Oh god, how long has it been since I updated? Forever. I finally finished this! Its a happyish chapter, but a little sad. But mostly happy! Enjoy!

Chapter 11: Together

If you fall, I'll let you know
That I will pick you up
Like you for I.
I felt this thing
I can't replace
~Angels and Airwaves, The Adventure

When we got back to West Chester, I didn't even bother going to say hi to Phil and April. I went straight up to my room and passed out. I hadnt gotten much sleep at the hotel, Dico kept kicking me in his sleep. So I figured since we weren't doing shit, I'd catch up on my Z's. I knew that I needed to write more lyrics, we, and by we, I mean Paramore, would be leaving in a few weeks to record, and after that, we'd be heading out on a tour. That means I wouldn't be seeing Novak for a while.

I wondered if maybe a break was what I needed to clear my head. My head really was jumbled in the past few weeks. I wondered if maybe instead of trying over and over again to finally get Novak, maybe I did need to be alone for a while... Well, I can't say that I'm ever really alone. I mean, what with my huge array of all these boys, I'm never alone.

With that thought comforting me, I did eventually fall asleep. But naps in Castle Bam never last long.

"Oh Melody!" All the boys sang.

I pulled the covers up over my head as they flicked the light on.

"Come on! We're having a downhill ski race in honor of punxsitawney Phil, up at bear creek mountain. Clutch is gonna play!" Bam yelled, and jumped on me.

I immeadiatly shot up. "That place you took me that has those awesome tubes?"

"Hell yes." He smiled, knowing I was pleased.

"Alright, everyone out. I'll be down in five minutes!" I shoved them all out.

I threw warm clothes into my suitcase, and it took me a little while to find my snow pants. I, again, threw in matching undergarments, just in case, and zipped up my bag. I threw my suitcase down the stairs and followed it.

"Ready?" Bam asked, picking up my bag for me.

"Yup." I nodded. Glomb gave me a piggy back ride to the hummer.

When we reached Bear Creek Mountain, Novak got out of the car, and Bam pushed him on the ground. I fucking hated Bam when he did shit like that. I helped Novak up.

"That's something me and you do for each other a lot, huh?" He laughed shakily.


"We always help each other up when we fall. And we're always the only ones who never laugh." He said, his tone of voice grateful. I knew it meant a lot to him that he had one steady person in his life who would help him back up on his feet.

My cheeks turned pink. "C'mon Nudie." I said, and we walked hand-in-hand up to the resort.

I saw Glomb look at us, and I swear I saw jealousy in his eyes.

"Damn it." I said, thinking it was quiet enough for Novak not to hear.

"What?" He asked.

Damn it.

"Nothing, nothing." I pushed away the subject by tightening my grip on Novak's hand. His eyes lit up and he smiled at me. It was really happening. It was actually fucking happening. Bam saw us and his eyes lit up, and he gave me a sublte wink. I smiled back.

Bam walked up to the front desk to the receptionist.

"Do you have a reservation?" She asked.

"Nah, just give us what, Ten rooms?" Bam waved his hand up in the air, as if he were some kind of prince of the world.

"You didn't call ahead?" Ape asked.

"He never calls ahead, Ape. I always have to, and I didn't get a chance to this time." I said.

"Here's your keys, the only available rooms we have." She put them in Bam's hands.

"What, two?" Ape asked.

"They're ajoining rooms." She said.

"Two, two rooms!" Ape complained.

"I'll sleep between you and Phil, you'll barely notice me." Dunn said, putting his arm around Ape's shoulders.

"Is there ever gonna be a time when I get to have my own room without you guys?" She asked.

I feel your pain April.

"C'mon Ape, you get to sleep with the sweaty boy factory!" Bam said, in his 'raab' voice.

When we got to our room, we all had to cram in. It was way, way, way, way, WAY to small. Glomb tried to get up on the fireplace, and Bam got up on the TV.

"Look, Ape, I'm on TV!" He laughed.

"If its two rooms at least we'll have less payment on damages." Phil said, right before Bam jumped off the coffee table and hit him with a pillow.

"OH!" Glomb suddenly yelled, making me jump. "He's got a jacuzzi bed!"

I peeked around the corner to see Dunn, chilling in the bathtub. My eyes lit up.

"Move over, Random Hero, I wanna sleep in here too!" I told him.

He smiled. "Come on in, Buggy!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me in.

Ape reached down and turned on the water.

"Whaterya DOING?" Dunn yelled at her, right beside my ear.

I, having claimed my spot with Dunn, hopped out. Bam and Glomb pulled out the sofa bed. Bam got up on the ledge, and played "free falling", a game he and I made up when we first met on the underground tour with my brother.

"Commit, commit, commit, COMMIT!" I said as he fell forward, and hit face first on Dunn's boney leg.

"Asshole! You didn't even move your leg!" He punched Dunn in the arm.

Everyone was still messing around, and Bam decided it was time to get down to business.

"Alright enough! Winter is over in a few days and we need to get started! Everyone meet on the big hill for your job assignments for the big race." He announced, and everyone got up, and shuffled out of the room, leaving me and Novak last. He walked up to me, a very nervous demenor about him.

"They can wait for a minute, right?" He asked me. "I have to ask you somthing..."

"Sure, go ahead." I said.

"I know you and Glomb have been pretty close lately, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. Like, mad jealous. I messed up with Brittany. Melody, I don't think I'd ever be able to express my feelings for you. You mean everything to me... You may feel the same way about him, but I know that you feel something for me too. I don't wanna make you choose between me or him, but I had to get it out there." He said, and I could tell he meant it. He knew exactly what he was gonna say to me when he walked up to me.

But I didn't know what to say back.

"I-I-" I said, and he shook his head.

"You don't have to say anything back right now, we can talk about it later-"

"I love you." I cut him off.

He was taken aback, and I knew he thought I had been turning him down.

"What?..." He asked.

"I love you, Brandon Novak. But you have to realize that this is gonna take some time. I know its been weeks since the Chad thing, but Its still too soon." I explained, choking on my own words here and there.

"I understand." He said, his voice lingering with relief. "I love you too." He reached out his hand.

I took it.

"I fucking hate snowmobiles." I said, with my arms crossed and a childish pout on my face.

Bam rolled his eyes. "You don't have to drive one, just get on the back of Nudie's."

"Its not a question of who I ride with, its just the pure fact that I hate them." I said.

"You're so stubborn." Novak said, and he picked me up.

"Yo!" I yelled in protest.

Before I could get off, everyone started up the mountain. I hated going fast on anything, period. I didn't like being in Bam's Lambo, and I sure as hell never got in a car with Ryan unless I was driving it.

Close to the top of the mountain, we stopped by a place in the trail with lots of trees. Bam climbed up a really tall one and they all chopped it down, and he fell into the knee deep snow, unscathed. Glomb, Rake and Novak did it too. They wanted me to try, and I wanted to too, but I was massively afraid of heights. We spent the rest of the day just goofing around.

One of my least favorite activities of the day was Brandon's polar bear dive into a 32 degree river in nothing but his underwear. Dico was pretty funny, but I didn't laugh at fucking all because I was worried sick. He got out, shivering, and his lips were blue.

"It's not nice," He told Dico. "Fuck that polar bear shit. I can't believe people actually do that shit."

I wrapped the towels around him tighter as Bam ran off to find more fun things to do. I looked at his blue lips again, and he noticed.

"Think you could help me warm 'em up, doll?" He asked.

"I absolutely will." I agreed softly.

Brandon leaned down to kiss me. I won't get all mushy and say it was a dream come true and my heart skipped a beat or 10. Even though its all true I won't. It was just a really good first kiss, and a wonderful start to many more.

Around 4 P.M. It started snowing really good. So we had Rake figure skate in some pink snow pants while Novak filmed. It was hilarious. Bam decided that it was time to go to the bar around 2 in the morning. Novak already had no pants on, hanging on me, drunk, but not completely wasted.

"You know what I'm gonna do, Robot?" Novak asked me.

"He's gonna stick his ass in Rake Yohn's face." Bam giggled into the cameras.

"I'm gonna show him what its like to eat a real man's ass, oh yeah." Novak said seductively, and ran out on the porch. Dunn helped hold Rake down as Novak ran his crack up and down his nose.

I was laughing uncontrollably as Rake talked about how the experience was for him. In his words, it was "The worst ass-face ever."

Novak made sure that he was with me for most of the night once we actually made it to the bar. Everyone was pretty shit-faced. I paced myself though, even though I was drunk too. Somehow during the night, I got separated from Novak when I went to go dance with Dunn and Raab. It was around 5 in the morning when I decided I really had to go looking for him. He was outside, laying in the snow, with puke all over his shirt. His face was pale and his eyes were completley blood-shot.

"Brandon, please tell me that you weren't out here doing what I think you were doing." I said, feeling his forehead. It was clammy and warm, and he shivered at my touch.

"I'm sorry, Melody." Was all he said, and I knew he'd shot heroin.

He'd sworn he was clean, but a part of me didn't believe him. Not one bit, and I was right.

When I helped him up, Brandon did his best to not make himself dead weight on me.

"Baby, baby, baby." He stopped me from pulling him. "Hold on for a sec, here. Help me lean on this fence. I gotta puke."

I did as was requested, and simply held his hair back as he vomitted.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, gently.

"Yeah, baby. I'm okay. Just don't leave me. Don't leave me." He said, and kept saying it.

"Stop it now, Brandon! I'm not gonna leave you. Now c'mon. Come inside. I'll find you a place to lay down, okay?" I helped him back up, and he leaned into me.

I lay him down in a large booth in an isolated corner of the bar. I was going to go get Bam, but Novak grabbed onto me.

"Stay with me, don't go away. Don't leave." He kept saying.

"Okay, Novak. Okay. Shh, I won't go anywhere." I reassured him.

He eventually passed out, after 2 hours of me promising him I wouldn't leave, and I went to go find Bam. I didn't tell him about the heroin, because Bam would have kicked Novak out.

"Thanks for helping him, Mimi. You mean the world to Novak. You know that, don't ya?" Bam said as he positioned an out-cold Brandon between him and Dunn.

"He's mentioned it before." I said, a blush forming on my cheeks.

"That doesn't surprise me." Bam smiled as he led us all back to the Hummer.

Yay! Melody and Novak are together! Its not over yet though, so don't worry! There's still a good 5 or 10 chapters left.