Epilogue (hundreds of years later)


"Great-grandfather, when are you getting married again?" His heir and descendant sounded unusually insistent this time. Seroh reminded Ranma so much of himself at that age.

Climbing down from the third level of his villa in Madagascar, Ranma Saotome didn't look a day older than thirty. Wearing only a bathrobe, he rubbed his eyes, waking. The morning still fought the stars, though by the false dawn's light another spectacular sunrise would be gracing his roof.

Using a small bit of ki to amplify his voice, he yelled back, "Can't it wait until after my bath S-chan?" Priorities, priorities; he knew exactly who his visitors would be and what prompted the question.

"Fine, fine, you lazy slacker; make sure you look halfway decent when you're done! We have company." Knowing when to push the old man was a survival skill she'd picked up over thirty-three years of training.

Turning back to her three guests calmly waiting on the darkened porch, the woman wearing white silken pajamas stepped outside and bowed. Her fiery red hair fell over her blue eyes, but did not interfere with her observation of the guests.

A bit of morning rain promptly splashed against the tiles with brief patter-patter, and a somewhat amused man grinned back at the three waiting women. None evidenced surprise.

"Does it run in the family?" Inquired the one wearing rabbit ears and a daring synthetic business suit. She looked comfortable with a backdrop of stars accentuating her outfit.

"Actually, no." Said the changed guy, somewhat put off his trick failed to amaze. "My name is Seroh Saotome, won't you three please come in?"

"The March Hare." Purred the one in the sexy suit as she slinked past into the receiving area.

"I am Anwata." Softly stated the girl in a sari and sandals who wore a bindu (jewel in the middle of her forehead) shaped like the yin/yang symbol. She was a powerful spiritualist and supernatural detective who remembered her past lives, and dealt with the mysterious on a regular basis.

"Heh, heh, guess you can call me Seruni-chan!" The perky teenager with an elaborate old-style kimono depicting a branching willow tree on the back bounced in. Oddly, she wore hot pink sunglasses even at night.

With a minimum of hassle, the guests were seated in the closed veranda, and a batch of tea was replicated on an older Eatanu.

"So you are all here to marry Master Ranma?" Enquired Seroh curiously; the old man had said to expect this when her training was complete, but there was still so much left!

"He made us promise to keep away while he trained an heir to his standards!" Pouted Seruni-chan perkily, adjusting her glasses.

"We were really just giving him time to mourn his dead wife," sighed the Hare, deliberately going the extra mile to emphasize her chest. "It's been fifty years, and you passed two days ago kid."

"From what Komiji remembers, his wife was a superior martial artist, but she never quite mastered the correct universal harmony to control her age." Anwata sounded very wise.

Narrowing his eyes, Seroh used ki-vision on the guests for the first time. Startled at what he saw, with a burst of power he returned female, and took up a defensive stance. "What exactly are you people!" Yelled the newest grandmaster of Musubetsu Kakuto Ryuu.

"See, see 'wata-chan, I told you it was Togenkyo and not Jusenkyo!" Enthused Seruni, holding out her palm and waiting.

Looking miffed, the sari-clad girl reached into an inner pocket and handed over a package of twinkies. "That water trigger for a supposedly permanent transformation is very well crafted then. I think I'd like to study it later."

Having approached the defensive martial artist while this byplay was taking place, the March Hare explained: "The wild Willow Tree child is no less than a goddess. Anwata becomes endless souls, though I know not who lurks behind their roles. For all of the concepts in your creation, the closest that fits ME is a Ghost of Imagination."

"Knock off the rhymes!" Groaned Anwata and Seruni.

"And a goddess, a witch, and a demon are all here to compete to marry my great-grandfather!" Wonderment echoed in Seroh's voice, and she relaxed her guard. 'This'll certainly pay the old puritan back,' she chuckled mentally.

"No, no, no! You've got it all wrong!" Seruni-chan waved her hands in denial.

"We are all enlightened beings here, who know the lassitude and ennui of too much life." Anwata made a sweeping gesture and turned around in a circle, demonstrating a slice of infinity.

"In other words," added the March Hare, proud her idea had been accepted, "we decided to share on the way up!"

Whistling cheerfully, Ranma wondered how Seroh-chan would like some fianc├ęs for a while, as he walked down the stairs to the veranda. She was half-boy after all!

Three women materialized into his personal space the moment his feet touched the floor.

Seroh watched in amazement as her master tried to teleport away, but was blocked by a combination of divine and chaotic magic woven through a grounded spiritualist.

"Did you miss me?" Ask the March Hare, as she grabbed Ranma's hand and stuck it between her legs.

"I figured out that little trick since the last time we sparred!" Gloated Seruni.

"The time is finally right, Ranma Saotome." Spoke Anwata, excited. "You can finally remember your wife without pain, and her spirit has given us permission."

A small storm crossed Ranma's face as he thought, before realizing he could indeed remember the good times with fondness. "How?" He asked finally.

"She who once showed you thousands of futures remembers your touch." Stated Anwata in Miyu's voice.

Slowly, Ranma began laughing, and soon the women around him joined in.

"Don't just stand there Seroh!" Called Seruni between laughs, "We must save this for posterity!"

Looking down dumbly at the holo-cam, which had materialized in her hands, Seroh Saotome recorded the latest of her grand-grandfather's grandest, most perfect moments by pushing a button.


Years later they would look back and reflect: the most cherished time is spent with good company. Thus, are new "right moments" created.










I have my own idea of who Ranma's first wife was; I'll let you have yours too. Hope you enjoyed the show.