The sleeping Lion


It was dark and his breaths where coming in short gasps as he struggled to move around. The space was small, so, so small, so suffocating. Spiders moved around quickly, but he didn't mind. The spiders where his friends. He didn't know how, but he could communicate with them with his mind.

This he supposed was what made his Aunt and Uncle call him a freak. Though he knew that wasn't his name. To tell the truth he still did not know his name, but the spiders called him Prince, as their Mother had practically adopted him. Surprisingly, spiders where very protective of those they considered their own. Though Mother, as he called her, gave him a human name that she heard while traveling out one day, Nikolas.

He liked it, as it came from Mother. Mother, who loved and protected him- even if she was so small- who accepted everything about him, from his muteness to how freakish he was.

Mother… He whispered in his mind.

Go to sleep, my dear Prince Nikolas… A soothing female voice echoed back as he gave a small smile. Hopefully in the morning he would feel better.

A lone spider looked at her hatchling with a small sigh as she made herself comfortable on her web.

Don't worry little one, all will be well soon…

And in that exact moment, a blue light filled up the cupboard where the young child slept and a long curly red headed man with a beige amplifier on his head and strange dress with a cloak, appeared and gave a small gentle, if but loving smile in the directing of the child.

"Niko…" He said, his tone loving and a little longing. "I'll save you don't worry. I'll save you, Grandpa, Artella, and everyone if it's the last thing I do…" His voice held an immense amount of pain as he picked the child up and hugged him to his chest, small sobs coming out of his mouth.

"Don't worry… don't worry. All will be well…" He whispered as he looked around before turning on his heal and disappearing in a flash of blue light, taking the child with him.

And on that night, Harry Potter disappeared not to be seen again for a good amount of years.


The Mu all jumped, tears running down their cheeks as they heard the mental scream of a child. In room designated for the children of Nazca a boy sat drawing a picture of short black haired man and a tall red haired man holding hands.

When he heard the scream he looked up startled as tears fell down his cheeks.


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