Hi everyone! :) It's my first SIH fanfic. It's a little naive, but overally fluffy :) It'll have proably 2 or 3 more chapters, this one is more like a prologue. It's 1:50 am where I live and I'm pretty tired, so forgive me the mistakes. I'll try to eliminate them tomorrow. Hope you like it, please enjoy! ^^

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It was already past noon when I woke up to the shuffle of letters being put through the letter box in my door. It's been such a lazy week… Being sick sometimes has its good points, like staying at home. I absolutely didn't want to agree at first, but Takano-san was adamant and even talked to Isaka-san, who agreed to sent me on a sick leave. It was pretty much decided behind my back, but I won't complain. I needed it. I still feel a bit dizzy though, but it's way better now - I even go back to work tomorrow. I guess I'm a little excited.

And scared. I'm so behind with my work I can't bear to imagine how long it'll take me to finally catch up. I was trying to do at least some part of it at home but Takano-san got angry with me. While usually pushing me pretty hard, now he didn't let me work for even a second since I've been sick. But whose fault it'll be when my artists won't meet their deadline? Not his, of course.

I should stop whining and get up finally or else I'll stay in bed the whole day. I hate wasting time like this. Come on, Ritsu, up, up! Stifling a yawn, I stumbled to the bathroom and took a quick shower to get rid of the sleepiness. I should make some use of my last day off… I could tidy the flat or something.

On my way to the living room, where it looked like the biggest piles of clothes were creating a city of their own, I noticed something at the front door. The letters! I forgot about them. Now I can excuse myself from cleaning without any pricks of conscience.

I danced almost gracefully to a kitchen table and started looking through what was delivered. Among useless stuff, there was a reply from a salesperson to whom I've sent a letter of complaint. That jerk sold me a faulty vacuum cleaner! I mean, seriously, who the hell sells something when not absolutely sure about its perfection? I could never do that. That's why I give everything I have to my job, it's called devotion. I'm engaged to my work as an editor, and that stupid salesperson should learn from me! I don't like cleaning but when I'm actually trying to make this flat a… place where someone could actually live, I'd expect to get it over with the quickest way possible. Which is, let me tell you, not when your new vacuum cleaner explodes and everything within the range of three meters is covered with dust.

Good for them that they are willing to cover the price of repair, what I learned from quickly scanning the text. I've scribbled my reply and put the letter away, so I can send it along with the replies for another two that I've received.

When I took the second letter in my hands, I froze. It was from my mother. My mom. Isn't it enough that she's always calling and nagging me about An-chan? Now she has to stalk me through mails, too. Great. Don't get me wrong, I love her but recently our relations got a lot colder.

Already annoyed, I opened the envelope and started reading. I could feel my expression soften as I went on and on, though. She… she wanted to make up. The letter read that she's tired of the constant fight between us but she's too afraid to say that to my face. I guess she finally understood I will never marry An-chan. That was pretty surprising but she also wrote I can always count on her and she won't push me to do anything I wouldn't want. She loves me and misses me, and wants to see me soon. Wow, now that's something I really didn't expect.

I immediately started writing back:

I was really happy to hear you still love me. I'd like to make up with you as well, and I miss you, greatly. I'd like to see you more often on a personal basis but you're always so busy with work. Please keep that in mind. I've always known I can count on you and it means a lot to me. There's so much things I want to tell you about but I'm embarrassed… I'm not used to expressing my feelings, but I hope you'll understand what I mean. No matter how many more quarrels we will have: I love you, and I always will.


Your Ritsu.

Haha, perfect. Mom will feel loved, since I repeated the word over and over again, and I already feel satisfied when I imagine the content look on her face. And she didn't write a single word about An-chan. Is it good? Or bad? Maybe she finally understood something. I honestly hope so. I'm gonna have too much work now since there's a backlog from when I was sick, but after I get it over with, I'd probably should visit my parents. I put the letter with the previous one and took the last one in hand.

But that's… hm, must be a mistake. The postman probably didn't notice he was holding this one as well, or maybe he just confused the numbers. This letter was for Takano-san, who lives just one flat before mine. It looks like some normal notice from some office, I'll put it in through his letter box so he can read it when he comes home.

It's still early, I think I can go to the post office now. Well, it's not like I have anything besides cleaning to do. And I feel pretty well already.

Or I would feel so, if I didn't fall flat on my face as soon as I stood up. I stumbled upon some clothes, all the letters and useless advertisements and leaflets scattered around the whole room. Just my luck. It took me a while to find all of them but when I finally did, I tripped again, over my own feet this time, because I suddenly felt a little dizzy.

I collected the papers once again and quickly rushed off of the flat, before I could have the chance of dropping them again. On my way to the elevator, I slipped Takano-san his letter, actually feeling pretty proud that I didn't forget about it. He should be coming home some time around now, but I didn't meet him on my way.

It was a sunny day, so I had a nice walk. The post office is not that far away and it was a rather short trip, but fun nevertheless. After the whole week at home, everything outside the house is fun I guess.

Unfortunately, there just must have been something wrong. I never realized until I noticed what I'm holding in my hand when I was just about to slip the letter into the letter box. The letter which envelope read:

Receiver: Takano Masamune.

Cold shivers ran down my spine and I shuddered, as it dawned on me. I searched my bag frantically, but there was no sign of the "love" letter I intended to sent to my mom. If it was gone, and Takano-san's letter is here…

No. No, no, no! I have to do something. Take it back…? Prevent him from finding it! He'd misunderstand it so badly… I'd never be able to explain! I must take it back somehow. As soon as possible.

Before he reads it.

So that's it :) In case you didn't understand, Ricchan gave Takano the "love" letter instead of sending in to his mom and now has to retrieve it before Takano reads it.

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