Chapter 6~ Saviour

Severus laid back in his leather chair; resting his book in his lap as Crabbe and Goyle made there way back into the dorm. Their robes swayed as they walked toward Snap; "boy's what took so long… your curfew was on hour ag-" he was cut of by the hovering smell of human blood. "where where you!" he snapped.

"we were with Harry Potter, sir." the boy's chuckled a grin plastered on their faces.

"where is he now?" Severus voice was cold as he stood to his full height; intimidating the young men.

"At the lake.. I don't think Granger and Weasly have the guts to move him." Goyle said with a sigh leaning against Crabbe.

Snaps faced paled as Crabbe told him about what they have done to Potter. His mouth gapped in astonishment as Goyle laughed. He never thought that two over grown children would do such a thing. Sure their in Slytherin but that means shit all in the 'real' world.

His shaking hands pushed the two out of his way; bolting out of the castle as fast as his legs would take him. His robes swaying behind him with every step. His breath came in short and sharp by the time he reached the lake. His eyes desperately searching for the 'golden trio'. His eyes wondered to where two cry's echoed in the now dark surroundings. The shape of three body's formed; one Mrs. Granger two Mr Weasly and three Mr Potter. His body laid there motionless other then the few shakes Ron would give him in a weak attempted to wake.

"Away from him!" Severus's voiced roared; seeing the two jump from the body he walked unsteadily towards them, his heart raced in his pained chest.

"Professor… can you help him?" Hermione whispered through tear stained eye's.

Snape stared at the body, panic ran through him; Harry's chest was barely moving he won't have much time. But he has to try.

He nodded his head hopping he was right; that he could help the boy. He kneeled down beside him gently laying his hand onto the boy's torn chest. Mumbling a few words under his breath as a light yellow glow followed. Hermione and Ron stood helpless as they watch their professor slowly heal there friend.

"shit." was the only word the two could hear coming from Severus' mouth.

"P-professor? Will.. Will he be okay?" Hermione stubbed over her words in frae of the answer.

"I- Hermione I don't know. The curse had a while to settle, his body is weak I tried to heal him.. But his body won't let me. But right now I think the best thing would be to get him to the hospital wing as quick and gently as possible. Got it?" Severus breathed in trying to understand what he was saying himself. Sure it may seem that he hates the boy. But over the years he has become a little to found of him; as in he's not only a student to him anymore.