Hours, days, weeks, and months of fighting went by until they reached the center. Finland, Korea, Italy, Romano, and Vietnam were set out with bombs that were already set to detonation. The five would just have to activate them. As the five got in, there were no guards, no cameras, and no type of security. Finland was head of the group he peered around every hall every corner as the ones behind him set bombs in some corners where they are less likely seen. They came to a door at the end of a series of halls they could hear Prussia and Denmark shouting. There was clinging of weaponry, slamming on the stone-metal mixed walls. Italy hid behind Romano at these noises. They could hear blood splatter, names being shouted.

As Finland opened the door slowly, Norway was being thrown to the wall next to the door. Italy was shaking. Finland watched as Norway and Denmark were thrown around like rag dolls as Hungary and Prussia tried to attack but failed as they got the Nordics thrown into them. Japan was fighting specifically China, metal to metal. Cling cling cling. Finland couldn't watch anymore he burst into the door, only to get China's sword that went through Japan as well through his chest. Norway and Denmark looked over in shock and sounded "Finland!" Korea and Romano set bombs outside the door as Italy and Vietnam set bombs in the corners of the room hiding in the shadow of the walls.

China pulled his sword from Japan and Finland's chest; a thin tube fell from Finland's coat. Vietnam and China noticed and looked up to reach other. They both dashed to the metal tube, diving onto the floor. Before China's finger tips could touch the tube Vietnam hit it towards the door. Romano grabbed the thin metal tubed and looked at the red button on top. Vietnam shouted "Push it Romano!" Italy dashed towards the door, along with Norway and Denmark. Vietnam sat up slowly as Romano pushed the button with his thumb. Korea shouted as the beeping of bombs were heard "Vietnam! China!"

Norway grabbed Korea's arm and said "Korea! Come on we must leave! There is no time!" Korea struggled out of Norway's grip. As soon as Korea stepped his foot between the door and the hall, all the bombs went off. The Walls caved in, the explosive waves spread. Neither Russia nor China could take it as their skin charted and it soon burn into their bodies. Vietnam and Korea's skin charted as well. Korea fell straight to his death to the floor. Norway and Denmark were right between two bombs so they died from the nuclear pressure and radiation. Italy, Romano, Prussia, and Hungary died from burning and nuclear radiation as well.

The building covered the bodies of the burned soldiers was burned and let a dirt ground around its grassy, icy landscape. Canada was looking over the bare land with an evil grin across his face. He radioed in America "Hey Brother." America radioed back his brother grinning from ear to ear "Yes Canadia?" Canada said deep and low "Their all dead." America said back his voice got a bit raspy "Good." America bellowed out an evil laugh out of his satisfaction of him and his brother being the last two countries in the World.

The country of Greece that night was poisoned by the sneaky North American brothers.

~The End~