Okay so first story and when I saw that there is no Spiral Knight Fan fiction I thought "I have to do something about it!" so here I am. Any criticism will be taken note of and I will try and have influence on the next part or story.

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Story 0: The 'Adventure' Begins

"Gah my head" the young knight clambered out of the escape pod, he saw three other escape pods scattered about him, then it all came flashing back, the ships gear had been going haywire and they was about to crash. The pods looked rather basic in shape, just a sphere with a door and the emblem of the Knights. Two of the said pods doors where 'open' and the other one looked jammed shut, the rookie knight who had just climbed out had a quick look around, he was in an mountainous area with shrubbery and patches of grass scattered about the area. He realised he left his sword, shield and gun in his Pod but he couldn't find his gun "Always preferred hitting things anyway" he then produced a rough Sword with a green hilt and a beat up green buckler "proto gear always got wrecked easily" he then cast a glance at the sealed escape pod and tried cutting it open "damn it's too weak, what were they thinking giving us such bad equipment" just then a shell hit the handle and the door flew open "whoa almost took your head off" a feminine sounding voice came from the ledge above "You alright Leo?" the figure hopped down to help him up "yeah you could of gave me some warning Oni" Leo said, still a bit shaken from the near dodge "the hell gun is that, sure isn't standard issue for a rookies like us" Oni just span the gun in her hand loading another shell into it "me and the captain had to run to the rescue camp and grab some tools to break you both out, he should be up ahead getting info" Pointing in the direction of a flare.

"We have to wait for the sergeant first though." Oni said looking at the now open pod, "should only take a few minutes for him to thaw out of the support system that was built in", "that's going to be boring though can I at least scout ahead?" Leo said obviously not wanting to listen to a lecture on how the pods worked and wait for the sergeant, "fine but not too far, you could get into a 'sticky' situation" Oni chuckled making him wonder what she meant, he merely shrugged it off and went off. Not even one minute in to his little 'exploration' and a small pink gelatinous blob jumped in front of him, "what the-" but before he could finish the slime jumped and pushed him into a shrub, he immediately jumped up and ran back to Oni, her face was priceless when he jumped back into the pod. "ONI WAS THIS YOU IDEA OF A PRANK" with that she just pulled her Punch gun and fired two shots into the slime making it 'explode' "calm down Leo, it was just a jelly!" barely being able to hold back her laughter "yeah well I only have this piece of trash" Leo shouted and pointed at the proto sword. Oni took the next minute explaining a few creatures she saw here and there, she mentioned the Chromalisk which was a small lizard that could steal your money and do some damage and the Scuttlebot which someone told her from the abandoned depot which rookie knights used as a training floor.

"What the hell happened" a gruff voice called from the pod, "hey sergeant you alright?" Leo said trying to contain the thought of telling him that he was the last one up. "No I am not alright rookie, what have I told you about calling me sergeant just call me Lewis, come on were in the same squad" Lewis looked around the area noticing the lack of his higher up "speaking of squad where's our commander?" "He is at the rescue camp, we got to make our way there and meat up with hi- look out!" Oni fired a shell just behind him at a strange pink gelatinous cube which then Leo slashed through it making it shiver and concave in on itself "What the hell was that thing!" Lewis yelped looking at the small pool of gel the creature left behind "just your everyday jelly" Leo said not wanting to share the fact he had generally the same reaction just a few minutes earlier but to a worse extent. "Enough game, the captain has got too worried by now" Oni said walking towards the distant flare on the horizon.

The camp was not too far off now, just across a chasm and up a hill, you could see the flare burning along with the sunset. All they had to do was cross the chasm and go up the steps leading to the rescue camp. They had dealt with a number of slimes and the occasional Chromalisk, but the chasm revealed the true nature of the world to them. "H-how is that even possible?" Leo shouted in awe "T-the entire planet is made of gears…" Lewis said trying to think of some sort of explanation. "We call them the clockworks, we still don't have any idea who made them and there is still many mystery's behind cradle." Oni explained, in her regular somewhat depressive manner. "Let's get moving, it's just up ahead, the suns almost down as well." They proceeded up the rock face and they were in the rescue camp.

"Hey! Look who finally made it." A man waved from the steps up ahead. "I thought you got lost Oni but I'm glad you brought those two here even though I sent you to get them just after midday." "oh right yeah we kind of got distracted an-" Oni was cut off by the fact he tossed a round blue ball like object at Lewis who wasn't paying attention and got struck on the head. "You seem more suited to that kind of job" The captain laughed as Lewis recovered "Red you could of at least tried to have some restraint" Oni said noticing her supposed higher ups where acting so immature. "Red was appointed squad leader because he had more training and was more balanced" Leo said reminding her that they were really only specialised in one category Leo being a swordsman Oni being there main gunner but red could use both fairly well. "Yeah but what do, I do nothing!" Lewis said tossing the blue object around from hand to hand not realising what he was actually doing "no it's not like that Lewis, I'm pretty sure your good at something and you're the best one for that roles" BOOM!

Where the four had originally been standing had been replaced by a black smudge and sparks. And several other knight were just staring at Leo, Lewis and Oni who all had fell over from the noise and didn't know why they thought the explosive could of harmed them "didn't anyone give you basic bomb training!" Red shouted at Lewis "wait that was a bomb? But standard issue bombs are green and others have different shapes!" Lewis tried to cover up the fact he didn't know what he had been playing with was a bomb in which made Red just face palm himself "maybe that's because you have never seen this variant, how can I put it, the leader of each squad is given two items, the green ward shield and the static flash bomb, bombing is never really my thing and since my higher ups don't want rookies using rare equipment I thought I might as well give it to my second in command." With this Lewis's eyes lit up that maybe he found a use for himself that made him different "well maybe I can be this squads bomber!" and with that they had themselves a solid team…setting aside the fact that Lewis and Leo had a clear lack of teamwork, thinking, listening skills with the lack of training.

Okay I think I got the hang of this whole story business, any criticism is accepted, and since they most likely will be meeting up with other squads you may post requests to have some sort of character appearance, and im sorry its so short

Main Characters:

Leo: a sword user, he is the 'DPS' of the group and all about power and speed. he can keep his cool under most scenario's but when he gets angry...he gets angry. his current equipment is the basic spiral sallet and the proto sword and shield because he is an idiot and forgot his gun (not like he would use it anyway)

Oni: A gun user, She is the brains of the group, she can relax and be carefree when she feels like it but she cares for all the group, she carries a punch and stun gun around with her and has a vitasuit on with the tailed helm. she could snipe an enemy from half the map away blindfolded because of how much she loves guns.

Lewis: A bomber...sort of, he is the most aggressive of the group and wasnt really good with anything, he got beat by Leo and Oni within little time and Red draws out the fights to tire him out, he is equiped with a proto sword and static flash bomb because...well you will see why next chapter

Red: the All-around guy, probally the most odd of the group, they had no real choice in making him leader because he was 2 ranks higher then the rest of them and because he could beat Lewis, dodge Oni's shots and stay out of Leo's sword range, he has a fencing jacket and a cyclops helmet, along with the green ward shield and a hatchet, he also has a stun gun he is clearly the better equiped of the group