"What did you do to Cloe?" I screamed at Krev, pushing my way in front of Suki and Corban.

"What did I do? She's on the dark side now. I did nothing."

"This is all your fault!"

"All MY fault? All MY fault that YOU couldn't protect her?"

"Oh, don't you start this. You know that you failed her as much as I did!"

"I failed HER? It's because of ME she's still alive!"

"Is that so? Krev, I swear I'll kill you-" I lunged at the bloodsucker but Suki caught my collar.

"Don't kill him. I already claimed that spot a long time ago. Plus, we need Cloe's opinion before we do anything. Can't have her upset."

"Fine." I skulked in the corner while Suki slung Krev over her shoulder. Corban continued to picking up Suki. We took them both to Thierry's, where Cloe was laid in her room and Krev was locked up back in his dungeon. There was nothing to do but wait.

And it was killing me.

I passed the time by playing thousands of games of Tic-Tac-Toe with myself on the whiteboard. Suki brought me meals, good ones that smelled delicious, and she brought me hot chocolate once or twice.

But I didn't sit.

Not until four days later, when Cloe, sweet, pale Cloe walked into my room in the middle of a TTT round. I turned right as she entered and ran up to hug her. She smiled, but didn't speak.

"I missed you so much, Cloe. You looked like you were dead!" I said, hugging her close.

"I know. I'm so sorry…" I could feel my black tee-shirt getting wet from her tears.

"Don't cry, don't cry…" I ran my hand down her beautiful brown-blonde hair, and just let her cry.

Krev came into the room, sometime after she let go and we played a few rounds of Hangman. (She won most of them)

And when Krev came in, he kissed Cloe.

I pushed him away from her, and we got into a manly-men fight.

"What are YOU doing here, pretty boy?"

"Pretty boy? I'm not the one who SPARKLES!"

"FYI, Vermin, We vampires don't SPARKLE, Okay? We shine."

"And that's BETTER!?"

"You bet it's BETTER!"

"Boys! Break it up!" Cloe said, getting in between us.

"We HUMANS don't eat people!"

"We VAMPIRES live longer!"

"I said STOP IT!" She screamed, pushing us apart. Krev grabbed her arm from his chest, and threw it to the marker board. Luckily for her, the casing of the marker board was wooden and it caught her hand just right, so she was bleeding. I side-stepped Cloe and got up closer to Krev's face. Did you know I'm taller than him? It's hilarious.

"Well, pretty boy, you got anything else to add?"

"As a matter of fact, do you wanna GO, Vermin?" Krev smacked his hands to his chest and got up in my face, smiling.

"Bring it, Leech!"

Krev had a Knife. And he swung at me.

He would've killed me, too, had Cloe not intervened, with a bright blue blinding light.

"STOP IT!" Was all I could hear, as Krev, poof, disappeared. "Oh my god, Ethan, He was going to kill you and it would have been all my fault… I am SO SORRY!"

"Sorry to break up this little guilt trip," Suki said from the door, "But we have a problem."

"What's the problem, Houston?" I asked, looking at her.

"Castle T is being stormed by the H-men."

"Dammit, wumman, can't you do anything right?" I laughed weakly, but it didn't sound right.

Because Hunter was about to go all man-hunter on us to get Cloe back.

Well, Cliffy ending to THIS story. Don't worry, Krev's not DEAD… He's just stranded in the middle of night in the middle of the desert… In Arizona somewhere :)

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This chapter's kinda short, so I'm going to post a little mini-story that's before this started!

In Social Studies, 8th period, Krev and Jacob were sitting two rows away from Cloe. Mr. Homes called the class to order and asked five people to come up to the front of the room to reenact Lincoln's assassination. Cloe, Krev, Jacob, Michael, and Jordan were called up.

Jacob = Assassinator

Cloe = Mrs. Lincoln

Krev = Abe Lincoln

Michael = Villager

Jordan = Opera lady

Mr. H = Narrorator

H: It was a night that Krev had taken Cloe to the Opera to see Hamlet, and they were having the time of their lives.

Cloe: *Flirty, but flat-toned* Isn't this play lovely?

Kirv: *Leaning away from Cloe* Yes. Just wonderful.

H: You could tell they were having just so much fun, when suddenly, Jacob came out of nowhere, and shot Krev.

J: *Shoot and hop off the balcony*

K: *Dead*

Jordan: *Screams, High-pitched, like a lady*

H: Later that night, the villagers and police-men hunted down Jake into an old barn.

M: There he is! *Holding marker-gun* Let's shoot 'em! *Shoots Jake a few times*

J: *Dead*

Later that day, after the play, Cloe, at her locker, overheard Krev talking to Michael.

"Isn't that so lame?"

"Yeah. Who'd want to marry HER? I won't EVER like her."

"Ditto, bro." They laughed as they passed her.

The next day, in the same class, Krev couldn't help but say a comment loudly so she could hear.

"If I had to sum up my jokes, then I would say this: What is the difference between Cloe and a duck? Ducks don't talk back. What's similar between a Cougar and a Zombie? Both are decent enough to not eat Cloe. At night, Zombies run amuck. They leave in the daytime because they're afraid of Cloe eating them."