what he was doing. I was whooshed back to reality, where it must've looked to his buddies like I tripped, and he caught me. So Krev pushed me back to standing, and his buddies started making fun of me for being a Klutz.

Not the best prom ever.

So later that night, at Midnight when I had Lily over, he called me.


"What do you want, Krev?" I had him on speaker so Lily could hear while she was doodling. I looked at what it was, and it was a very pretty black Delilah. I smiled at her, and then heard the voice again. The one I hated. I wonder how he got my number…

"Look, Cloe, is anyone there with you?"

"Just Lily."

"Okay, look. I know I'm on speaker." He started, and then paused… He started up again as soon as Lily grabbed the phone from the table. She turned it off speaker, and talked to him.

"Lily here. No. Dude, you can't! W-oh my god… Yeah… Okay. Here she is." Lily handed me back the phone, and went back to doodling.

What happened next… I refused to believe.

"Cloe… I'm your Soulmate."


"Look Cloe, there's this thing called Night World and I-"

"And you what? Is Night World something you and your jerks made up? Is it some kind of club?"

"No! It's ah-"

"Tell me!"

"Look, Cloe, I'm just going to come over. M'kay?" He didn't give me time to respond before he hung up. Not even a minute later,