Italy didn't get up on his own until half past ten. Germany was wearing a German flag jacket, a white plane T-shirt, some jeans, and sneakers. Italy never saw Germany like this so naturally he looked him over, up and down. Germany's cheeks flushed slightly and said "Staring is rude Italy." Italy shook his head and looked up to Germany "Oh! Sorry Germany!" Germany had a small smile grow on his face, but turned away before Italy could see it.

Italy insisted on making breakfast so Germany did not argue. They sat at the table eating pasta for breakfast, which was odd for Germany. Italy looked up to Germany and cheered "Hey Germany what are we going to take pictures of first?" Germany swallowed the pasta in his mouth and asked "What is one of your places Italy? We'll start from there." Italy seemed to be trying to remember his list and said "Garden Magnifico is on my list!" Italy exclaimed. Germany nodded and got up to put his plate into the sink "We will start there then Italy." he said calmly as walked over to the sink. Italy cheered.

After breakfast Germany and Italy arrived to the garden. It was like a big greenhouse. All you could see was the luscious green plants and colorful flowers. The song came in through the glass of the garden. You could hear the occasional chirp of birds and the buzzing of little bugs fly past your head. It was a peaceful place. The garden was a rather alluring place as well.

Italy was running off into the luscious green as Germany took in the atmosphere. Germany looked up to the top of the ceiling where light from the sun came in. Wasn't a smart idea, Germany looked away immediately. By the time he did that Italy was running back, his head, shoulders, and arms covered in birds and shouted quite excitedly "Hey! Hey! Germany look at all the birds! Take a picture of me will you?" Germany turned the long strap that was slanged across his body to the Camera and aligned it so he could see through the view finder. He took that picture maybe 16 times before he was happy with it.

Italy ran over to Germany and tried to look over his shoulder to see the picture. Germany was taller than him so this wasn't successful. He finally poked Germany on the shoulder and shouted loudly "Hey! Hey! Germany let me see the picture!" Germany smiled and showed Italy the little screen on the camera of him with all the birds. The green of the plants made the colorful and exotic birds stand out. Italy's big smile was brighter than the sun that shown through the glass of the garden.

By the end of the trip, Germany and Italy had a total of 15 pictures. Many of the pictures were of Italy running away and hiding in the green plants because he made a mother bird mad. Some of the pictures of Germany were him looking at plants. One of them was his beautiful blue flower that brought out Germany's eyes more than anything else.

Italy for a shot of a bird needed help lining the camera. Germany of course helped which got them both to close for comfort. Hungary was hiding behind the luscious green plants snapping sneaky pictures of the two when it seemed like something rather suggestive. She got a few of Germany helping Italy line the camera. One of Germany with that blue flower in his hair after Italy put it in and took a picture of them. Germany didn't seem all that happy in that picture.

In the famous island of Europe, England and America were taking pictures of England's country's tourist sights. England was hanging from the outside of Big Ben waving his one arm. America was on the ground zooming in on England as much as possible and shouting(even though England couldn't possibly hear) " Hold still British dude I'm trying to take the picture!"