You saved my life and took me out of our burning home, even though it was at a time where I couldn't even remember.

You sold your soul to a demon and condemned yourself to hell to save my life.

You watched me walk farther and farther into the darkness, but always tried your best to keep me from completely burning out what little light I had left.

I watched myself beat you up through the eyes of Lucifer, feeling nothing but guilt for my actions. You watched me take control again and throw myself into the pit in order to end this madness.

Your new found life with Lisa and Ben was ruined by my soulless return, despite the great reluctantly to leave your happiness behind. The pain I caused you by standing by idly all the time was immeasurable, and no matter how many times I can ask for forgiveness, I know what I did was truly unforgivable.

I stood by your side as you watched your best friend die. I cried along with you when the only man we could really ever call a father passed on from a gunshot wound to the head.

We can go through so much pain and so much anguish that it seems unbearable, but I'll always know one thing for sure. Despite the loss and hardships, there's always a light I can look to to guide me through my darkest times.

You will always be my brother, and I know now that's not something I will ever take for granted again.