It was ridiculous bloodshed. Russia was wiping out every country in his way to the Atlantic Ocean. Lithuania, Poland, France, Spain, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, and other countries were killed, not invaded but killed.

The Nordics at this time were holding a meeting, "What do you mean Sweden's dead!" protested Finland at Norway. Norway avoided getting into eye contact with Finland, but said "Sweden's note the only one not with us anymore." Sweden's death brought Denmark, the usually annoying, happy, and drunk to concern. Denmark and Sweden may have not have liked each other but, everyone was like family in the Nordics. As everyone looked around, Denmark looked at Norway in shock "Iceland?" Norway nodded. The only reason Russia took Iceland was to take out to the seas. Norway mumbled to himself "Onii chan. . ." Finland, Denmark, and Norway sat in silence. Norway put his arms around Denmark. Denmark was the only comforting thing left for Norway. Finland's comfort was gone Iceland would be gone. Iceland would be gone, Denmark would get Norway through it, Finland would grieve but Sweden would comfort him. No Sweden, No comfort for Finland. The last three had to stay strong for the loss of two.

At the same time the Asians were having a meeting. Minus China, China wanted Russia not to do this in the first place. China knew that his siblings would force him into war against his love. Vietnam and Korea were in chatter. Japan sat their listening to every word they were saying. The Asians could never get anywhere without China.

America and Canada, the two North American countries, couldn't get anywhere as well. England and France were dead. Canada could find no peace in his mind. America's heart was shattered. Canada finally whispered "Brother, he's dead, and there is nothing we can do now." That only made America burst into tears. Canada whispered again "England would want you to stop Russia, don't you think brother?" America raised his head and looked at his brother, his eyes filled with anger and nods. America put his hand on Canada's shoulder and asked "Will you ask me Canadia?" Canada nodded.

In Europe, Italy was crying his eyes out. Hungary and Prussia were depressed. Ukraine was crying too but that was normal for Ukraine. Italy lost his best friend and love, Germany. Hungary and Prussia lost Austria. Prussia lost his love. Hungary lost her ex-husband and best friend. Though Ukraine was here, Belarus was not. She wouldn't go against her brother. Greece was asleep, but that was usual.

Hungary put her hand on Italy's shoulder and said tenderly "Italia just hang in there. Something will come up." The three Nordics suddenly busted in. Every one of the European stood up. Norway, Denmark, and Finland were gasping for air. Finland finally bellowed out "America and Canada are going to fight against Russia!" The Europeans stood silent, shocked, and some even saw a gleam of hope in their eyes.

America came in with Canada at that moment holding a suitcase. Everyone stared at the two North American countries. America put his suitcase down. He said firmly "I want you all to help me against Russia!" Finland wasn't going to say no, not after Russia killing Sweden. Norway wasn't going to say no after Russia killing his little brother. Prussia out of everyone definitely wasn't going to say no. Russia killed his love, his brother, and he already had a hate for Russia. Denmark couldn't say no at this point. Norway is the closest person to Denmark. Norway was stubborn but not stupid. Hungary was in this, she would be important especially for Italy.