Chapter 1~ Day Dreamer

"Potter!" Draco moaned leaning further in to him own arms.

His small hips slightly thrusting into the ever so tangible air. A small blushed creped over his face as Harry groped him through his skin tight jeans. Another moan whispered past his every so dry lips. His pail fingers digging into his own bleach blond locks. Harry's hand began moving quicker around his swollen shaft bagging for release.

He stared into Harry's emerald green eyes pleading for him to do more. Harry nodded as if he understood, his tanned hands found their way to Draco's belt. Fiddling with it for only a couple seconds before it gave in to his touch, coming undone. Within seconds Draco's pants and boxers were around his ankles. Draco whimpered at the sudden coolness to his warm body. "Bloody Hell Potter just take me now!" Draco moaned in a husky voice raping his slender arms around Harry's neck.

Happy to comply Harry pulled Draco's legs apart showing his beautiful lower body off to him. Quickly He dived a shaky hand into his robe pocket and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. It took merely a minute to pull down his own pant's and lather his harden member with lube once the condom was on. Draco could no longer wait he pulled Harry into a hot sloppy kiss. Their toughs battled for dominance.

As Draco was 'distracted' Harry played with Draco's puckered hole, receiving a groan in satisfaction. Taking his time Harry inserted his finger stopping at the joint to give him a moment to get use to the sensation. Draco pulled back from the heated kiss for some much needed air. Once his lungs were once again full of dry air, Draco gave Harry a nod urging him to continue stretching him out. Harry leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his lips as he fully inserted the rest of his finger, and began rocking it back and fourth. He soon added a second scissoring his tight hole. again adding another finger, as he felt Draco thrust harshly against his fingers he lost control, he removed his fingers spreading Draco's legs further apart.

Draco whimpered at the lose of contacted. Harry licked his own dry lips as he placed himself at Draco's stretched entrance, giving him a devilish grin before thrusting into him without any mercy. "AH! Yes Harry! Right there! Don't stop!" Draco screamed as Harry hit the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Harry dipped down and began sucking on Draco's right nipped as one hand toyed with the lest and the other held his hips down, earning a splendid scream from him. Harry felt Draco tremble underneath his and his pace picked up. "UH! AH! Draco! Draco! Drac-!"

"Draco…? Malfoy!" Draco's head shot up drool smeared on his chin, only to find himself looking into Hermione's wide eyes.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with you! Malfoy!" Ron spat his face beat red.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you two it looks Ron ate professor Snape's cooking, and you Hermione look like you saw him naked. So can someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on?" Draco said straightening out his robe, and wiping his damp chin with the back of his shaky hand.

"Well … you see.. Uhmm…" Ron pointed down at Draco's crotch, to embarrassed to continue.

Draco's face lit up an odd red color as he grabbed his binder's and shoved them onto his lap flinching at the touch. Hermione could all but hold in her giggle back as Ron asked 'if it was just him or were you dreaming about 'our' Harry potter?' His face crimsoned as he fully saw the light reality. "Bloody hell, your so annoying!" Draco huffed placeing his head into his hands.

"I'll take that as a yes. Also the fact that you were moaning his name every three seconds." Hermione teased as she ruffled Draco's hair. "we won't tell him."

"You better not you filthy mudblood." he hissed through his teeth.

Hermione pulled his hands away from his face and looked into his eyes; more tenderly then anyone ever has. "You know we'll support you if you 'love' him. We're not as bad as you may think we are." She leaned in closer to whisper in his ear, "No but really I just want a sex tape of you to going at it."

Ron looked at them confused as Hermione pulled away from a blushing yet nodding Malfoy. Hermione just laughed as she walked back towards Ron pulling at his hand. "Oh… Ya uhm… I guess if you like him it's okay with me… By the way your lucky that we're the only people that come to the library after hours." Ron said with a shaky grin.